The Tales Of Flagship Hiroto.

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The Tales Of Flagship Hiroto.

Postby joacobanfield » Mon Apr 21, 2014 7:57 pm

OK. I´ll publish all of what has beeen done up to now. You can collaborate too!

There´s a new character, Lt. Prinas, a spy for the Humans.

~The crew of the Akata-class SS Jackal has begun transporting a spy, known as Lieutenant Prinas, to the rivi'i planet Talos. Once there, she will take her choice of a frigate to orbit Talos, and orbit the place while controlling some orbitally-sent rivi'i drones to spy on them.

Her choice consists of these:she will either pick the well-armed Venom-class frigate, who is armed with a single-shot laser capable of completely obliterating one dreadnought battleship, but the laser has to recharge for 2 hours before it can be used again; a quick vulture-class frigate, which by itself is rather fragile but whose electronic systems can blind the rivi'i to its presence and, in emergencies, shut down everything that the rivi'i have; the durable tarogi-class frigate, whose weapons are able to protect itself on a small scale and whose repair systems can keep it alive for a very long time; or the firewing, a legendary ship of unbelievable durability and tenacity with armament that exceeds that of most cruisers twice its own size.

The captain, a certain Ryan Bluefield, is currently briefing her on the new mission.~

Bluefield: *has been explaining the mission* ...and when you send out the signal, we will take 4 hours to come and pick you up. Be sure to only send the signal when you're sure it won't give away your position. Any questions?

~Meanwhile, in the 6th dimension, a creature is being genetically designed...~
Ta'yawhan Engineer: Whoo, that takes care of that.
Vegas: Have you included the human genetics like I asked you to?
Engineer: Definitely. They're the only reason we were able to make this guy so small. He does have all the genetics of our superbattleships, after all.
Vegas: I see. Good work.
Scientist: If all goes well, the result will be a human-sized creature with all the power of a superbattleship, including access to the semimatter shield and the omnidestructor torpedo.
Vegas: A most impressive accomplishment, all things considering.


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Prinas Has Chosen The Firewing


Engineer: So you've chosen the firewing, eh? He's a real beauty. Once he gets to know you, he'll handle really well.
Mechanic: Don't you mean she?
Engineer: No, it's definitely a he.
Mechanic: That's just stupid.
Engineer: You're stupid!
Mechanic: Your mother's stupid!
Engineer: Don't insult my mother!
The two of them start fighting one another. A ca'anian in uniform walks in and separates them.
Talon: Shut the hell up, you two, before I throw you into the brig.
Engineer: I'd love to be thrown into the brig with--
Talon: in separate rooms.
Engineer: ...*grumble grumble*
Mechanic: Thank you.
Talon: Lieutenant Prinas, are you alright?

Vegas:Is it ready?
Scientist: She's going to wake up in about 10 minutes.
Vegas: she?
Scientist: I'm pretty sure this creature is a she...
Vegas: *goes to the nearby computer screen* The reproductive organs indicate that this creature is a male.
Scientist: Look closer. You'll find more reproductive organs than that.
Vegas: *blinks, and does some more checking* huh, that's odd.
Scientist: Agreed. The creature has the reproductive organs of both a male and a female.
Vegas: And the hormones are precisely equal for both genders.
Scientist: Our ships are hermaphrodites in order to make reproduction easier, do you think this happened here as well?
Vegas: Possibly.
Scientist: Well, whatever is going on, our little child will have the ability to modify his own body at will. Right now, she's a female, but if she feels like it, her body can absorb her mammaries in exchange for masculine fertility; right now, she is pregnable, but cannot get a female pregnant, but if she wishes, she may convert her body into a male and shut down her impregnability, but gain the ability to impregnate a female.
Vegas: So what happens if she's already pregnant and shuts it down?
Scientist: Hmm...
Vegas: *a few moments pass* Hmm indeed.
The nearby monitor starts beeping.
Scientist: looks like the bun has just popped out of the toaster. Time to get her out of the breeding chamber.


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Maybe she could give the  :hu: the nanobot carrier and hammerhead plans, so the  :hu: make Wywern and Crusher.

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Prinas has entered Firewing and is observing the cockpit.

Prinas: Um, how do you use this? It doesn´t have controlls.
Engineer: Just put that helmet on (points at a helmet on the seat). It´s telephatic.
Prinas: (Puts on the helmet) Allright Firewing, FTL and take me 50.000.000 killometres away from Talos III.
Talos III is the planet she´s going to spy on. SS-Jackal is out of the solar system.
(Firewing takes her to exactly the distance mentioned)
Prinas: How do the drones work SS-Jackal?
Engineer: More telepathy, thanks to our new X-lock friends.
Prinas: Descend drones to atmosphere.
(just then, the firewings sensors detect a small Riv ii fleet, aproximatley 3 battlecruisers, a scout dreandought and 15 fuel tankers. They pass Firewing as if it were an asteroid and quickly dissapear.They return 3 hours later, when Prinas has finished her spying stealing the Nanoanought´s engines blueprints.
Prinas: SS-Jackal, mission complete. I´ll meet you in 30 minutes.

30 minutes later

Prinas: SS-Jackal, this is Prinas with critical Intel. Which is your location?
-No response-
Prinas: SS-Jackal please respond.
(She turns Firewing 120 degrees only to notice a charred Akata class crusier and the fleet she had seen 3 hours and 35 minutes ago, missing all of the fuel tankers)
Prinas: This is Litenuant Prinas on the Human ship Firewing! I have critical intel on the enemy! My exfil vehicle has been destroyed! I have a small Riverbug fleet in front of me! I can handle it, but several battleships are coming to aid them! Requesting immediate assistance and exfil!
Hawk (or whatever name you use): This is captain Hawk(or whatever name you chose) of the carrier-class SS-Troy. I´ll be there in 20 minutes. Just hold on.

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Scout dreadonught:
6 :rv: 2 :rl:
Acti: Deal 3 damage to target ship. 2 :rv:
[u]Hawk´s name had not been decided yet... by that time[/u]


Firewing: Weapons primed and ready. Shields energized and armor is ready to regenerate.
The scout dreadnought begins firing its weaponry at Firewing. Firewing automatically evades, but the lasers hit and take out its shields.
Firewing: Shields compromised. Unable to reactivate.

Hawk'urwha'taver'namhou'huehues: Firewing! Firewing, can you hear me! This is captain Hawk'urwha'taver'namhou'huehues! Please respond!
George (pilot): Uh, captain, couldn't you just shorten that down to Hawk?
Hawk: No, It absolutely must be Hawk'urwha'taver'namhou'huehues.
George: That name is very bulky and unwieldly, with all due respect, sir...
Hawk: I don't care. My proper name is Hawk'urwha'taver'namhou'huehues. Would you like me to call you Larry?
George: sir.

Back to the scene,
Firewing: Systems compromised. Hull integrity failure. Engines not responding. We are taking severe damage.
Just then, a single pod jumps out of 4d space.
Vegas:What do we have here?
Pilot: A dreadnought is about to destroy the firewing, sir. The firewing will be destroyed within moments.
Vegas:Alright then. Kid, you know what to do.
Experiment: *robotic voice* Sir yes sir.
The human/ta'yawhan experiment steps out into space. Its TY genetics kick in and it generates an energy field around itself, holding all the air it needs inside.
Experiment: I see the target. *puts his hands together and fires an omnidestructor torpedo at the dreadnought*
The dreadnought is instantly obliterated by the kid.
Vegas:Good. Return to the ship and let's get out of here.

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The experiment returns to the pod and it disappears back into 4d space.


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Prinas turns Firewing to have the TW being in front of him.

Prinas: Firewing, initiate repairs.
Firewing: Yes sir.
Prinas: Who-What are you?
Experiment: I am a Ta Yawahan experiment that is able to obliterat every being in this universe.
Prinas: Where do you come from?
Experiment: The 6th Dimension.
Prinas: And what are your plans?

Vegas: Kid, get back in here, and let's go.
Experiment: Error. Error. Conflicting statements.
Vegas: What's going on?
Scientist: she's being asked a question by the humans, but we just told her to come inside. She can't decide what to do.
Vegas: Kid, your mission is to test your abilities in the 3d universe.


Prinas: Are you hostile to us?
Experiment: No, unless you attack me. I have not been programmed to attack you.
Prinas: So you are some kind of robot?
Experiment: Yes.
Prinas: Can you help us?
Experiment: Yes.

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Right then, Hawk'urwha'taver'namhou'huehues arrives in his Troy carrier.

Hawk'urwha'taver'namhou'huehues: Prinas, waht the hell are you talking to?
Prinas: She is actually an experiment from an alien race, from the 6th Dimension.
Hawk'urwha'taver'namhou'huehues: Experiment, can we examinate you?
Experiment: Negative, I will only monitor your normal processes.
Hawk'urwha'taver'namhou'huehues: Examinating you is... a normal process.
Experiment: You may proceed.
Medic: How strange. She seems to duplicate the missing Colonel Tavish in every single aspect-even eye moisture.

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Colonel Tavish went missing 10 monts ago, in a science ship returning from an exploration.


Vegas: What's going on? How did the experiment escape?
Scientist: I tried to activate the self-destruct protocol, but apparantly it's not working!
Engineer: I TOLD you so!
Vegas: Not to worry, we'll just fire an FTL omnidestructor torpedo and obliterate the entire solar system they're orbiting around.

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In Troy...

Scientist: Sirs, our scans are being reflected back and our other examinations are inconclusive. She appears to have an impossibly high mass.
Hawk: Please explain.
Scientist: Well, I'm not quite sure how to explain it, but ever since taking her aboard our artificial gravity generators have been going haywire, struggling to compensate for something heavy, but I can't quite figure out what, or where it is.
Tactical: Sir, we're picking up some strange tachyon signiatures.
Hawk: Is it a techno-quasar?
Tactical: Negative. That would be accompanied with anti-tachyons from the other direction, this is something else entirely.

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Ta'yawhan FTL is tachyon transmutation. Unlike normal matter, tachyons constantly move faster than light and it takes an infinite amount of energy to slow them down below light speed, but tachyons cannot interact with non-tachyons. The Ta'yawhans' omnidestructor torpedo will be converted into normal matter just before it is about to hit the nearby sun and will cause it to go supernova.



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The Troy is the first to carry a Pheonix--like shield, that is still in prototype phase, but it can only be activated once 3,14 hours.

Vegas: Has the Omnidestructor Torpedo been fired?
Tactical: Sir, it will fire in 3,14152948731873576756817648761387668167687268687468826828242455463535 hours .
Vegas: Good. Soon, the robbers will die, along with an entire solar system!

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Meamwhile, in Troy....

Prinas: How were the examinations, Hawk'urwha'taver'namhou'huehues?
Hawk: You can call me Hawk now. Anyway our scans are being reflected and other examinations are inconclusive. She seems to have a HUGE mass.
Prinas: How is that even possible?
Hawk: We don´t know.

3 hours later...

Engineer: Sir, the Experiment is concentrating an enormus ammount of unknown energy.
Tactical: Unknown weapon firing toward star Alpha-546673! It came from the part of the ship we had put the Experiment in! Alpha-546673 has been hit and is going supernova! reccomend we activate improved shields immediatly!
Hawk: Activate!

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 Alpha-546673 goes supernova, it seriosly damages Troy.

Security: Captain, the Experiment has escaped! It blew open a 35 millimeter armor and flew into space! We dont have a visual on him.
Hawk: Darn it. Can we detect him with scans?
Prinas: (walks into bridge) No you cant. He´s probably already back in the 6 th dimension. Please notice that its first appearance was IN SPACE, coming out from nowhere.

Kennedy:(Comms) Troy, it appears you have destroyed an entire solar system. Congratulations. You are hold by the deaths of millions of beings.


I imagine her voice being similar to T'Pol from ST:Enterprise.

Vegas: Well done, kid. You completely obliterated the entire solar system with a single blow.
Experiment: *feminine, living voice* I wish to be called Artemis.
Vegas: Okay then, Artemis. I shall respect your wishes and call you by your name.
Artemis: What is my first mission, First Kai Vegas?
Vegas: You've demonstrated that your capabilities are equal to that of a superbattleship, but Ta'yawha is unconvinced. He believes that in our effort to compress your size, we have dilluted your strength down too much.
Artemis: My power is unstoppable. My speed is impossible to track. I am able to stop even our most powerful of weapons and retalliate a hundredfold.
Vegas: That's the spirit! Now, the universe you just visited is known as the Xyth universe. While the species there aren't really known for anything in particular, their brute strength is such that we regularly keep our ships cloaked and hidden for fear that they might take severe damage and worse.
Artemis: What is your command?
Vegas: You are to spy upon each race in galaxy C-135447. Determine their strengths and weaknesses, what is the strongest and best part of each, etc, and report back to me. I already know, for example, that there's a race called the rivi'i whose most powerful weapon is the ultranought, but beyond that I know nothing else.
Artemis: I shall recconoiter all the species of the xyth galaxy. Thank you for the mission. *disappears as she teleports away*
Vegas: ... /how did she figure out that the galaxy shares the universe's name? She must be incredibly smart./

Hawk: W-wait, Mr. President, I can explain!
Kennedy: There is no explanation required. Somehow, you managed to perform a most impossible feat and cause a star to go supernova faster than anyone could evacuate.
Hawk: but...
Kennedy: According to Ca'anian science, it takes at least three hours for a star to go nova, and a full day to go supernova, but this went full-on supernova in mere seconds.
Hawk: Yes, that's right. I barely had time to give out the order to raise our experimental shields, which, may I remind you, are the sole reason that me and my crew are still alive.
Kennedy: And I personally gave you those shields, did I not?
Hawk: Yes, but--
Kennedy: No. I know that you wouldn't have taken such a massive risk if you weren't granted the power to do so.
Hawk: what?!
Kennedy: Because of this, I'm going to be more careful I'm reducing your rank to that of private,
Hawk: Kennedy!
Kennedy: And you're going to be court-marshalled at the end of the week. Dismissed.
Hawk: ... *leaves, his head hung in shame*

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I hope you don't mind that I'm going to have your character do a few basic responses. They're short and simple, basic responses I'm sure anyone would give, and I'm going to use this scene to bring up another impossibility.

Scientist: Lieutenant Prinas, may I see you for a moment?
Prinas: What's up?
Scientist: Well, I wanted to talk to you about the extradimensional creature.
Prinas: What about it?
Scientist: You said earlier that it came from the 6th dimension, right?
Prinas: Yes.
Scientist: The xyloxis came from the 4th dimension, which, until we discovered them, was thought to be un-inhabitable. The mith'ri'aeil come from the 5th dimension, but it's impossible for anything to come from the 6th dimension. No creature can survive there.
Prinas: *your turn*

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If you do mind what I just did, feel free to toss it out. I wanted to get in a scene where a scientist describes just how impossible it is that anyone could have come from 6d.

Prinas: As far as we know, We have lifeforms from 4th and 5th dimensions, so the 6th must be able to have life.
Scientist: Rift Demomns may come from higher but their body is only energy! Besides, a creature with such firepower couldn´t possibly exist.
Prinas: The creature is a machine, and they can not lie. If it tells me it came from the 6th Dimension, then it came from the 6th Dimension.


Code: Select all

Meamwhile, Artemis is witnessing a battle between Humans and Rift Demons.

Hiraga 34: Admiral, we can not punch through that wall of 32 grater nebulas. Request you fire the Q-Ray.
Penney: Fire the Q-Ray at the thickest formation of greater nebulas,then use all weapons to obliterate the rest.
(The Q-Ray is fired, destroying several greater nebulas.)
Penney: All ships, attack.
(The Demons are soon obliterarted)

Artemis: Master, I have witnessed a battle between Humans and Rift Daemons. The Human most powerful weapon is the Firebird, a synonym since I cant find the word they used. It uses a dimensional disruptor and an unknown kind of supershield. Their weakest is the mass-used Vector class figter. The almost instant obliteration of the Rift Demons disallowed me to make a proper research.
Vegas: Thanks Artemis. Your work is appreciated.


Scientist: This is very true. You're right, the machine isn't able to lie, and it cannot deny its own origin.

Pulsar 21: Admiral, we're detecting a strange signal coming from 4d space.
Penney: I'm picking it up as well. It seems to be emanating from a techno-demon.
Tactical: Recommend we fire a full-power Q-ray blast.
Penney: No, that will just open up a technorift and then we'll have an even bigger problem on our hands. Fire it at one one-hundredth power.

Artemis: Master, we have a problem.
Vegas: What's wrong, Artemis?
Artemis: Well, remember that dimensional disruptor I told you about earlier?
Vegas: What about it?
Artemis: *frantic* They're pointing it at me, and I think they're about to fire at me, and I don't think I can evade it!
Vegas: Artemis! Use an energy shield! Don't let their weapon hit you directly!
Artemis: I'll try!

Phoenix fires the Q-ray at 1/100 power. Artemis places an energy shield around herself, similar to the shield Phoenix is using, and it succeeds in stopping the Q-ray.


Tactical: Wha... it... I...
Penney: Science station! Explain what just happened!
Science: I cannot explain. By our known physics rules, that blast should have obliterated the demon, but it appears that it emulated our shield in order to defend itself.
Penney: Then all we have to do is fire a full-power Q-ray! Not even our own shield can stop it!
Science: Sir, please note that if you do so, a techno-rift will be opened up by the blast.
Penney: I am fully-aware of this fact, science station. Tactical, charge the Q-ray to full power! Please additionally alert the fleet to launch a full-scale attack on the techno demon, as it will take us several moments to charge up.


Hiraga-42: Alright everyone, you heard the admiral! Attack!
The entire fleet of hundreds of ships opens fire on Artemis.
Artemis: Master! What do I do?!
Vegas: Blast the missiles and projectiles they're sending at you! They can't harm you if they can't hit you!
Artemis defends herself from the firepower of the fleet.
Vegas: I think now's the time for vengeance. Wield your almighty power and crush their fleet!
Artemis: Yes master!


Artemis charges forward and smashes through Admiral Penney's ships.

Penney: That's no techno demon!
Science: Indeed. It is a being composed of matter. A LOT of matter, possibly dark matter given the impossibly high mass.
Tactical: We've got to do something! The Q-ray isn't ready yet!
Penney: Drop our shields and rev up the engines. Fire a few large-area blast missiles at the creature in order to get its attention, and then charge forward, away from the fleet.
Tactical: If we drop our shields, we'll be vulnerible to the creature's attacks!
Penney: Yes, and that's exactly what we want. It won't hit the bigger fish if it can't even hurt it, so we're going to make ourselves a more viable target.
Artemis: *suddenly stops mid-attack* What is this incredible energy I'm detecting?
Vegas: I'm not sure...
Artemis: *turns around* Their firebird is powering up its engines.
Vegas: Destroy it before it has a chance to escape!
Artemis: Agreed! *shoots an omnidestructor torpedo at Phoenix*
Phoenix suddenly starts moving forward at a very high speed, and the omnidestructor torpedo misses.
Vegas: After them!
Artemis: *flies after Phoenix*

Penney: Is it working?
Tactical: Yes! The creature has taken chase as you predicted! You're a genius, sir!
Penney: Not really. Pilot, lay back on the engines a bit. Let the creature catch up to us.
Pilot: Aye sir.
Tactical: It's about to enter our shield bubble!
Penney: Tactical, once that happens, raise our shields.
Tactical: But that will mean the creature is trapped inside, with us! We'll be helpless!
Penney: Not entirely! If we anchor our shield to a specific velocity and then decelerate to match it, we can use our ship's powerful engines to evade some of its attacks, and using our interceptor missiles we can prevent it from dealing too much damage, so long as the creature doesn't decide to start literally punching holes in our hull we should be okay!


The moment Artemis enters the shield circumference, the shield raises.

Artemis: Master, they have raised shields around me. What should I do?
There is no response from Vegas.
Artemis: *worried* Master, please respond!
Yet again, no response.
Artemis: Master, I don't like this, this isn't funny! *charges an energy blast*
She flies up to the bridge and blasts it.
Penney: What the?!
Artemis: *flies in and stares him down*
The atmosphere within the bridge starts rapidly venting outside and into space.
Artemis: *after a few moments, she blinks, and her face seems to relax* You're my father.
Penney: *confused*
Artemis: *robotic voice* Error. Error. *flies out the hole she made and disappears*
Penney: What just happened?
Tactical: She just blasted our shield generator!
Science: And now she's gone.

Neither Vegas nor Artemis know this, but the genetics to create her were stolen from Penney.

Kennedy: Lieutenant Prinas, are you aware of the situation that caused the star to go supernova?


Prinas: Yes mister President.
Kennedy: Can you explain me?
Prinas: The Troy was carrying some experiment from an alien race from the 6th dimension, the Ta yawhan. The Experiment had saved the Firewing shortly before being destroyed while it was carrying some critical intel. While we were near to Alpha-546673 the Experiment fired an unknown weapon that caused the star go supernova instantly.
Kennedy: So it was not Hawk´s fault. What Intel were you telling me about?
Prinas: The Nanobot carrier and Hammerhead blueprints, and some sort of superengine.
Kennedy: Bring that to me in 12,38838453927546726873 hours.
Prinas: Mister President, I can not estimate the time that will be in 12,38-some large number-hours.
Kennedy: Sorry. Meet me at 1337 hours


Kennedy: Hawk, I see you're still alive.
Hawk: It was decided that I would be executed today.
Kennedy: Not any more. I have had your execution cancelled.
Hawk: *his eyes light up* Really??
Kennedy: I realized that it wasn't your fault. That creature that Prinas interrogated was carrying a powerful weapon. It also came from 6d space, which would explain--
Hawk: ohmigoshthankyouthankyouthankyou!!! *tacklehugs Kennedy*
Kennedy: Oof! I need you to do something for me.
Hawk: What is it?
Kennedy: Well, there's a certain experimental starship I'd like you to command.
Hawk: What's it called?
Kennedy: It's the SS Hiroto. You'll probably enjoy it.
Prinas: Hello, Mister President.
Kennedy: right on time at 1337 hours.


Kennedy: Using the information Prinas stole from the riverbugs, we developed a powerful high-speed engine alongside with a synergyzing field. We also are using other stolen plans to improve our ships.
Hawk: Mister President what is a-
Kennedy: Synergyzing field. Yes. It´s a newly developed prototype healing device. It basically allows any crippled and disabled ship to power up it´s engines and guns, and generally keep fighting.
Hawk: What guns does it have?
Kennedy: Remember a Hiraga Battleship?
Hawk: Yes...
Kennedy: It basically has the same guns, but lesser firepower. However, it has strong shields and armor, that not mentioning it´s high speed.
Hawk: And where is it?
Kennedy: The dark side of the 3rd moon of Xyth. As you may suspect, it was made with ca anian collaboration. Let´s get into my personal shuttle and go to Flagship Hiroto.
(Leads Prinas and Hawk into the shuttle.)


Hawk: The battlebridge, it's amazing!
Ship's mate: Indeed. It combines elements from the Firewing-class cockpit and the Phoenix-class main bridge. You can have the computer do whatever you want, or you can have a--
Hawk: Computer, please transport us to planet Earth!
Computer: Destination planet Earth would take us approximately 471 years to travel. Do you still wish to follow through with this command?
Hawk: I thought you said this thing was fast?
Kennedy: It is. Most ships would take at least a milennia to travel that distance.
Hawk: ....How did we make it from Earth to Xyth again?
Kennedy: Cryogenics.
Hawk: That certainly explains a lot. Some humans must not have gotten their whole brain thawed. Shall we continue the tour?
Ship's mate: Yes, sir.
Just then, a wormhole opens up, and a small pod comes out of space.

Vegas: Scans indicate that the same race who destroyed my creation is largely the crew of that ship. We should elliminate them ASAP in order to avenge him.
The small pod moves to bring its weapon around against the two human ships.

Hawk: Report.
Tactical: That ship has an unnaturally high mass. It's like they've got an entire battleship packed inside!
Hawk: Raise shields and place ourselves between the president's personal ship and the enemy.
Pilot: Sir! Our engines are not recieving fuel!
Hawk: And why not?!
Engineer: The ship's systems are designed to prevent force-hijacking. So long as the station's computer is linked with ours, we cannot power up our engines.
Hawk: Disconnect our computer from theirs and detach us, I don't care if we have to rip off chunks of hull to do so!
Engineer: It will take us about 5 minutes to do so.
Hawk: The president could be killed in five minutes! What weapons do we have again?

Kennedy: What is hawk doing?
Pilot: I don't know, sir, but the enemy appears to be powering up.
Kennedy: They must be preparing to attack! Raise shields and activate full reverse to the engines!
Pilot: What shields are there to raise?!
Kennedy: ...roll the ship!!
Pilot: How? This bucket of bolts doesn't have any--
Kennedy: Idiot! *he shoves the pilot out of the console and pushes a few buttons; the entire ship begins rolling*

Vegas' ship fires a blast of energy at Kennedy's personal shuttle. The bottom hull of the shuttle is obliterated, leaving only the pressurized room he's in.

Kennedy: Well, looks like we're screwed!
Pilot: would appear so.

Vegas: What the--?! How did that ship survive!? How did any life signs survive?! That blast was designed to convert matter into energy, and cause it to explode violently!
Engineer: I might propose an explanation. The room that was left intact is surrounded by an energy shield of some kind. A simple projectile might be able to deal with it, however, our energy weapon is useless against it.
Vegas: ...I think I'll let you live, for now.
Engineer: We don't even need to break it, though; their life support systems have been obliterated, so we-- urgh!
Vegas: *has pierced the engineer's stomach with her hand* I've decided to change my mind. You talk too much.

Hawk: Status report on the president!
Science: He's still alive, but it appears that he's stranded in a.... strange, box-shaped ship.
Hawk: The security system must be protecting him.
Science: There's also something else. It appears that the ship that is attacking is in the process of recharging. Because we've already detached, we can charge forward and destroy it undeterred!
Hawk: Then do it.
Hiroto moves away from the station and towards the enemy ship, only for the enemy ship to launch spheres.
Hawk: What are those?
Tactical: Careful, pilot, those are--
The bridge shakes.
Tactical: Dammit, I told you to be careful! Those are mines!
Pilot: Mine? No, they're not mine!
Tactical: No, you idiot, they're mines! As in, land mines!
Pilot: Land miners?
Hawk: Shut up, just stay away from them. Tactical, see if you can disarm them without them blowing up in my face.
The bridge shakes again.
Tactical: Someone must have been paranoid! The instant I sent a signal to it, it blew up in my face!
Hawk: Individual mine-disarming is useless in this situation. Can we power up the president's... box?
Engineer: Yes, sir, but I see no point in it; the batteries will last for entire days, far longer than we currently need, and there is simply nothing to power up. The engines were destroyed.
Hawk: Then we shall save our energy for later, and reserve the synergyzing field for another day. There is no reason to use it to no effect.

Vegas: Cowards. Don't they know that our mines can barely scratch their ship, let alone destroy it?
Tactical: Sir, our mines left craters in their hull. That's a little more than a scratch.
Vegas: Still, they should just fire mines of their own, or missiles, or something. What are they waiting for?

The reason Hiroto isn't firing these things is simply because they don't have them. The hiraga relies on guns and lasers, which aren't useful for de-mining an area, and as you know, Hiroto has less firepower than Hiraga.

Knowing this, Hawk sends out a distress signal. The president is under attack and currently, he is at a standoff with an unknown alien vessel.

Vegas: What was that?!
Tactical: It appears that the honey bee is calling for drones to come attack.
Vegas: I cannot allow them to arrive. Charge up the rail-cannon and destroy the target, and get us out of here.
Tactical: Impossible, sir. Firing the main cannon used up all of our weapon energy, and we need that in order to open up the gun-ports and launch non-energized weapons such as the antimatter missile.
Vegas: Get to manually opening them, then!

The crew of Hiroto has to figure out how to disarm the mines so that they can attack the alien vessel without getting destroyed, but at the same time, reinforcements are not likely to arrive before the alien recharges its weapons!


Vegas: And why not?
Engineer: We overloaded our weapon energy capacitors, and because of that, we--
Vegas: That incompetant commander! I'll be sure to make him pay for this later. Bypass the circuitry of the main weapon capacitors and shunt the power straight from the engines.
Engineer: Sir, won't that overload the weapons?
Vegas: It's either that, or the enemy ship that's about to arrive is going to fry us all!
General: We're the ta'yawhans! We're invincible!
Vegas: And that's the exact attitude that's leaving us vulnerable right now! That ship that's coming out of 4d space right now is as powerful as us if not even stronger, and unlike us, they have backup!

Penney: Status report.
Pilot: Sir, pre-entry scans indicate that we are flying straight into a mine field.
Penney: Tactical, can Phoenix take it?
Tactical: Depends on the mines. Anything short of nuclear will just bounce off the hull.
Penney: What about if they're antimatter mines?
Tactical: Then we're screwed.
Penney: Change course. Land us to where we're a fair bit away from the battlefield, just far enough that we can avoid the mines. We'll travel the rest of the distance the old fashioned way.

Just then, Phoenix drops out of 4d space.

Penney: Open up the shields and fire some dimensional torpedoes at the minefield.
Engineer: They appear to be replicating, sir. I do not recommend direct assault.
Penney: Modify the torpedoes to where they do not enter 4d space until they have entered the mine field. We will not destroy them, but rather, we shall... displace, them.
Engineer: Excellent idea! I'll get right to it!
Penney: Rev up the engines, but keep us at least 500 klicks away from the main battlefield. Do not attempt to utilize the Q-ray. Instead, fire macross missiles away from the ship, locked onto the enemy ship.
Tactical: *is a new kid* Won't that draw their attention towards us, sir?
Penney: Yes, as a matter of fact, it will.
Tactical: Isn't that, I dunno, dangerous?
Penney: Kid, you're on the SS Phoenix, the most powerful human battleship ever created, and not just because of our firepower. If you think we can't take anything they can throw at us, well, consider this: our hull was designed to stop nukes from blowing us up, and it's just about as effective against more modern missiles.

The missiles launched from Phoenix fly away from the main battlezone, but then they seem to move to surround it and finally, they all, in perfect sync, begin flying towards Vegas' ship.

Vegas: What's with all the sirens and alarms?!
Tactical: It would appear that there are... ... uh...
Vegas: Tell me!
Tactical: ... 9.68 times ten to the tenth power, missiles!
Vegas: I-impossible! How could the enemy have amassed such impossible firepower?
Tactical: They must be bombarding us from beyond detecting range, it's the only thing that makes sense!
Vegas: That explains why they haven't recieved backup according to our sensors!
Tactical: General, we must retreat!
Vegas: No! Don't you see!? This is perfect! All those missiles, and I have just the thing for them!

Kennedy: So, how's life?
Guard: Pretty good. Two of spades.
Guard2: Go fish.
Kennedy: I've got none.
Guard: *draws a card*
Guard2: Uh, my arm wrist is beeping as though we've been locked onto by a missile, but that's only supposed to work on planets...
Kennedy: *gets up and looks out the only window; starts visibly shaking*
Butler: Mister President, what's wrong?
Kennedy: Look out there! Those are all missiles!
Butler: AHH! Where did they all come from?!
Guard: Ace of hearts.
Guard2: It's not your turn. What are you two all-- *sees the outside* My god, that must be why I'm beeping, why it has N/A hits!
Kennedy: *takes a deep breath* Well, men, it's been an honor to serve with you.
Guard: the honor is my own.
Guard2: Mine as well.

Vegas: Mwuhahaha!!! I've successfully hacked into all of the missiles at once! Now I know exactly where that battleship is, and can launch an FTL omnidestructor torpedo directly at it!!!


Hawk: Try firing an antimatter missile at each mine.
Tactial: Ummmm, sir, antimatter missiles will be installed on Tuesday.
Hawk: The main cannon?
Tactical: It will be installed on Tuesday.
Hawk: Can you tell me why don`t we have weapons?
Tactical: Sir, the ship was about to make an inagural trip. It is not fit for combat.
Hawk: Damn it! Get the President`s shuttle inside us with a tractor beam and FTL us out of here!
Engineer: Um, Sir, the FTL system will be installed...
Hawk: On Tuesday. I know. Do we have a tractor beam?
Tactical: Yes Sir!
Hawk: Use it to ram the mines into each other!
Tactical: Sir, that will pull them towards US.
Hawk: You`re on a highly manevourable ship! Use that to our advantage!

Code: Select all

Hiroto starts cleaning the minefield.

Hawk: Why are there still mines out there?
Engineer: *scratches his head* The scanners indicated that there were only about 500 mines, but we've already destroyed twice that number.
Tactical: And there's twice THAT out there right now!
Science: It appears that the mines are self-replicating, taking the energy from any explosions caused and converting it into matter, and assembling each other.
Hawk: Okay, we need a new plan. We have shields, right?
Tactical: *blank face*
Hawk: Don't tell me. Tuesday.
Tactical: The circuitry won't be installed until tuesday.
Hawk: But do we have the actual circuitry?
Tactical: Affirmative.
Hawk: You and you, you've just become mechanics. Go help the head engineer.
Yeomen: *confused*
Hawk: Go!
Yeomen: *in unison* Yes sir! *leave*
Hawk: Ugh, I'm getting too old for this.

In Vegas ship...

Engineer: Sir, they are cleaning the minefield.
Vegas: Can we fire the rail-cannon?
Engineer: Not yet sir.


Hawk: How are those shields?
Mechanic: Almost done...
Tactical: Sir, missiles are heading towards the
Hawk: We must hurry!
Mechanic: Shields coming online now.
Hawk: Put us between the missiles and the box and tractor beam the president on board.

Code: Select all

Hiroto gets inbetween the box and the missiles

Hawk: Fire all imterceptor weapon ammo. We dont want to take too many hits.

Code: Select all

Hiroto destroys many of the missiles, the rest are absorbed by the shield.

Vegas: What happened? Why is the president still alive?
Tactical: The enemy ship has destroyed our missiles.
Vegas: Base, Can you hear me?
Officer: Yes Sir
Vegas: Launch two FTL omnidestructor torpedos at the two ships I marked
Officer: Firing torpedoes.
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Re: The Tales Of Flagship Hiroto.

Postby joacobanfield » Fri Aug 01, 2014 11:46 pm

Primas,hawk,vegas,all crew, penney, artemis:Nooooooooooo.... something happemed pasting.... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

EDIT: a parte of the story placed itself lower than it should be... and I cannot fix it without a real computer
We are "Joacobanfield".
I joined up about 2 years ago.
Wrote a bit of TTOFH and a little secret project.
Oh, I also love Disney/Pixar´s Inside Out.
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Re: The Tales Of Flagship Hiroto.

Postby Greywing » Sat Aug 02, 2014 8:01 am

There's a limit to how many characters you can put in a single post (60K), and you're close to reaching it. Might be an idea to split the entire text in a small number of posts (following logical breaks or pauses in the story). That'll make it easier to edit things.

If you want to do so, you can use this topic, and i'll delete any posts (or move them to the bottom) that sit between the different parts.
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Re: The Tales Of Flagship Hiroto.

Postby joacobanfield » Mon Aug 04, 2014 4:52 pm

We are "Joacobanfield".
I joined up about 2 years ago.
Wrote a bit of TTOFH and a little secret project.
Oh, I also love Disney/Pixar´s Inside Out.
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Re: The Tales Of Flagship Hiroto.

Postby joacobanfield » Mon Sep 15, 2014 7:51 pm

We are "Joacobanfield".
I joined up about 2 years ago.
Wrote a bit of TTOFH and a little secret project.
Oh, I also love Disney/Pixar´s Inside Out.
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Re: The Tales Of Flagship Hiroto.

Postby joacobanfield » Mon Sep 15, 2014 7:54 pm

The awaited continuation...

In Hiroto...
Tactical: Sir, unknown weapon approaching at FTL speed.
Hawk: Can de intercept it?
Tactical: Negative sir
Hawk: Dammit! Hang on to something!

At the same time, on Pheonix

Tactical: Sir, omnidestructor torpedo approaching at FTL speed!
Penney: Oh, Sh**! Hang tihgt!

The torpedos hit, damaging both ships

Penney: Damage report
Engineer: We dont have weapons nor shields.
Penney: Okay, so we are out of the fight then

On hiroto...
Hawk: Damage report
Engineer: our shields are 30%, subspace comms are damaged.
Hawk: how is Pheonix?
Tactical: Very damaged sir, they dont have shields nor weapons
Hawk: Do we have the synergizing field?
Engineer: Yes sir
Hawk: Aim it at pheonix. Fire

*Pheonix is repared enough to keep fighting*

Penney: Thanks Hawk. Now lets finish this.

In Vegas ship...

Vegas: Is the rail cannon fully charged?
Tactical: yes sir

Penney: Can someone please explain to me why the front end of that pod is glowing? Or is that just an issue with the zoom-in function?
Tactical: It would appear that the enemy is prepared to attack.
Science: Scanners show that the projectile is large enough that it could potentially destroy Phoenix, Hiroto, and the President's box all in a single shot!
Penney: Can't we extend our shields to protect them?!
Science: No, sir, even with our shields solely protecting us, it'd still penetrate.
Penney: We've got to warn them!
Engineer: Looks like their communications are down. They're deaf.
Penney: Then that means we only have one option! Is the teleporter still working?!
Engineer: Yes, sir, but it'll only be good for one shot.
Penney: Transfer the controls over to my seat console!

Hawk: That glow does NOT look good.
Engineer: Neither does that over there!
Tactical: It would appear that Phoenix is charging up its Q-ray.
Hawk: You're... You're kidding, right?
Tactical: Absolutely not.
Hawk: But at that range, they won't do anything! They'll just waste the blast!

Vegas: Report. What is that other ship doing?
Science: It would appear that they're charging an antimatter injection cannon to shoot at us.
Vegas: Fools. Don't they realize that they'll destroy their own ship?
Tactical: I'd be more worried about us, if I were you. At this range, a blast of that type and magnitude could destabilize our chameleon device, and then we'd end up showing them what our ship looks like.
Vegas: Can we stop it with our shields?
Tactical: Negative. The shields would only make it worse for the chameleon device.
Vegas: But if we take it without them, we'll be destroyed. Prepare to fire the railgun at that ship!

Science: Captain, what are you doing?! If we fire the Q-ray, the president's ship will be destroyed!
Penney: But only if we do so from here!
Tactical: The enemy pod is turning to fire their railgun at us. Good job with the bluff, sir.
Penney: This isn't a bluff!
Tactical: ... Sir, what are you doing?!

Engineer: Sir, we have turned the ship to where it can fire the railgun at the enemy.
Vegas: Are all systems prepared to fire?
Tactical: Railgun is charged and ready to fire.
Vegas: Then do-- Where'd the enemy go?

Hawk: If what Penney is doing is trying to get the enemy's attention, then it looks like his strategy is working.
Tactical: But he's still not going to deal any damage from that range.
Engineer: That's why it's called a bluff, son.

Suddenly, Phoenix appears between Hiroto and Vegas's ship. It then fires a 100%-charge Q-ray at Vegas's ship.

Vegas: WHAT THE--?! *the entire room shakes*
Bridge Crew: AHHH!!! *several consoles explode*
Engineering Crew: AHHH!!! *the entire engineering room is electrified as the lights flicker*
Science crew: AHHH!!! *their section of the ship is disintegrated*

Vegas's ship loses the stability of its Chameleon Device, and it is completely revealed.

There is a massive hole blown in its side, and one of the talons has been utterly obliterated. A chunk of the Star Core has been exposed, and there are electrical arcs all over the ship.

Penney: Holy... That thing is huge!

Hawk: That explains a lot about the readings we were getting!

Vegas: Bah! We're exposed!
Tactical: My console is the only one that isn't fried. Our railgun is still aimed at their ship, and it's still ready to fire.
Vegas: How did it NOT get damaged?!
Tactical: The energy that went into the railgun must have prevented it from taking any damage!
Vegas: That makes no sense, but fire anyway!

While everyone else was trying to figure out what just happened, Vegas's ship fired its railgun. At point blank, the projectile should have utterly shattered the Phoenix's shields, and absolutely obliterated the ship itself. However, at the last second, Artemis appeared from nowhere and caught the bullet, preventing it from hitting Phoenix.

Vegas: What are you doing here, kid? Go away!
Artemis: Only my father may command me
Vegas: What?
Artemis: Since you have tried to kill my father, now I will destroy you!
Vegas: Can we still FTL?
Engineer: Y es, but only once
Vegas: Then execute plan Beta-Pi.Alpha 486486487587468367376!

*Vegas FTLs out and detonates all mines, causing them to replicate only to explode again, and to replicate themselves again to explode and bassically do that for ever.*

Vegas: Mwahahahhahahahaahhahahahahahahahahahahaahhahahahahahahahhahahahaahahhahaahhahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahaahha

It takes a few moments for the mines to detonate with the signal that Vegas sent them; even though they instantly detonate if another ship gets too close, they are designed to detonate in a certain sequence in order to cause as much destruction as possible. It takes a few moments to secure confirmation for this, because once it starts, it goes on forever.

Tactical: They're getting away!
Communications: They sent out an... odd signal, right before they warped out.

However, one of the land mines detonates prematurely, and it's close enough to actually shake the ship.

Penney: What was that!?
Science: It would appear that the signal has told all of the mines to begin their detonation sequence.
Penney: Uh, I did hear you correctly, right? You said ALL of them?
Science: Absolutely.
Penney: There's, there so many land mines! That's way too much firepower just to destroy us! They must be trying to turn this entire sector into a wasteland by permanently collapsing the dimensions on top of each other!
Engineer: Dammit! I can't disarm the mines fast enough! We can't stop it!
Penney: ... Quickly! Contact Artemis and tell her to grab the president's ship! We'll use a tractor beam on Hiroto and attempt to get everyone out of the explosion using a wide-radius teleportation!

Kennedy: *gawking* Holy-- What just happened?! First, there was a flash, and then a boom, and then an even bigger boom, and OH MAI GAWD THAT WAS AWESOME!
Guard: It looks like Penney blasted the enemy's ship to smithereens, and when they survived, they realized they couldn't stand a chance, so they just ran away!
Suddenly, the entire ship shakes.
Kennedy: What was-- Wahhh!
Everyone falls over as Artemis grabs the ship and drags it along without any attempt to be gentle to the crew inside.

Hawk: That signal must be to detonate the mines!
Tactical: I can disable them, but--
Suddenly, the ship shakes.
Tactical: Dammit! We need to tell Phoenix not to waste time with the land mines!
Communications: Ship-to-ship communication is down, we're deaf and we're without a voice!
Suddenly, the bridge shakes.
Engineer: We're in a tractor beam!
Hawk: Who's doing it?!
The ship shakes.
Tactical: It's Phoenix, and it looks like they're trying to get us out of the explosion! But they can't supply enough power to their engines AND teleport everyone away all at once, not with us in their tractor beam!

Engineer: We have them, sir.
Penney: Alright! Now let's get out of here!
Phoenix fires its engines at maximum power and everyone starts flying away from the detonating land mines.

The explosion sequence starts just then, and Phoenix has to use all of its energy to fly faster than the explosion whilst tugging Hiroto along.

Penney: Why haven't we escaped yet!
Engineer: Dammit all to hell! It's no use! The teleporter isn't designed for this!
Penney: what're you talking about?! We can teleport, can't we?!
Engineer: No, we can't! We don't have enough power!
Penney: But the artificial supernova power plant generates an incredible amount of power! It could power the entire fleet for entire centuries!
Engineer: That's just it, though! We're using over 90% of the power JUST to outrun the explosion! We need to slow down to teleport, but if we do, we'll get consumed!
Pilot: Sir, we can't keep flying like this! Our engines are starting to overheat!


Engineer: What's going on?! Suddenly, we're getting a massive influx of energy!
Penney: Of course! Hawk must have figured out that we can't teleport, so he's synergizing his energy to us!
Pilot: Teleporting NOW!

Everyone manages to escape the explosion, teleporting light-hours away from the sector.

Vegas: I cannot believe her insolence! She prevented me from destroying the witnesses! Those people will spread the word and we'll be completely discovered!
Commander: Sir, I don't think it's quite that bad!
Vegas: Explain.
Commander: The mine field clearly obliterated everyone who saw us.
Vegas: *grips the commander's neck* Idiot. They have that teleporter they used to shatter our ship. They also have that beam of theirs which allows the smaller ship to transfer energy to the larger one, so they can't NOT have been able to get away!
Commander: sir... you're... choking... Gurghl!
Vegas: *has broken his neck, and drops him* Clean that up.
Underlings: Yes sir. *they work on it*
Tactical Analyst: sir, may I make a suggestion?
Vegas: It better be good, Leeroy, I'm feeling temperamental!
Analyst: I have taken a moment to analyze the combat tactics that were used in battle. Without even needing the assistance of the latest ship's computer--
Vegas: The latest ship?
Analyst: Yes, sir, the Nanonaught is ready for launch.
Vegas: Good, I've been itching to use it.
Analyst: Our rivi'i allies will most certainly allow it. As I was saying, before even plugging in the data, I could tell that the larger ship was commanded by none other than Penney Dephroyalle.
Vegas: He's already in our archives, isn't he? One of the greatest commanders, the one who defended Earth just prior to their evacuation?
Analyst: That is correct, sir. Even though we don't know the commander of the other vessel; he's presumed to be new, but Penney's charisma means that he'll probably be able to persuade him to do anything. Furthermore, he's no dummy; he knows that if word of the ta'yawhan battleship were to get out, the entire human race would go into a panic.
Vegas: Hmm... I hadn't considered that. How do you know Penney so well?
Analyst: We've studied most of the famous humans sinse they entered the archives. The tactics of Captain Penney are required reading in my field.
Vegas: Is that so? He must be quite ferocious.
Analyst: Indeed. We'll most likely only need to elliminate those two ships and we'll be safe in our obscurity.
Vegas: I think you deserve a promotion.
Analyst: I'd rather not, sir. My son just got promoted, and I still need to teach him the ropes.
Vegas: I understand. I'll give you a raise, anyway.
Analyst: Yes sir.

Meanwhile, Phoenix is docked at the nearby station, getting repairs.

Penney: So, Artemis.
Artemis: Yes?
Penney: Why do you say I'm your father?
Artemis: Because I am. Duh.
Penney: But how am I your father?
Artemis: Genetic analysis indicates that I'm your daughter.
Penney: Then who's your mother?
Artemis: Commander Vegas.
Hawk: *snicker* Sleeping around, Penney?
Penney: That's a weird name. Is she ca'anian?
Artemis: No, sir. She's Ta'yawhan.
Penney: What's a Ta'yawhan?
Artemis: Half of my species. They are the master race. Their genetics were also used to create their starships, which grew around stars.
Penney: *blink* Uh, that's not possible. It takes far too many resources to build a dyson circle, let alone a sphere, and it's even more difficult to build a star.
Artemis: The ta'yawhans have a lot of resources.
Penney: ... HOW?!
Hawk: It's simple, Penney. She's clearly lying t-- *suddenly looks like he's choking*
Artemis: You will refrain from such accusations.
Hawk: *gasps for breath* Wh... What the hell was that?!
Artemis: I thought that you needed to shut up by me applying my hand to your throat, so I used my mind to choke you.
Penney: ... Not even the ca'anians have gotten that far in their tech, yet. I need to get in touch with Greywing.
Artemis: Greywing, sir?
Penney: An old friend of mine who'd know the answers to my questions.
Artemis: I can answer your questions, sir.
Penney: Okay, then tell me. What interest do the ta'yawhans have in coming here and wreaking all kinds of havoc?
Artemis: ...
Penney: That's what I thought. *leaves*

Meanwhile, the station that Hawk and Penney are at is currently being guarded by the Valiance. It is a ship with quite a lot of firepower. It's quite large, bigger than Phoenix for certain, but it's also slower and less maneuverable. Instead, it has a highly powerful shield, long-range weaponry, and a squadron of fighters that can get around on their own. It's capable of FTL that they can't do, but for any speed less than that they're able to keep up with Phoenix.

Cain: Status report.
Tactical: No changes so far. Why aren't we out there taking over a planet?
Cain: Our crew needs experience in a peaceful mission. Besides, there are currently three VIPs at this station; commanders Penney and Hawk, as well as, more importantly, President Kennedy.
Tactical: Couldn't another ship be guarding them?
Cain: Our ship is the best suited for protecting them. The ability of our Nova Blaster to destroy its targets combined with the all-around speed and agility of our fighters means that, any target we're not able to immediately combat, our fighters can easily deal with.
Tactical: Still, this is boring!
Cain: Be careful what you wish for, kid, you might just get it.
Commander: Sir, there are enemy ships dropping out of FTL.
Cain: Launch the fighters. You wanted some adventure, well, looks like you're going to get it.

Vegas: Report.
Tactical: That extra-large ship is launching fighters in response to our dropping out of FTL.
Vegas: Order the two dreadnoughts to intercept them, and have the nanobot carrier stay in between them. We are going to go straight for Phoenix and destroy it before it has a chance to power up.
Tactical: But sir, that giant ship is guarding them!
Vegas: Uh... Computer, analysis of the enemy ship.
Computer: The enemy ship is the SS Valiance, a carrier-battleship that specializes in planetary combat. Its size limits its maneuverability, but its sheer firepower--
The ship shakes.
Vegas: What was that?!
Computer: Enemy ship is launching long-range ballistic missiles.
Pilot: I'm trying to dodge, but damn, these things are fast!
Computer: SS Valiance has long-range anti-fighter missiles that have been able to shoot down even the most advanced of fighter. It also has the Nova Beam, a powerful weapon that shoots in a straight line for an incredibly long range.
Vegas: Do what you can to avoid the missiles! Computer, is there a weakness to the Valiance!
Computer: There is. Its size gives its engines a hard time with moving it around. While its powerplant is separate from its engines, unlike that of the SS Phoenix, if we can draw it away from the station and damage the engines, it should be unable to move despite having most of its engines intact.
Vegas: Then that is what we shall do.

Cain: It looks like the enemy ship is trying to draw us out.
Tactical: I don't think it would be a good idea to take their bait, sir.
Cain: As much trouble as they're having with the missiles, I don't think they can take much more of this. How much time does the Nova Ray need to charge?
Engineer: It's already charged, sir. The nova ray takes plasma from the engines and infuses it with stable proto-matter so that it doesn't dissipate over a long distance.
Cain: Isn't proto-matter impossible to stabilize?
Engineer: "Stable" is a loosely used term. It's unlikely to change states, but it is still mostly unstable by any other definition.
Cain: Makes sense. Fire the Nova Ray at the enemy ship.

Pilot: Commander! The enemy ship is firing a beam-attack at us!
Vegas: What?! No way! The nova ray shouldn't be charged up already!
Computer: Commencing emergency dodging procedures.


Computer: Attempted retalliation failed. Enemy shield is too strong at this range.
Vegas: *picks herself up off the ground* Well, that sudden maneuver knocked us out of our seats.
Pilot: Holy crap, we missed that attack by a mile!
Tactical: The logs show that we also shot back!
Vegas: With what, exactly?
Tactical: Our death-ray. At 25%, so we still have 75% of our energy left.
Vegas: I want you to charge it to maximum and fire it at point blank.
Pilot: But sir, we'll have to get much closer to do that!
Vegas: Our ship just displayed that it's far more maneuverable than you can handle. Use the computer to your advantage.
Pilot: Aye sir.

Cain: Did... Did you SEE that?!
Tactical: Yes, and I'm not sure how they did it either. It wasn't a teleport.
Engineer: Maybe their pilot realized that they're faster than they thought?
Cain: Alert the pilots. They're fighting the wrong battle, we can't shoot this bastard down with our current weaponry. Have them draw the dreadnoughts to us, we can handle them!
Communications: Working on it, sir.

Hawk: What's going on?
Communications: We're under attack, sir. Three dreadnoughts and an unidentified ship.
Penney: Hawk, you think you can handle this with just your ship? Over half of my crew is off the ship, and it'll take too long to get enough on board to work with.
Hawk: Don't you have an advanced automation system?
Penney: It's down for updates and repairs.
Hawk: Fair enough. This gives me a chance to show what this ship can do! The trinity cannon has been installed and is ready for testing!
Penney: Trinity cannon?
Hawk: It fires a black hole at the enemy.
Penney: Sounds like it would be on par with the Q-ray.
Hawk: I'd say it's more powerful than the Q-ray.
Penney: Let's see what Hiroto can do then!
Hawk: Pilot, take us out of dock and move towards the smaller of the three enemies. It's too agile for Valiance and too powerful for the fighters, but we're both fast and powerful, so lets make them regret coming here!

Code: Select all

Hawk is already on Hiroto, and is about to engage the enemy

Hawk: Scan that unidentified ship
Tactical: Scan complete. The enemy ship is as fast and maevuorable as us, and has riv´ii weapons. We also detected some kind of beam.
Hawk: Fire all weapons at the first dreadnought.

Hiroto fires, knocking out the shields and tearing one of the arms off.

Tactical: The enemy ship is losing power. Its shield generator is gone, as well as its sensors

Code: Select all

On the dreadnought...

Commander: Rah! RAM that ship!

The dreadought charges at Hiroto

Hawk: Evasive maevours!
Helm: SIR, even if we move at one quarter impulse power, we would evade the dreadnought.

Code: Select all

Cain´s ship has disabled the shield of the [b]other[/b] dreadnought.

Hawk: Lets test the trinity cannon. Fire

Code: Select all

[b]The dreadnought gets sucked, and then both the ship and the black hole explode.[/b]

Code: Select all

In Vegas ship:

Vegas: What has happened out there?
Engineer: It seems as if the Hitoro had fired a black hole, and then the hole exploded.
Vegas:Can our shields disrupt that weapon?
Engineer: Yes, Sir, but not all of its effects will vanish just because we have shields up . We will lose a few sections of the hull.

Penney has snuck onto the ship alongside Hawk. He feels that he's safer there.

Penney: Impressive. This little ship packs a whallop.
Hawk: *snicker* "Little."

Code: Select all

The dreadnought misses Hiroto by a mile.

Commander: We missed?! HOW?!
Helm: That ship is faster than us.
Commander: Not a problem! Let our momentum carry us towards the station, instead! Take out that other ship in the dock instead!

Instead of hitting Hiroto, the dreadnought flows right by. The station's interceptor-lasers attempt to shoot at the dreadnought, but they fail to do anything, and instead it slams into Phoenix, critically damaging it. Fortunately, the power plant is turned off, so there are no potential explosions to contain.

Penney: Hey! That's MY ship!
Hawk: Looks like you won't be doing anything for a while!
Penney: Hawk, I will give you 50 credits if you can destroy these assholes for me. I need my revenge, and I can't get it with my ship damaged like it is.
Hawk: Deal.

Cain: Ouch, Penney's not going to be happy.
Tactical: Why isn't their ship exploding? ... Why isn't it even on fire?
Engineer: Their engines are powered down and their atmosphere is pumped out so the maintenance crews can clean and repair everything without anything getting in the way.
Cain: When will the Nova Beam be ready to fire again?
Engineer: It's already available, sir.
Cain: Then destroy that dreadnought!

The Valiance fires its Nova-beam at the second dreadnought, piercing through the core and causing the arms to break apart. This time, the interceptor-lasers destroy them before they can crash into anything important.

However, while Valiance is destroying the second dreadnought, Vegas has snuck behind it.

Vegas: Fire!

The death ray pierces through the Valiance's engines. This immobilizes it and prevents it from aiming its Nova Beam. The missiles start to fire, but the station's automatic lasers shoot them down, effectively rendering the Valiance's missiles useless.

Hawk: It's up to us. Charge to that ship and attempt to shoot it down!
Tactical: Um, sir, there is a third dreadnought.

Hawk: But they were two a month ago!
Tactical: I know, but the guy writing the stroy decided not to edit Hawk´s posts! Now they are three because he needs to keep the things as they must be, and if that means he will destroy Xyth, then he will!

Code: Select all

The part in Italics is obviosly a joke regarding some backstage confusion with the moments of destruction of each dreadnought, and of Bacon not being sure if altering Hawk´s post (And rendering the pic useless!) would be fine.

Hawk: Alright! Destroy that battleship with siege Hasers and move on to the unidentified vessel!

Code: Select all

The Siege Hasers disable the dreadnoughts shields, weapons, and engines

Hawk: Is the trinity cannon charged?
Tactical: Negative Sir
Vegas: Stand by to evade.
Hawk: Fire all weapons!

*Hawk fires, Vegas evades*

Hawk: What happened?
Tactical: The enemy has dodged our attack
Hawk: What IS that ship?
Prinas: (She has been out for too long) If you may excuse me Sir, the rivii had already developed a superengine. I am sure it is moounted on that ship.
Hawk(thinking): What happens if We throw the trinity cannon at it?
Tactical: It would dodge.
Hawk: But what happens if they are caught in the gravity?
Tactical: They wont be able to escape, but unless We are quick, We will get caunght too.

Cain: What happened?! What do you mean we can't fire the nova ray?!
Engineer: Our engines have been disabled! Without them, we can't charge the nova ray with engine plasma!
Tactical: According to the computer, there's another superweapon on this ship. It's not quote as powerful as the nova ray, but it's built to adapt us to Ship-to-ship combat situations just like this.
Cain: Please explain.

Hawk: The plan is to shoot the trinity cannon at the enemy ship in order to slow it down.
Tactical: But doing so has the chance to also slow us down.
Hawk: It's a risk we have to take.

Computer: Sir. The enemy is firing their new superweapon at us again.
Vegas: Is the analysis complete?
Computer: Negative, sir, but there should be an effective counter after it fires a second time.
Vegas: Understood. Prepare to fire nanobots at the enemy ship.
Tactical: At this range, they will have little to no effect.
Vegas: I'm fully aware of that. Prepare the nanobots anyway.

Hiroto fires an extra-dense black hole at Vegas's nanonought. Both ships start to spiral towards it, chasing each other around the singularity.

Computer: Analysis complete. The trinity cannon can easily be disabled by jamming it with our shields. Additionally, that is their best and most effective weapon against us. If we disable it, they will have a much harder time combating us.
Vegas: Let's get closer, then!
Tactical: I see! At that range, our nanobots will achieve maximum effect!

Hawk: What's going on? Why isn't the trinity cannon reloading?
Engineer: The enemy is using their shields to disrupt the formation of our singularities!
Hawk: Dammit! At this range, our shields are pretty much useless for protecting us!
Engineer: So are theirs!
Hawk: Fortunately, we have a much lower mass, and we have armor that they don't. Let's take advantage--
Suddenly, the ship shakes.
Hawk: What was that?!
Pilot: I'm losing control over the ship with these controls!
Engineer: Nanobots are hacking into the computer!
Hawk: You, take him to the engines and have him manually override!
Engineer: *leads the pilot out of the bridge*
Tactical: Our weapons are unable to fire.

Vegas: Mwuhahaha!!! Now the enemy can't shoot back at us!
Computer: Warning: the enemy ship is safe from our weapons.
Tactical: It's true. We can't shoot at it from this angle without our attacks getting sucked into the black hole.
Computer: Warning: The enemy has stabilized its orbit.
Vegas: How?!
Computer: Unknown. The humans have been known for their ingenuity.
Vegas: They must have found a way to defeat the nanobots!
Computer: They are inside of the event horizon. We can leave them to die.
Vegas: Then let's do it.
Computer: Miscalculated issue: our engines are not powerful enough to get us out.
Vegas: Dammit!

Cain: So we have missiles designed to shoot miniature Q-rays and Nova Rays at a hundredth of the normal power?
Engineer: Yes.
Cain: And they are shielded, so the station cannot simply shoot them down?
Engineer: That's correct.
Cain: Then what're we waiting for? fire at that dreadnought!

Code: Select all

Cain's about to unleash a lot of hell on the nanonought. Even though the attacks are only at 1%, there's a lot more than 100 of each missile that's going to be fired, and the missiles can just ram the nanonought and detonate their payload if they want. The battle should be turn out to be rather interesting.

By the way, think you can come up with a way for Vegas and Hawk to get out of their little predicament?

Code: Select all

A little backstage!
Oops :-/ .


Hawk:Hiroto does not have an emergency teleporter. After this battle, Hawk can request that one be installed on the ship, but right now there isn't one because it was deemed un-necessary.
Hawk: I have a simple solution. Hiroto can manipulate black holes easily, both creating and destroying them. Think you can handle this now?
Me: I have other plans...

Code: Select all

*Treet is on the starbase, about to enter Pheonix when a security guard stops him*

Guard: Thou Shalt not pass
Treet: But I am the chief engineer!
Guard: Anyway, the ship is badly damaged. The bridge is crippled, and the power plant is damaged.
Treet: Do you see the fight out there? If you dont let me in, we´re ALL gonna die!
Guard: mmkay, pass.


Code: Select all

Treet bolts to the bridge. He finds it crippled,with some ceiling sections collapsed, and wires everywhere sparknig and sizzling randomly*

Treet: ookay, where is the weapons console... *Moves a section of the ceiling to uncover it*. Okay, now we must *Another console explodes*Dammit! Okay, I think I got this...

*TREET FIRES A Q-RAY AT THE BLACK HOLE, a rift to 97d opens near a HUGE wormhole, and the black hole gets sucked in, after its gone, Treet coloses the rift*

Penney,Hawk,Prinas: What did you do???
Treet: I just fired a Q-ray modified to enter a dimension where everyhing gets sucked in, because the laws of physics in it are so different, they cant be understood. Anyway, the hole is gone

Vegas: What just happened?
Computer: The enemy battleship which we previously disabled has shot its main cannon in order to remove the black hole.
Vegas: It must be Phoenix! Shit! That means they're operational RIGHT NOW! We can't fight three battleships at once!
Computer: Recommend that we retreat.
Vegas: No! If we leave now, we'll lose the opportunity to destroy them!
Computer: Recommend that we call for reinforcements.
Vegas: Now that I can agree with.
Communications: Working on it now.

Hawk: What just happened?
Pilot: I have control again.
Prinas: I was able to hack into the nanobots from the science console and countermanded them to stop what they were doing.
Tactical: I have the ability to fire again.
Hawk: Focus our firepower on that dreadnought and fire!

While Hiroto is firing at Vegas's Nanonought, Valiance is as well.

Vegas: We're getting attacked from ten different directions at once! Tactical, is the siege laser ready to fire yet?!
Tactical: No, sir, it'll take another few minutes to charge it.
Vegas: We don't have a few minutes!
Engineer: I could reroute power from the shields and possibly overload it, but we'll be able to fire again immediately.
Vegas: Channel all of our power towards the engines and get us closer to that giant battleship, then re-channel the shield power towards the siege laser and blast the bridge!

In a great burst of speed, the Nanonought travels from near Hiroto to practically point blank from Valiance's bridge.

Cain: What the--?! Everyone out!

Everyone begins to evacuate the bridge just as the Nanonought fires. Thanks to the heavy armor-plating of the bridge, only the window breaks; however, this results in Cain nearly getting sucked out.

Hawk: Holy--?! How did that happen?!
Penney: Impressive. Looks like the Rivi'i have developed a new supership that even Phoenix can't handle.
Hawk: Phoenix?! How are we supposed to fight it, when PHOENIX can't fight that thing?!
Prinas: I must say, that laser of theirs looks like it would be pretty lame in the wrong circumstances.
Penney: I have a proposition for you that might just give Hiroto more of a chance to fight that thing than Phoenix.
Hawk: No way! You must be a genius!
Penney: Actually, you can thank my engineer, Treet, for explaining it to me. When Phoenix finds that it is unable to to perform a task, it simply channels all of the power away from other tasks and focuses it on the one.
Hawk: I see. So that's why it seems to constantly exceed its own limitations.
Penney: However, having all that energy in a single area of the ship is risky. If it is not done right, the technique can severely damage the ship; the Q-ray was once rendered useless because we did it.
Hawk: Penney, I'll let you demonstrate on our engines.

Hiroto gains a great boost of speed and is next to Vegas's nanonought in a mere instant.

Computer: Warning: enemy ship in close proximity.
Vegas: How did they suddenly get so fast?! Move away from the battleship!
The bridge shakes as they do so.
Computer: Our shields would have softened the blow.
Vegas: Damage report!
Engineer: Minimal damage to the hull because we avoided the full force of their attack.
Pilot: They're chasing after us!
Computer: Additional factors have appeared. Calculations to the prototype's speed are useless.
Vegas: This increase in speed is... unprecedented! They're over twice as fast as they were before!

Prinas: This is an interesting tactic.
Penney: I figured it would serve some use outside of Phoenix.
Tactical: The enemy is just outside of our weapon's range, sir.
Hawk: increase the power that is channeled through the engines!
Penney: Uh... I wouldn't recommend stressing them any more than we are now.

Hiroto quickly catches up to Vegas and begins shooting at it.

Vegas: Ahh! *the ceiling comes down on top of her*

The Nanonought stops in its tracks and Hiroto whizzes right by.

Vegas: ... ... ... ...those... insufferable... insignificant insects! I'll show them, I'll show them all!
Computer: What are you doing?
Vegas: *starts programming something into the computer*
Computer: ... Preparing to fire the omnidestructor torpedo.

Hawk: What's that ship doing?
Penney: Looks like it's charging some kind of attack.
Engineer: The engines can't take much more of this, sir, and we can't take a direct hit even with full power to shields.
Hawk: Then we'll just have to attack first! Channel all power to the trinity cannon!
Penney: *worried* That, that weapon is hardly field tested! Who knows what'll happen if we overload it?!
Hawk: With any luck, it won't come to that. Prepare to fire the cannon!

Vegas: Looks like the enemy is about to retalliate.
Computer: Omnidestructor torpedo is ready, sir.
Vegas: Fire!

Tactical: They're firing, sir!
Hawk: Fire!

Code: Select all

The omnidestructor torpedo and the singularity clash into each other. Both ships are channeling a large amount of energy into the clash.

Vegas: Impossible! Their attack is as powerful as our torpedo!

* reinforcments for Vegas arrive*
Vegas: Now *crackles fists* let's finish this
*Right then, the resulting black hole ABSORBS the omnidestructor torped, the resulting explosion destroys all of vegas' reinforcments and damages the Nanoanought
Vegas: You may, but I will stay.
*Escape pods are lauched*
On the starbase...
Interceptor weapon operator 1: Oh, look, escape pods
Iwo2: Just shoot them.
Iwo 1: Whatever
*The pods are obliterated*
*Hiroto fires on the Nanoanought, crippling it even more*
Vegas: Shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit WHY CANT I GET OUT OF HERE!!!!

Computer: Warning: severe damage overall. The hull is critically damaged. Weapons systems nonfunctional.
Vegas: ......forget them. Forget my crew. Who needs a crew? Computer, you're the only one I need for this fight!
Computer: Should I take any damage, I cannot be repaired without a crew.
Vegas: You're right. How's the FTL?
Computer: Beyond your abilities to repair.
Vegas: Can you use automated robots to repair it?
Computer: Negative.
Vegas: Dammit. We'll need to steal one from the enemy ships.
Computer: We'll need to talk to them, first and foremost. I propose a false surrender.

Hawk: Looks like they're in no position to negotiate.
Prinas: I propose we scrap the ship.
Communications: Sir, we're being hailed.
Penney: Put it on the--
Hawk: No. Penney, let me have this. It's my first time to capture anything.
Penney: Fine.
Vegas: Hello, ... whoever you are.
Hawk: I am Captain Hawk. Surrender your ship and come to us on a shuttlecraft, and we'll spare you.
Vegas: /That was easy./ Our ship has no shuttlecraft left.
Hawk: Then we shall send one of our own.
Vegas: Understood. Ending transmission.
Penney: you just got duped.
Hawk: How do you know?
Penney: It's your first time. I'll explain afterwards.

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~The shuttlecraft lands on the nanonaught, then leaves.~

Science: I am picking up one life sign on board.
Hawk: I thought you said we were duped?
Penney: Scan for anything else aboard the ship.
Tactical: I'm picking up two robotic signiatures.
Hawk: We can easily handle anything they could throw at us.
Penney: *takes a station and starts doing something*

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~On the station~

Tala: What do you mean, you need backup? I thought that Phoenix could handle it?
Penney: No, haven't you been watching the fight? My ship got crippled, and only fired because my engineer is a genius.
Tala: I see. What would you have me do from the station?
Penney: Erect an anti-FTL field and jam the area. We can't have Vegas call for more reinforcements, and we can't have her escape because of a stolen FTL drive.
Tala: Understood. I'll have Cain work on the FTL field while I work on the jamming field.
Penney: Excellent.

Code: Select all

~Vegas's shuttlecraft arrives at Hiroto~

Security: *runs up to the shuttlecraft and opens up*
Vegas: Welcome aboard, gentlemen.
Security: Freeze: Drop to the ground!
Vegas: Okay. *drops to the ground*
Mech: *was behind Vegas. Shoots missiles at the security officer*

Hawk: *the bridge shakes* What was that?
Security: Sir! There are mechs marching down our halls!
Penney: I told you that you were being played.
Hawk: Try to suppress th--
The door to the bridge explodes.
Vegas: Well well well. Looks like I just took control over the ship.
Penney: *smirks*
Vegas: I'll be taking control now.
Hawk: I won't let you get away with this! *gets up* Ragh! *throws a punch at Vegas*
Vegas: *catches it, and hits him in the face, incapacitating him* Now then. *sits in his chair*
Underling: Sir. Something's wrong. The engines aren't responding, and the entire tactical array seems fried.
Vegas: Can we activate FTL?
Underling: Negative. The controls are completely destroyed.
Penney: We had to tear this ship apart just to keep up with you, so don't expect us to put it back together for you.
Vegas: Dammit. Okay, lets just go with plan A. You, is the FTL system at least operational?
Underling2: Yes, it is.
Vegas: Get it out of the ship as quickly as you can. You there.
Underling3: Yes?
Vegas: Pick up this body and take it with us. *turns to Penney* Are you coming the easy way, or the hard way?
Penney: I'll take the easy way, thank you very much.
Vegas: Good choice. Come with me.

Code: Select all

~Vegas has successfully captured Hawk and Penney~

Penney: By the way, Vegas, you just got duped.
Vegas: Howso?
Penney: You may have left Hiroto a dead space hulk, but the instant my engineer, Treet, sees what's going on, he's going to fire the Q-ray again.
Vegas: Who says I'll still be here by the time that happens?
Penney: Eh. You're right, but I think you should still watch your back.

Prinas: *opens up a floor panel* I can't believe they didn't do a life sign scan. Now all I have to do is perform emergency repairs where needed and I can destroy the nanonaught.

Code: Select all

Hiroto's crew is mostly dead. Prinas managed to avoid capture because she has a natural talent for stealth, and while she also has a natural talent for fighting, this fighting sense told her that she would die if she tried, so she hid.

Hiroto's use of Treet's energy-channeling method has left it crippled to the point that Vegas decided it to be fruitless to hijack it. Meanwhile, the Valiance has been crippled to the point of being useless in direct combat (though it's still able to do the suppression methods mentioned earlier), and Phoenix needs to use the station's power in order to reload the Q-ray. He might have trouble with the authorities, of course.

How has this encounter been so far?

Code: Select all

*Prinas pulls a few wires toether, presses some buttons, pulls a few plugs, and closes the panel*

Prinas: Okay, I think I did it. Now we can fire the Trinity cannon without being pulled into the singularity. Now, to retake the bridge.

Code: Select all


Code: Select all

*Meamwhile, on Hiroto´s brig*

Hawk: I seriously can´t think she is so stupid to lock me into my own ship´s brig! *Presses a few buttons on a hidden wall console that then retracts.*

Code: Select all

The code proceeds to open the gate and monitor his heart rate. If he dies, the ship will self-destruct, destroying the Nanoanought with the shockwave.*

Hawk: Hey, you stupid guards, I am escaping!
Mech 1: You will get back to your cell.
Hawk: *Is closing in on the Mechs*. In fact, I´ve got to tell you something. If I don´t, this ship will autodestruct itself,destroying us your boss, and your ship with it. But you need to come closer. Then, I will return to my cell.
Mech 1: Understood.
*Hawk gets almost within arm´s range, and steals a laser pistol from a mech*
Mech 1: What are you do-*Gets shot in the face*
Mech 2: *Pulls his gun* You will not surviv-*gets shot in the arm by Hawk*
Mech 3: Di-*Hawk shoots his head, but he doesn´t die. Instead, Mech 3´s brain loses many of it abilities*
Mech 3: fuharukihgwuikthgwirlthj@gonklmfsjloijgthwior8uj6ojjhwoesjhietruhjir0101010101101001011010010101010101010101010101010101010100110010101010101010101010101010101010101010010101* explodes*

Code: Select all

*Prinas has distracted the guards guarding the bridge*

Prinas: *Charges into he bridge* THIS IS SPARTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*Slams onto the weapons consloe and fires the Trinity cannon at full power, causing the lights to flicker for a small time she uses to leave*

Vegas: *Sees her ship explode in a beautiful shower of blue, red, and orange* No... It can´t be...

Code: Select all

Okay, I blew the Nanoanought UP!

Vegas: .......NO! My ship has been destroyed, the fleet has been utterly decimated, and I have been left defeated!

Code: Select all

Suddenly, two fleets of Rivi'i Dreadnoughts come out of FTL. The first one was using space-fold, the other was using hyperdrive.

Vegas: What...? SHIT! They must have picked up on my distress signal!

Code: Select all

The two fleets exchange some communications sinse they're currently outside of the no-talking zone, and sinse they're on opposite sides of the station. The first fleet consists of three carnagenoughts, while the other fleet consists of nine technonoughts.

Each of the carnagenoughts attempts to go after three of the technonoughts, but the strategy of the technonoughts ends up separating one of the carnagenoughts from the squad, leaving the other two to fight 8; a four-to-one battle.

Penney: Hey, look over there! I think I see your commander!
Mech: *goes over there*
Penney: *runs the other direction* I can't believe he fell for that. *grabs a blaster and shoots the mech in its power supply*
Mech: *shuts down*
Penney: Now to figure out what's going on outwwHAHAAAA?!

Code: Select all

Penney sees the battle about to begin outside.

Penney: Is it just me, or is there a LOT of crap that's going on in one day? *makes a mad dash to the shuttle bay*

Station Commander: Why are there twelve dreadnoughts converging on this station?
Station Tactical: It's not a problem. Our weapons can easily destroy each of them.
Commander: Then don't hesitate to do s--
The bridge shakes.
Tactical: Holy crap! Those three just knocked down our shields!
Commander: Shoot back at them!
Tala Jericho: Strange. The other nine just flew right past us without even shooting at us.
Commander: There's no way we can handle being in the middle of a squabble. Not after that one tiny dreadnought critically three of our battleships; not only did it do that, but one of them was Phoenix, a ship famous for its durability; another one was the Valiance, a ship designed to survive anti-planetary weapons; and the third was Hiroto, a ship that is extremely good at avoiding damage. That one dreadnought did the task of nearly a hundred dreadnoughts, and we're about to witness a fight between twelve that are just like it!
Tactical: I do believe it's time to evacuate the station.
Commander: Get rid of the no-communications zone. We're going to need to call for some assistance to get Hiroto, Valiance, and Phoenix out of space dock! An FTL Tugboat, or something!

Cain: I can see that those ships are going to be a problem.
Engineer: We have repaired the missile launch systems, and our fighters have returned. They're fully repaired.
Cain: Excellent. Tactical, do you know what this means?
Tactical: What does this mean?
Cain: This means we can join in the battle, without requiring any maneuverability. Arm half the ships with shipbusters and the other half with strafing weapons. Use ballistic missiles as well as Q-ray and Nova Ray missiles.
Engineer: Sir, we are out of beam-attack missiles and it'll take about a week to manufacture enough for another battle.
Cain: Then let's only use the ballistic missiles.

Penney: *has gotten to the bridge of Hiroto*
Hawk: *also has arrived there*
Prinas: Well well well. Looks like we're all the captain now.
Penney: There's a battle out there, and-- what the hell does Cain think he's doing?
Hawk: being a bloodthirsty son of a bitch and trying to take out the enemy ships.
One of the ballistic missiles hits a technonaught and it explodes. An anti-ship nagato blasts its missiles into the carnagenought and technonought that are drawn away from the battle, and they are both annihilated.
Prinas: *blink blink* Holy crap, he's actually winning.
Penney: I'll say. He's already destroyed three of the enemy ships without even having any maneuverability to his ship.
Hawk: Well, what can you say? Hiroto's pretty much wrecked, and Phoenix isn't in any better condition. Valiance is the only ship that still has a living crew.
Prinas: Actually, if you want, I can fix Hiroto's engines. They're only a a little overheated, the computer shut them off before they had a chance to explode.
Hawk: You do that.
Penney: I'll get to work on the other stuff.
Hawk: I shall join you.

Cain's anti-city ballistic missiles have destroyed several ships, reducing the overall battle force of both the carnagenoughts and the technonoughts to 2 against 5. The carnagenoughts are technically able to destroy the technonoughts right now, but they're too busy trying to avoid Valiance's missiles to focus on attacking. Meanwhile, the technonoughts aren't in much of a better position, too busy evading to retalliate.

Hawk: Fire the trinity cannon!
Hawk:*dumbfounded* Why? Don't you see they are fighting amongst themselves?
Hawk: Right. Let them fight.
*the fight continues until 1carnageenought and a technoanought remain, both heavily damaged*
On the Carnagenought...
Commander: RAH! Ramming speed!
On the technoanought...
Commander: Ouch!*a piece of the ceiling collapses on him* Ram that ship!

Code: Select all

Just before impact, Hiroto's tactical officer accidentally fires the trinity cannon into the point of impact, both ships meet inside the black hole, and merge into one. There is no explosion, just a single ship, with the power of a carnagenought and a technoanought.

Penney: What is... Fire! Fire the trinity cannon! Fire all weapons! Do it now, while we still have the chance!
Hawk: Penney, it's over. The enemy ships have rammed into each other, and--
Penney: Fools! All of you! *charges to the piloting station and presses the controls*

Hiroto's engines sputter as it begins moving within range of the currently transforming ship. The two ships are merging; it's going to take a while.

Hawk: What are you-- stop! You'll overload the engines!
Penney: No! You don't understand what's going on! Those ships are combining to become even more powerful than the two of them combined!
Hawk: You're crazy.
Prinas: I must agree with Hawk.
Penney: Damn it! /It's just like before I found the relic! It's happening again! The senseless destruction, all of the terror, I'm not going to let it go on!/

As the two ships begin to merge, there are nearby nebula clouds that are moved away. The massive surges of gravity are even moving around local star systems, smashing their planets into each other and moving their stars away.

Cain: What the... What the hell is going on?
Engineer: I'm not sure, sir.
Science: These readings are impossible. The enemy vessels appear to be merging, but there's no way that could be happening.
Cain: Destroy it. I don't care what's happening at this point, my gut says that it's bad. Order all fighters to bombard it with everything and do not hold anything back.

Valiance begins shooting missiles at the combining ships, and the fighters begin blasting their anti-ship weapons at it. However, there appears to be an incredibly strong sphere around the combining carnagenought and technonought.

Penney: What?! No way!
Hawk: I don't think anything we have is even strong enough to put a dent.
Prinas: We have the trinity cannon, but that's what started this in the first place.
Hawk: But if that's what started it--
Penney: It's our only option! Put every gigawatt of power we have left into the trinity cannon and fire it!

Hiroto fires the trinity cannon at the combining ships. However, the black hole slams into the barrier and explodes, dealing no damage.

Penney: DAMMIT!
Hawk: I don't like the look of this.
Prinas: If this is what they're capable of when they're merging, I can only imagine how powerful they'll be afterwards.

Code: Select all

The two ships begin changing for their merge. The technonought loses its technomancer symbols, and it expands to equal the size of the carnagenought. Meanwhile, they rotate such that their arms are crossing each other, much like an Ultranought's six arms.

Electricity begins arcing across the barrier, and it annihilates the fighters as they desperately attempt to retreat. Not a single one survives, and the electric arcs shatter what's left of the shields of the Valiance and Hiroto.

Meanwhile, the distress signal that the station sent out was recieved a while ago and a fleet was sent to help. The ca'anians have joined forces with the humans, however both fleets find that their FTL engines shut down when the merging begins. Whenever they try to start them up again, the engines simply arc with electricity and sputter, unable to actually function.

Ta'yawha: *discussing political issues* What the-- what the hell?
Diplomat: What is it, my lord?
Ta'yawha: Dimension 37-49-23. I can feel it.
Diplomat: And?
Ta'yawha: I can feel it more than I can feel any of the other dimensions. Even Hell doesn't seem like it could compare.
Assistant: Shall we send an explorer ship?
Ta'yawha: Yes. Do that. And make sure it's a bit more durable than the one Vegas used; I don't want a point-blank Q-ray to disable the chameleon device this time. That was an unexpectedly massive burst of power that I don't want to underestimate.

Chyriax: *is busy eating a nebula in 4d space* What the--?!
The nebula begins moving away from him at an unusually high speed.
Xyloxis: What's going on, chyriax?
Chyriax: I'm not sure. Everyone, try to stay with your nebula and your hive; I'm going to investigate.

Code: Select all

The ship continues to change. A bay begins to grow under it, much like the bay used in the Ultranought game. Furthermore, its center seems to expand in order to accomodate some kind of strange weapon; a cannon of some sort.

Penney: No! I will not allow you to destroy anything else! Do you hear?! This is where I draw the line!! *runs to the tactical console*
Hawk: Penney, what are you--
Penney: OUT OF MY WAY! *shoves Prinas and Hawk aside, presses buttons*

Code: Select all

The lights go out for several minutes as Hiroto moves even closer to the merging ships. The trinity cannon charges the entire time, and the black hole is over twice as large as before. When it fires, the entire ship is moved backwards, and when it hits the barrier, visible cracks are seen.

Code: Select all

The merging ship appears to subtly take note of this; it rotates to aim one of the arms at the singularity, and it fires. The singularity is pushed off and narrowly misses Hiroto as it flies away.

Hawk: Woah! Watch what you're doing, Penney, you could get us all kill--

Code: Select all

Once the power is restored for Hiroto, the ship begins firing everything other than the trinity cannon. However, even at over 500% of its normal maximum power, the Trinity cannon only cracked the barrier; none of the other weapons even damage it.

Prinas: Penney! Stop! You're wasting your efforts!
Penney: No! I've already seen one universe wasted by the efforts of a single being, I won't let this one be destroyed too!
Prinas: /He's not calm enough to be reasoned with. I'll have to knock him out./ *deals a chop to the back of his neck*
Hawk: What did you do?!
Prinas: What I had to. Let's get him to the medical bay.

Artemis: What is this I'm sensing?
She is currently in 4d space. She was practicing her fighting strategies on some asteroids; but detecting the merging ships has her distracted.
Artemis: Mom and dad are in trouble. I better go help them. *she begins heading that way*

Code: Select all

After all of the changes have been made to the ships, they finally finish merging into a single, somewhat odd-looking ultranought. It has a bay on the bottom and a cannon at the top, and all 6 arms are of equal size.

It has a living supercomputer, much like the nanonought, and it has acquired a commander that most other rivi'i ships wouldn't get. The computer is merged with the commander, and as a result he has an awareness of everything on the ship's sensors as well as all of the computer's processing power and direct control over the ship itself.

Zero: I am the alpha. I am the omega. I am the one. I am the many. I am Zero, and this ship is the omeganought. The Circle and the Empire have a petty squabble to deal with; I could stop them, but I don't care. They annoy me at best. The weaklings aren't even worth me destroying. The Humans are barely in better condition, whatwith their silly technology and the ca'anians are so obsessed with science that they can't see what is in front of their face.

Code: Select all

The Omeganought begins lowering its power as the entire ship seems to relax.

Zero: I hereby claim this universe as my own. As the one with more power than anyone or anything, it is my duty to enhance its function as much as possible. The Ta'yawhans are coming, and the Xyloxi ruler is making a beeline towards this location. The ca'anians and the humans are on their way here as well. My speed could allow me to outrun them if I wanted to. If I decided to let them shoot, my brain is synchronized with the computer, so I have the ultimate reflexes and can dodge everything they shoot. If I decided to destroy them, doing so would be beyond effortless.

*Zero begins powering up the engines.*

Zero: The only threat to anyone in this universe that I see is the Ta'yawhans. I shall go deal with them shortly. In the meantime, I'll simply stay put; the primary species of this universe deserve a look at their new master, protector, and driver, and I shall allow them a look.

Code: Select all

Zero and her Omeganought are more than a match for the Ta'yawhan explorer ship that has been sent. She has no interest in either of the factions; in fact, she's apathetic towards both the circle and the empire.

All of the species that are aware of this ship should be instantly suspicious and fearful of it, wishing to destroy it. Zero's intentions aren't to destroy anything, though; essentially, she is misunderstood. She has the power to destroy, but she also has some pretty impressive tech; she has a weapon that can shut down the power of any ship, no matter what species, and can knock unconscious any biomechanical being, such as a xyloxi or a caes'cix.

The only species she's malevolant and aggressive towards are people from outside the universe, such as the ta'yawhans and the ultra. She's nice to the Alpha, because they're native to the universe; but if there's a threat to her universe, she'll go apeshit nuts over it. This explorer ship is an example; she's going to pretty much anally fist it, and then she's going to come back to continue being the steward of her universe.

*On Pheonix*

Treet: ohmygodwhatisthatship?!
Zero:Oh, a human. I will aid you, since you are a being from this universe.
Treet: Who are you?
Zero: I am Zero. I will protect the Xyth universe from all intruders. No one will harm the Xytheans without me destroying him. And if I can´t prevent it, I will avenge them
Treet: Oh, thats great. Who do you consider "Intruders"?
Zero:* relays a list to Pheonix*
Treet: Mith, Demons,Ta yawahans, Ultra... Hmmm... you have a lot of enemies.
Zero: I do. I am Ze- *Artemis appears*

Artemis: Whoa! Who are you?
Zero: My identity doesnt matter. You are Ta Yawahn, and you must die.

*A fight begins*

Artemis: He is too strong! I must leave! Mother, Father, forgive me!

*Spacefolds out*

Zero: He will be back, and I will destroy him.

*Penney opens a channel to the Omeganought*

Penney: Ummm, technically, you should not.
Zero: Why?
Penney: The genes to make her were taken from a human.
Zero: whatwhatwhatwhat now?
Penney: I tell, you, she is part human, part Ta Yawahan.

Code: Select all

On TY space...

TY Explorer: Sir! I come bearing horrible news!
Ta'yawha: What is-- oh my god what happened to your ship?!
TYE: The xyth universe has an incredibly powerful ship!
Ta'yawha: Send a fleet of battleships.

Zero: *meets them in 4d space* I see that I can't leave you alone for one second.
Admiral: fire!

Every ship in the TY fleet begins firing.
Zero: Oh please, everyone knows that's not going to work.
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Re: The Tales Of Flagship Hiroto.

Postby joacobanfield » Mon Sep 15, 2014 7:55 pm

Zero's speed is low, but the Omeganought has a teleporter.

Zero: *teleports, causing every shot that was fired to miss*
Admiral: Keep firing! We might be able to hit it!
Zero: *teleports every time the shots are about to hit her* This is boring.
Admiral: What are you doing? I said to keep firing!
Commander: Sir! We are out of ammunition!
Zero: Oh, is it my turn now? I think I'll use one of my weaker attacks. *shoots a sphere of energy*

The entire ta'yawhan fleet is annihilated when it detonates. The blast had the magnitude of a supernova, and it caused a chain reaction that made all of the stars that were powering the ships to go supernova as well.

Ta'yawha: What was that?! That blast was massive if it could be felt all the way up here, in the 6th dimension!
Analyst: The entire fleet has been wiped out, sir.
Ta'yawha: All of them? That can't be right. There were at least 500 ships.
Analyst: They were caught in the explosion, and their reactors chain reacted.
Artemis: Sir, I just witnessed it. That enemy ship is indeed from the xyth universe.
Ta'yawha: And?
Artemis: Well, it made a rather lengthy speech detailing how it wasn't going to harm anyone from Xyth, but it would savagely murder anyone else. This includes the ta'yawhans.
Ta'yawha: ........... Is the squad of super elites back from their mission?
General: Yes sir.
Ta'yawha: Assign them to royal guard duty. And send 500,000 ships to the xyth universe.
General: Sir, they'll just get killed again.
Ta'yawha: We need to figure out a weakness in this new enemy. If every ship transmits the battle to me, I might be able to find said weakness.
General: An unnecessary waste of resources.
Ta'yawha: How many would you recommend?
General: I would send the super-elites.
Ta'yawha: Negative. I don't want to leave myself exposed. An explosion big enough to be felt in the 6th dimension when it only happened in 4d space is beyond my capabilities, and I don't want to fight a creature that is this powerful.

Zero: I still can't get over the fact that she's your son!
Penney: I still can't get over the fact that someone stole my DNA and mixed it with another species'.
Zero: I need to find the mother! She deserves to live a full life with her daughter!
Penney: Of course.
Zero: Since that girl is ta'yawhan, that must mean I need to tread carefully about killing the ta'yawhans, otherwise I'll kill her mother.
Penney: Wait, what's a ta'yawhan again?
Zero: A bunch of ultra-high-tech creatures from a higher dimension than your scientists have thought possible. Their empire is literally multiversal.
Penney: Wow.
Zero: Their larger ships are powered by stars and are grown.
Penney: That is absurd.
Zero: They can afford the ships thanks to the enormous amount of resources they already have. I already wiped out 500 of their battleships.
Penney: How?
Zero: I just blew'em up.
Penney: ...
Zero: My blast had megatons behind it. About 1000 zeroes of'em.
Penney: ...

Chyriax: *was explaining what he thought happened to the xyloxis, when the explosion comes ripping through the area*
Xyloxi: What's going on?! AHHH!!! *is blown away*
Mage: I, can't, stop, it! *is also blown away*
The only xyloxi that isn't pushed away by the supernovae is Chyriax.
Chyriax: Wait! Come back! *chases after in an attempt to rescue them. He prioritizes his people over the threat*

Meanwhile, some CC have come to the station in order to investigate the strange disturbance that made their asteroids highly nutritious.

Station Tactical: There are caes'cix attacking the station.
Commander: Attacking?
Tactical: They haven't shot at us yet, but I'm ready just in case they do.
Commander: Relax. They're not nearly as violent as the riverbugs. Those are their only enemy.

An RV carrier drops out of hyperspace with damaged engines. The CC are instantly on top of it, tearing it apart while it's outside the station's range.

Tactical: I sure am glad they're on our side!
Commander: Just sit back and watch. They're friendly.
Hawk: Why aren't we attacking the enemy ships?!
Penney: *followed him* I told you, the caes'cix are friendly.
Hawk: No, they're not! They're monsters, just like the rivi'i!
Commander: You're awful young for a captain.
Hawk: Thank you. I'm 31.
Commander: ....point proven. You're just as young as I thought.

The CC begin attacking the Omeganought.
Penney: What the hell?!
Commander: They must think that the ship is one of the rivi'i's!
Zero: What's going on?! Why are these people attacking me!
Queen: We will destroy a monster like you!
Zero: No! Stop! I am not a monster!
Queen: You're not?
Zero: When have I ever killed anyone from this universe?
Queen: You've slaughtered thousands from out-of-universe.
Zero: That is true, but they were going to--
Queen: Die! Everyone destroy this bastard!

All of the CC begin firing.

Zero: Strange, my fourth arm appears to be acting up. Whatever. *ESP rays!!!*
Drones: Durrhh
Zero: Everyone, get back to work. I will call you when I need you.
CC: *returns to what they were doing*

Suddenly, the Ta'yawhan fleet appears.
Zero: So, you have come.
Admiral: We're going to take our revenge.
Zero: Aren't you a bit small?
Admiral: We have the largest ships.
Zero: Bo-ring. I'm bigger.
Admiral: Idiot. Everyone, destroy him!

Zero simply throws up a shield and stops most of the weapons' fire. The omnidestructor torpedoes are hit with countermeasure missiles and explode.

Admiral: Did we get him?!

When the smoke clears, Zero is not there.

Admiral: There's no way we had enough firepower to completely vaporize him!
Zero: You done yet?
Admiral: Where are you?!
Zero: I'm hiding between dimensions. You might want to tell your ships to go back to 4d. They are rather cute, after all, and I have a sweet spot in my heart for cute little ships.

Every single ship in the TY fleet that's currently in 3d space gets torn apart by cosmic shockwaves caused by Zero.

Zero: Oops. Killed the ships.

Messenger: My lord, the first wave has been destroyed.
Ta'yawha: Send the next wave.

Wave after wave of ta'yawhans go after Zero. Each one attacks her a different way.

Zero: All these enemies are taking a toll on me.
Omeganought: The fourth arm's shields are weakening.
Zero: The power core of the fourth arm is pretty close to the center. It should be easy to protect. Divert power from the armor of the arm's power core to the primary shields.
Omeganought: Shields stabilized.
Zero: Good. That should hold them off until--
A fighter rams into the fourth arm.
Zero: What the hell was that pilot thinking?!

Commander: Sir, our scans indicate that the enemy seems to have a weakness.
Admiral: Explain.
Commander: We seem to be hitting their fourth arm pretty hard, sir. A fighter managed to pierce the shields in that particular area and blew himself up by a fuel tank.
Admiral: All ships, concentrate on that area!

All of the ships begin shooting the fourth arm.

Zero: No, no, nonono, this can't be happening!
The fourth arm's fuel tanks all explode.
Omeganought: Error. Fourth arm has recieved a power overload.
The arm's power core explodes.
Omeganought: Fourth arm has recieved a second power overload and lost all power.
A fighter deploys an anti-ship missile against the arm.
Omeganought: The arm has sustained heavy damage. We have been forced to barricade it from the rest of the ship.
Zero: That's it! I've had it with these dicks! Swing the sixth arm around and remodulate the jellybean superweapon for ta'yawhans, and blast them into oblivion!
Omeganought: Jellybean superweapon is--
Zero: I don't care! They've damned pissed me off, and they deserve to die!

The omeganought fires the superweapon at the ta'yawhans. It's pathetically small.

Zero: What the hell is that?
Omeganought: I tried to warn you, it's not very impressive.

The battleship is hit, turns a different color, and explodes. The nearby ships are hit by the debris, then they turn the different color and also explode.

Zero: ... Now I'm confused.
Omeganought: It's a bio-weapon attacking their ships at the cellular level.
Zero: Oh, awesome! I don't even have to go all-out to kill'em!

Admiral: Everyone who isn't hit, retreat to the fourth dimension! Now! Everyone get out of here, while there's still time!

The ta'yawhans regroup in 4d space.

Zero: Hello, friends.
Admiral: Oh shit! She's here! Shoot her down!
Zero: Let's play a game, shall we? I'll watch as every last one of you panics.

Zero shoots the admiral's flagship and it explodes. The other ships begin exploding without anyone to tell them to avoid it.
We are "Joacobanfield".
I joined up about 2 years ago.
Wrote a bit of TTOFH and a little secret project.
Oh, I also love Disney/Pixar´s Inside Out.
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Re: The Tales Of Flagship Hiroto.

Postby joacobanfield » Tue Dec 23, 2014 2:22 pm

Whoa, major change in the way we´ve been doing it, we know.
^Will not be re-written in narrative
We are "Joacobanfield".
I joined up about 2 years ago.
Wrote a bit of TTOFH and a little secret project.
Oh, I also love Disney/Pixar´s Inside Out.
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Re: The Tales Of Flagship Hiroto.

Postby joacobanfield » Fri Oct 09, 2015 9:09 pm

As a result of pasting screwups on my side, please ignore any author mention. Some parts of the story got listed under the wrong author
We are "Joacobanfield".
I joined up about 2 years ago.
Wrote a bit of TTOFH and a little secret project.
Oh, I also love Disney/Pixar´s Inside Out.
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Re: The Tales Of Flagship Hiroto.

Postby Joacobanfield2 » Tue May 21, 2019 4:07 pm

I MUST do this now! There's no more holding back! I have to finish what I started!
(Explanation: I was cleaning up my highschool locker last year and found one of my drafts for this. I now have an idea on how to finish it.)

Code: Select all

Penney, Prinas, Hawk and Vegas are all on the bridge of Flagship Hiroto after Pheonix remained at the space station for repairs. This happens after some time. Vegas has joined forces with the humans to stop Zero's omeganought.

Penney:...and we should be there in about six hours. Is the plan clear?
Random Redshirt: Yes, sir!
Penney: I was talking to them, but thanks anyway.
Vegas: And you didn't use this new W-Ray on us yet, because...
Penney: Because I was saving it for something special. Now excuse me, I will retire to my quarters for a well deserved rest.

Code: Select all

Penney leaves, despite no one but the Random Redshirt actually understanding what the hell the plan is, or what on Xyth is a W-Ray.

Penney: Ahh...what a good feeling. Computer! Sixty seven pints of Ca'anian scotch.
Computer: WARNING: Reaching maximum alcohol tolerance for humans.
Penney: To hell with it, computer. I've been absorbed by a jellybean, absorbed a jellybean, been in a bunch of explosions, and even got absorbed into Pheonix once. I decide what I want to drink, whenever I bloody well want to!
Computer: (Deflated voice) Serving.
Penney: Thank you, computer.

Code: Select all

Penney drinks all sixty seven pints of Ca'anian scotch. Then, he sees a bright light.

Penney: What the...
???: Step into the light.
Penney: I may have drunk too much.
???: Meow.
Penney: To hell with it. I always make it out of weird stuff for strange coincidences, new powers, and timely rescues. I'll get out of this one as well.

Code: Select all

Penney steps into the light, only to find himself floating in space. Surrounding him is a collection of strange creatures; a cat, a monkey, a floating chocolate chip cookie, a green zombie head, a single noodle, a seemingly empty box, a...thing, and a sign with arrows that point both ways and say SPACE.

Penney: What the...
Space Cat: Welcome, Admiral Penney the Improbable One, to the Council of Myth.
Penney: Improbable One? Council of Myth? What...?
Space Monkey: You have passed the tests.
Penney: What test?
Space Zombie: His brain asks too many questions.
Space Noodle: The Trials of Legend. You have saved the Universe enough times. It is time for you to become a part of it.
Penney: I've definitely had one too many drinks tonight.

Code: Select all

All of the Mythical Space Creatures raise a hand or otherwise appendage and speak in unison.

Mythical Space Creatures: Admiral Penney, the Improbable One, we, Mythical Space Creatures, welcome you into our ranks as the Space Shield!

Code: Select all

Penney is suddenly transformed by their awesome power into an 8/26 Space Shield that is cloaked when it enters play, has 3 HP regeneration, and can use 1 :rl: to repair an allied ship or base for 5 HP. He enjoys a pleasant eternity annoying players and hanging out with the other Mythical Space Creatures.

Code: Select all

As for the other characters, they defeated the Omeganought together with a combination of technobabble, luck, wit, frienship, love, and sixty greater solar demons detonated all at once in close proximity to the Omeganought's weak arm.

Code: Select all

Then they lived happily ever after.

The end!
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