Rise of Terror: Alternately, Wars and Years

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Rise of Terror: Alternately, Wars and Years

Postby Wv_Hawk_vW » Sun Nov 08, 2015 4:29 am

The Merged Circular Alliance has been together for several years now. There is a rift that has formed between the Circle and the Alliance due to natural racism; The Ta'Yawhan Empire has recognized the merged circular alliance, and has joined with the Circle, as this means the Empire doesn't need to take an active role Xythean galactic affairs.

Captain Penney has been offered the promotion to either Admiral or Fleet Captain. Deciding that Admiralty is little more than a retirement at the youthful age of 40, Penney has chosen to take the position of Fleet Captain, selecting certain ships for their crews and their abilities.

The first ship that Penney has selected barely counts as a ship at all, yet is easily the most valuable of his five-ship fleet. Her name is Zhaodina, an emerald xyloxi mage with powerful abilities. She works best with fellow xyloxis, but is able to hack into ships almost as well as a technomancer. She even has a hack shield, which makes it impossible for a technomancer to do anything to the fleet, but more importantly, she has a semisolid crystalline structure, meaning that she's quite a bit more durable than the average Xyloxi.

Furthermore, whenever she sees anyone from Penney's fleet taking serious damage, this gives her plenty of options as to how to help. She could simply fire shards at her enemies, but why bother doing that when you could seal the holes in the ship that's under attack? She can fire balls of semisolid crystal at nearby ships, and control them such that when they make contact, they solidify, crudely but effectively repairing said ships until the battle is over.

The second ship in Penney's fleet is a ship called Elyian'Dyne. It is an artillery ship, with powerful cannons mounted pointing forward. These cannons, which fire plasma, lasers, and heavy projectiles, can make short work of even the most powerful battleships; a sitting duck like Phoenix, with its powerful shields and absurd armor, would be easily destroyed. But in such a situation, Phoenix is hardly a sitting duck, and is far more lethal than Elyian'Dyne.

If Phoenix is an example of the ships Elyian'Dyne must face, then Elyian'Dyne simply can't compete in standard battle. However, Elyian'Dyne isn't designed for direct ship-to-ship battle anyway; its plasma cannons may be lethal, but they are best used as a last resort, for when the enemy is closing too fast for Elyian'Dyne to get away. Instead, its weapons are more geared towards super long-range attack, as it is equipped with long-ranged antimatter missiles.

In fact, Elyian'Dyne is so well-equipped for long-range warfare that the ship's point defense lasers are able to cover the entire fleet. Under normal circumstances, the naked eye cannot see these lasers when they're firing, but they're still enormously effective. They protect the fleet from asteroid showers, they shoot down missiles, and they can even defend against squadrons of fighters.

Elyian'Dyne's hull has a symbol painted on it. This symbol represents the Alliance, as it is a Ca'anian ship. Every ship has either the Alliance symbol painted on it, or the Circle symbol; Zhaodina is the only one who doesn't have a symbol, and as such, she is a neutral negotiator within the fleet. Regardless of this, the Circle and the Alliance ships within Penney's battlefleet generally gets along pretty well.

Elyian'Dyne's crew consists mainly of Ca'anians. Her Captain, Lana, named after Tanyu'Lana, is one of the few liberal Ca'anians alive. Nearly all of them are more conservative, in that they would rather keep with tradition than try anything new; this is part of the reason she gets along so well with the humans, as even the most conservative human will at least try something new when tradition fails.

The next ship in Penney's fleet is Kerzhadaze. This ship is, once again, arguably the most important ship of the fleet; this is a fairly common theme, as each ship is incredibly valuable for its role. Kerzhadaze is nothing if not a fortress, protected with some of the hardest Duranium available, only synthesizable with a Ca'anian atomic manufacturing plant and only with Rivi'i schematics. The entire city-ship Ultranought is capable of waging an entire war on a civilization; if Kerzhadaze were to do battle with the Humans when they arrived on Xyth, Kerzhadaze would drive us extinct.

Kerzhadaze is not just powerful because of its weapons and armor, however. The ship is capable of manufacturing ships; it can build everything from tiny nano-fighters to mighty battle carriers. Penney's fleet is notorious for going on long missions, and the RV City Ship Kerzhadaze is why. They have ships which can take asteroid fields and turn them into fleets of nano fighters, or, if the situation calls for it, a powerful superweapon capable of destroying any ship, even Phoenix if necessary.

Kerzhadaze may be the greatest city-ship, but the technomancer Cherepakha is easily superior in terms of technology. Cherepakha has a bag of 7 tricks: Abata, kuroku, sukyan, shirudo, juryoku, Kata, and EMP.

Abata: Cherepakha consists mostly of a ship, but by using an advanced form of the Chameleon Device, Cherepakha may take the form of many things, taking an avatar to suit a role. He may become a battleship, a Rivi'i nanobot, a Caes'cix drone, a Xyloxi core, a humanoid person, and many more. He typically uses an avatar to become more personal with a species, but his battleship form is as agile as his form due to being almost entirely a projection.

Kuroku: Just as Cherepakha can become many things using the Chameleon Device, Cherepakha may also become nothing, using the chameleon device. He has the power to hide Penney's entire fleet of ships, as well as to prevent a small fighter from being detected by the enemy no matter how close to the enemy it gets. However, the farther this small fighter is, and the larger it is, the more energy it takes; furthermore, the fleet must be in a pretty small area in order for everyone to be protected by the Chameleon Device, which makes the entire thing risky. Nevertheless, Kuroku is a very useful trick that Cherepakha has up his sleeve.

Sukyan: Cherepakha is aware of these tricks, and that other technomancers may use them to their advantage. Apata and Kuroku are nothing but two clever uses of the Chameleon Device, but there's more than one way to do either of them. Cherepakha has Sukyan, which he uses when he suspects something is amiss; it has the power to detect any cloaked ship, and once he has a lock onto it, he can destroy it, doing as he pleases to the cloaked ship, going so far as to destroy it if he pleases, or simply hacking into it and maybe even lighting it up with a flare. Once a cloaked ship is discovered, its cloak lulls it into a false sense of security, and Cherepakha can use this to his advantage.

Shirudo: If the technoscan is the greatest weapon of the technomancers, then it is up to Cherepakha to find a counter to this threat. Penney's fleet is vulnerable without Cherepakha, as he can create a shield which prevents the technoscan from succeeding. Elyian'Dyne may cause ships to explode from further away than she can be seen from, but Shirudo can stop the attack while Cherepakha figures out where it just came from.

Juryoku: This is one of the more enigmatic tricks that Cherepakha has at his disposal. Gravity is a tool for him to manipulate, and he does it well. Should Cherepakha encounter a Rivi'i fleet, he can shut down every single gravimetric reactor that they have, preventing them from ever being a threat. However, Juryoku isn't nearly as simple as that; Cherepakha has been asked about Juryoku many times, and it is not easy for him to explain.

Kata: Using everything at his disposal, Cherepakha is able to fight any foe with lethal efficiency. This applies not only in his battleship form, but also in tandem all of Abata. Even as a human, Cherepakha is a master of combat who has the datamining abilities of a technomancer. He can hack into your brain and use a laser to perform a lobotomy, or he can simply beat you into submission. The entire idea behind this particular trick is his ability to tap into things that nobody could ever think of, and no matter the situation, Kata shall forever give Cherepakha the advantage.

EMP: If all else fails, Cherepakha can create a superpowerful electromagnetic pulse which disables not just machinery, but even the telepathy between Caes'cix and Xyloxis. It has been known to outright disrupt entire Greater Rift Demons, causing the energy to break apart into hundreds of Rift Sparks and Lesser Rift Demons, and this is despite the fact that Greater Rift Demons are massive, grossing the size of a galaxy sometimes.

And finally, the last ship in Penney's fleet is naturally the most combat-ready. It is armed with the Q-ray, has engines capable of putting out an enormous amount of force, and when it was originally built, it had an automatic restriction system, as the ridiculous agility it was capable of putting out would kill the crew, either by crushing them under the G-forces or by forcing all of the air to one side of the ship. Eventually, after years of careful use, this ship was equipped with G-nullifiers, massively upgrading the limits that the ship could place on itself, and along with this gravity-manipulation technology, the ship got a total overhaul, making it even more insanely agile than before.

This ship doesn't actually have a typical human computer. After a Xyloxi mage got almost entirely corrupted by Mith'ri'aeil goo, the core was saved, but it wasn't capable of ever growing back to its glorious self anymore. Relinquishing itself to the role of an experiment, the core willingly allowed itself to be placed inside of the ship, serving as the ship's computer and effectively making it sentient. This ship not only is more agile than any other, it also has reflexes superior to most people and even computers, and can make judgement calls that one would typically only reserve to sentient beings, as the ship is itself essentially a sentient being.

Since the ship has a xyloxi core inside of it, one could argue that this ship is essentially a technomancer. With its origins as one of the first Human space ships, as well as having Caes'cix fusion engines, a Rivi'i superweapon, a Xyloxi core for a computer, and many other things from so many other races, Phoenix cannot simply be labelled as one species.

Phoenix is aggressive and fiery, and were it not for her crew, Phoenix would be liable to go after all of the Merged Circular Alliance's enemies and try to destroy them in one swift blow. Phoenix is impatient, and has a very bad habit of charging ahead into battle; this is only tempered by her shields, as once these fall, Phoenix must close herself and retreat.

In more recent times, Phoenix has been equipped with various things to make herself into a fighter carrier, rendering her status as Superbattleship official. There are many types of small ships, but Phoenix is equipped primarily with Ca'anian Dorgans and Human Firewings. The dorgans are smaller than the Firewings, and Phoenix has the most of them; the Firewings are better-suited for going against battleships, as Phoenix, despite her absurdity, cannot be in multiple places at once, and the Firewing-class is sufficiently lethal to make some ships work to stay intact.

This equipping with ships has made Phoenix more reliant on Kerzhadaze, which has in turn been equipped with a small area for Humans to live in temporarily as Kerzhadaze doesn't have much space. The entire ship is extremely compact, and having a human inside is akin to having a titan living in New York City. Despite the struggle, the Rivi'i have giant Mech Robots that are approximately the size of a human, manned by a crew of thousands of the tiny bugs.

Phoenix's crew is the one that we have known the longest. Penney is the captain, naturally, and his job as both captain of the ship and of the fleet is made easier by Phoenix's automated nature. Halus Nemo is the head scientist, able to investigate any anomaly and find a solution to it. George Treet, the architect to Phoenix, is also its engineer, as he has found that ship design just isn't his calling. Friday is the pilot of Phoenix, and then his sister, Junus, is the squadron leader for the Bird squadron, a squadron of Firewings that is inside of Phoenix.

Phoenix has many other features to it, including an entire barracks of marines to go with its status as a ship carrier. After all, what's the use in having ships to invade a planet if you have nobody to invade the planet with? Phoenix's new design is essentially as a blockade destroyer; charge in, destroy ships, and deploy ships to save the planet. Phoenix is the best at this task, but Penney's fleet has left Phoenix to its second best task: That of a pure destroyer. Phoenix is vulnerable without Cherepakha and Zhaodina, and incapable of continuing long bouts of warfare without Kerzhadaze there to provide repairs. Elyian'Dyne is one of the few ships Phoenix doesn't actually need, yet even that ship has a role as Phoenix sucks at long-range combat.

One day, Captain Penney woke up in his bedroom. Phoenix's technological advances included scanners on every deck, in every room; as a xyloxi, Phoenix has heart, and is willing to treat anyone as a person, rather than the way a mere machine would.

That being said, Penney was not a morning person.

"Wake up," Penney heard the ship computer trying to get him to rise. "It is 6:10. The bridge is waiting for you."

"Thank you," he replies, rolling out of bed with a thud. Standing up, Penney rubbed his nose.

"Are you alright?" Phoenix asks, legitimately worried after seeing Penney hit the ground.

"Yes, thank you," Penney grunts. He then goes to the closet, puts on his uniform, and begins the walk to the bridge.

Knowing the biology of a human being, Phoenix arranged to have Penney's list of things listed out for him on his command pad; only Penney could read them. There was nothing special needed to unlock it; there was no password, Penney didn't need to speak into a microphone, there was no fingerprint test or breathalizer scan. Phoenix instead simply monitored Penney, and when he sat down in his seat, the screen would automatically open for him, showing his tasks for the day.

Meanwhile, on Elyian'Dyne, Lana had already gotten up and started moving around. She was nocturnal, and could watch over the fleet while Penney slept. Her strange sleep schedule was weird for everyone, and especially Ca'anians; on some days, she slept for 6 hours, and others, she slept for 12. Their science on sleep meant that the ship typically tried to keep her sleep schedule tied in with her sleep cycles, and it always acted strange with her. No matter what software was used, it would always ever work this way, and only when using an inferior human Alarm Clock would she find herself lacking sleep.

Lana sipped on her cup of tea, appreciating this ingenius substance which the Humans came up with. It's so simple; just pour boiling water over leaves, let it steep, then sip once it cools. Add sugar if you wish, or don't if you prefer it unsweetened. Lana wasn't fond of the sweet taste; like most Ca'anians as well as all felines, Lana simply could not taste sweetness, and without that, sugar tasted sickening.

"Dyne," she says, addressing the ship's computer; "Has Penney awoken yet?"

"Affirmative," the console replies, "He is currently on his way to the bridge."

"Excellent," she says as she sips her tea. "When he gets there, send him a private message, telling him that we've recieved the latest news from Xyth. It's... Interesting, to say the least."

"Negative," says the computer. "There is no need. Phoenix has already received the package."

"Then why hasn't the ship decided to go after anyone?"

"Working." The console emits no noise as the ship's computer attempts to figure this out. Phoenix was a rather enigmatic fellow, and would react unpredictably to anything.

"There are four options," the console begins. "One. She has not read the message. Two. She has decided to wait until the moment to strike. Three. She might be taking this in a strange way. Four. She has not received the message. These four possibilities are listed in order of likelihood; there is a 97.5% chance that the letter was addressed to Penney, considering that when you recieved it, it was addressed specifically to you. There is a 1.2% chance that Phoenix has decided to be patient, for once, about this, and an 1.15% chance that we don't know what's going on. Given the higher state of repair Phoenix keeps herself in, that leaves only 0.15% for the final option."

Lana sat in her chair, spinning around as she thought about the possibilities.

"Maybe..." Lana perked at a possibility. "Dyne, has Phoenix been discussing this with other ships?"

"Affirmative," the computer replied. "I did not mention this because of the nature of Phoenix's discussion; she's extremely eager to open the letter, but respects Penney enough to not look at it."

"Is that why you gave the first option such a high chance?"


Lana's ears twitched as she began stroking at her cat whiskers.
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Re: Rise of Terror: Alternately, Wars and Years

Postby joacobanfield » Mon Nov 09, 2015 12:19 am

I like the new narrative style.
Can others participate? I can't as I am involved in another project (Tales of a Reset Mind) and I find my narrative style somewhat too "sudden" and lacking description
We are "Joacobanfield".
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Re: Rise of Terror: Alternately, Wars and Years

Postby Wv_Hawk_vW » Tue Nov 10, 2015 5:58 am

"Dyne. I am leaving. Please prepare a shuttlecraft for me."

Lana hops out of her chair, having eaten a delicious meal that consists of Salmon. Many Ca'anians prefer fish for meals, and Lana is no exception. Lana especially likes human Earth fish.

"Affirmative. Where are you going?"

Lana pauses for a moment. She takes a moment to remember the statement it took to send a message asking for a meeting with Penney in private.

"I'm just going to have lunch with Penney," she says. Not the statement, but Dyne knows her.

"I'll have the crew paint the ship with stealth, then."

"Very well."

And so Lana made her way to the shuttlebay. Meanwhile, Penney was reading the news, and spat out his coffee.

"WHAT?! Xyth is in danger from Terrorists?!"

Everyone in the bridge crew turned to face Penney. They were surprised at his outburst. Penney simply chuckled it off.

"E-excuse me. I was reading a novella, and Xyth gets attacked by terrorists. It's very enthralling."

This is easily enough to get everyone to leave it alone. Everyone returns to work, and Penney opens up his station, typing frantically.

Phoenix. Did you read this?

It took a few moments for Phoenix to reply.

Yeah. By the way, Lana wants to talk to you a little distance away.

Knowing what this means, Penney stands and straightens out his uniform.

"Gentlemen, if you'll excuse me."

Sentinel heads towards the ship-bay. Even before the ship was updated, Phoenix had a rather odd direction system; the forward, the nose, was considered north, while the engines were considered south. From there, left and right are west and east, and rather than making up something weird for the up and down directions, they are considered exactly that, creating six cardinal directions: North, south, east, west, up, and down.

Penney headed for the west fighter bay. It included a few shuttlecraft, for when a VIP needed to go between ships without using a fighter ship or a dropship, or anything like that. He checks with his computer, checking it for the pre-determined destination with Lana, and then heads there.

At first, Penney is simply waiting for Lana to appear. he stands there, hands on the controls, watching. Waiting. Space has many stars. The great void is full of so many things, from black holes to supernovas. The nebula can hold so much, including rift demons and xyloxis, and portals into another dimension. There are...



Penney freaks out, pressing the gas and pulling the wheel, his ship trying, and failing, to do a barrel roll. The door behind him opens up; Penney turns to face the intruder in a black suit, who promptly takes her helmet off, revealing adorable cat ears and green feline eyes.

"Lana?! You scared the hell out of me! How'd you even do that?!"

She simply points a thumb behind herself.

"This baby has Ca'anian stealth paint. You couldn't even see it, couldja?"

Penney catches his breath, straightening out and regaining his stoicness.

"No, I couldn't. So. Xyth is under threat from terrorists."

"Yes," Lana applied, taking a seat. "And this fleet has been ordered to find the base. They're a bunch of xenophobic assholes. They're a group that calls themselves the Terrans, and they refuse to support any alliance except the alliance between the humans, Ca'anians, and Xyloxis. This is what they call the Terran Alliance."

"I see," he says. "I don't keep up with politics."

"Well, the Terrans are a group you should keep up with. They started off as a bunch of pirates, and that's where they built up from. After one of them captured a Vector-class fighter, he went on to capture an Akata-class cruiser, then he got a group of friends together and captured several more Vectors. Then he captured a Nagato factory, then a Breaker-class. They've gone on to outright destroy a Pulsar class, and you know how advanced those are."

Penney's jaw drops at this. "Seriously?! That's my favorite ship! They're equipped with a railgun that pierces armor! It has advanced shields that drain the kinetic energy out of projectiles!"

"Yep. And through nothing but dozens of Nagatoes and a Breaker-class for backup, the Terrans managed to destroy a Pulsar, but it gets worse. These so-called pirates have shown an incredible amount of determination, and after sending a Troy-class to clean up house, they actually killed everyone on board and completely took control. They're rallying hundreds of people to their side and are actually becoming quite the force to be reckoned with; initially, they barely had enough people to account for a skeletal crew for the Troy-class, but now they've got a Troy-class that has been modified to launch Nagatoes."

"Holy crap, these guys are dangerous!" Penney rubbed some sweat off his face. "Why hasn't President Roosevelt done anything about it?"

"I'll admit, he's a better president than Kennedy was in terms of dealing with internal affairs, but he's repeatedly underestimated the Terrans' ability to deal with forces greater than their own. He sent a mighty cruiser to crush a single fighter, and the cruiser got captured. After seeing that fail, he sent a destroyer, then a better destroyer, and well, you see what that's getting us."

Penney blinks. "Why doesn't he just send a fleet of battleships?"

"That was going to be next," Lana replies, "But the Ca'anians and Rivi'i have intervened. They're sending Dreadnoughts and Battleships to deal with the Terrans, looking for the base. It's now our responsibility to find the Terrans before anyone else; the Xyloxis have refused to intervene, stating that it would only make matters worse if their mages got involved."

"Makes sense." Penney brings out a thermos of coffee and pours himself some. "So what now?"

"Well, we need to work on finding the Terrans. I have a set of clues. From what I've gathered..."

While Penney and Lana discussed their next plan of attack, the sentient ships of the fleet listened in. Phoenix discussed with Zhaodina, and asked Cherepakha to hack into the shuttlecraft. It would not take much beyond that to activate the microphones which normally would be used to communicate with other ships; as Cherepakha's hacks settle, Phoenix listens in, Zhaodina listens in, and the hacker himself, Cherepakha, listens in. Phoenix immediately begins enacting calculations to take full advantage of this, not letting a single clue go un-investigated. Zhaodina takes a moment to get into Elyian'Dyne's computer, and begins investigating this on her own; Cherepakha makes sure the connection remains open, before requesting information from City-ship Kerzhadaze.

The Terrans like to operate in asteroid fields. They stay away from Nebulae, for they house Xyloxis; it isn't uncommon for a hateful ship to escape from the police into a nebula, only to get ambushed as the crystal cloud solidifies around them. The telepathic force that the xyloxi then imposes with its Crystal Void practically wipes the person's mind, replacing it with certain ideals that then cause the person to surrender immediately. It's not a pleasant experience for anyone.

Instead, they would prefer to impose on the Caes'cix. They prefer to make their bases in asteroid fields, and the Caes'cix rely on asteroids to make their livelihood. Thus, the Terrans could probably be found rather easily by massive swarms of Caes'cix being displaced from their asteroid fields.

Tensions rise, as the entire fleet prepares for battle.
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Re: Rise of Terror: Alternately, Wars and Years

Postby Wv_Hawk_vW » Sat Nov 14, 2015 3:29 am

And so Fleet Captain Penney led his ships into the vacuum, scanning the local cosmos for any signs of what they were looking for. The fusion engines that the Caes'cix use leave a certain plasma signiature behind that can then be picked up on radar. The Fusion engines that Phoenix and other ships have are improved to prevent this from happening, but it's a flaw with bio-tech that comes with evolution.

"There," Nemo says, pointing at the screen. "That's where I saw it. The computer reports Bug tracks going between these two asteroid fields."

"Yes," Phoenix chimes in, "I'm surprised I didn't see it. Why do we have a backup computer in the science lab again?"

"Because you're sentient," Penney explains, "And you're capable of making mistakes. Slip-ups like this are exactly why we've got backups."

"Whatever," the electronic voice of Phoenix sulkingly states.

"Alright," Penney begins, sitting back in his chair. "Communications, send the location of that bug trail to the rest of the fleet and order them to head there immediately. There's a good chance that that's where the Terrans are."

Meanwhile, a nearby shipyard had recieved orders to build an experimental ship. This experimental ship was nearly ten years in the making, after the design Treet used to make Phoenix proved to be so enormously successful. This ship was going to be more powerful than anything that anyone had ever seen. Its engines would shake the planet it was on, its guns would annihilate entire solar systems with ease. This ship, originally designed to be Phoenix 2.0, would soon become an idea of its own.

The whole point of this ship was initially to top Phoenix. However, it was eventually taken over by one of the few female ship commanders alive/ alive, Admiral Yuri, and she made it into her own pet project. At the age of 25, Yuri was inspired by Phoenix, a ship that was so powerful as to drive any who knew of it to awe. Indeed, Yuri was not immune to the hype, but she was sure that with the right minds working for her, she could do better.

And so she set out to do so. She took the original Phoenix design and started by increasing the size; it was 2x as long, 1.5x as wide, and 1.25x as tall. It had far more guns on it than Phoenix, and with its increased size, she recognized that it could have some things Phoenix couldn't ever have the room for.

However, it didn't take Yuri long to realize that her dream battleship had flaws. Firstly, increasing the size of your ship just makes it a bigger target; and with more area on the inside, there's bound to be more mass, and with that, the entire ship is going to be slower, less agile, and overall, Phoenix would win in a battle.

So she instead went after the next best thing. After doing some trading with the Xyloxis, Yuri acquired a Lightning Arc generator as well as a Chain Reactor, both of which can be quite destructive. The Arc Generator is quite deadly, as it can easily hit even the most unruly, agile ships and fighters, while the Chain Reactor can be especially powerful against large fleets.

The Chain Reactor simply created a protomatter reaction, converting matter to antimatter and back, over and over again. This causes a massive explosion in the first ship it hits, but the reaction is quite wild, so then it'll go on to hit the next ship; the resulting detonation is then much larger than either of the two individually, as the protomatter reaction converts matter, antimatter, and energy back and forth between each other at unpredictable rates.

This then leads to the next ship, and the next ship. It's possible for the Chain Reactor to wipe out entire fleets, creating one humongous explosion that lasts for several minutes at most. The more ships there are, the bigger the explosion, so the Chain Reactor has a choke nozzle that can prevent it from harming the ship by creating an overly large explosion. In other words, the ship literally has to hold its power back just to avoid destroying itself in the process of completely annihilating its enemies.

Quickly realizing that this ship was completely different from Phoenix, Yuri had the project renamed from Phoenix II to Thunderbird, as it would shoot lightning at even the quickest of enemies, and then create a mighty thunderclap that wipes out entire fleets.

However, Yuri saw the potential of Thunderbird. This ship was not just built to hold a couple of unique weapons; it was itself a tool of devastation, to destroy any and all of Humanity's enemies, as well as for peace, to restore order to any planet it visited. Yuri was a captain by this time, and so she took advantage of her additional paygrade to have a Ca'anian manufacturing plant installed, much like the one on Neyon'moru. It wasn't cheap, and cost her nearly a third of her fortune, but it was well worth the money as it granted Thunderbird the ability to last an unbelievably long time on its own.

In order to capitalize on the space, Yuri had four modules installed into Thunderbird. While a Ca'anian manufacturing plant is nice and well, it has its downfalls. For starters, it takes an unusably long time for the manufacturing plant to build anything. If Thunderbird is to rely on even twenty of these plants for its ammunition needs, it would run out very quickly and have to wait ten years to fully reload. This was a problem, and it was one that a standard human manufacturing plant did not have.

The problem with this sort of manufacturing plant is how strict and rigid it is. If you want a manufacturing plant that builds bullets, you'll get one kind of bullet. You can build a manufacturing plant that makes two types of bullet, or ten, or a hundred, but even if you have a plant which builds fifty bullets, it can't build things like knives or plates or silverware. However, when compared to a Ca'anian manufacturing plant, a Human manufacturing plant is fast.

This resulted in Yuri reaching a compromise. Thunderbird has one Ca'anian manufacturing plant, plus four manufacturing modules. The ship would launch with these modules pre-built; one would produce food, another would refine fuel, the third would produce ammunition, and the fourth makes fighters. Ultimately, if all four manufacturing plants were reconfigured for ammunition, Thunderbird could fire its guns continuously and not run out until the materials to build the bullets expired; and that was unlikely to happen, as Thunderbird had a built-in recycling plant and ramscoop, meaning that, while firing millions of bullets per second, Thunderbird was scooping up the materials for that many, then refining them and building them, and the cycle repeats.

In other words, Thunderbird can charge into an enemy fleet, guns blazing, and just tear through everything in its path. Yuri clearly had a thing for a ship that could survive on its own against hundreds of others.

And yet, just having an enormous amount of firepower doesn't mean that Thunderbird is invincible with this. Yuri wanted more; Yuri recognized that Thunderbird could not survive with just attack, it needed the ability to survive being attacked as well. She went on to seek out an improvement upon Phoenix's shield, and eventually found what she was looking for. The technomancers were happy to exchange a service for their Titan Shield, and more. This, combined with regenerating armor made possible by the Ca'anian manufacturing plant combined with stolen Caes'cix bio-tech, made Thunderbird nearly indestructible.

There are many features that Thunderbird has, dozens of which have not been discussed yet, but one of the arguably most important features it has is the ability to act as a carrier. It is equipped with many Tarogi-class Industrial ships, and can launch them equipped with Deflector Fields, Shield Boosters, and more. In case of combat, Thunderbird can launch Nagatoes, and is in fact equipped with hundreds of them, as well as the ability to manufacture more right from the time of launch. Thunderbird can manufacture any ship, but it starts off building Nagatoes.

The Tarogi-classes are one of Thunderbirds more useful items. They can be used with a huge amount of strategy, but the most common uses are Industrial in nature. A Tarogi will typically accompany two Nagatoes on a mission, either to attack an enemy base, scout out the area, or simply to mine an asteroid field. Tarogis are not without their purpose.

Today, Yuri is an admiral. She is 34 years old and has been authorized to lead a fleet of her own to perform a mission. Admiral Yuri, commanding Thunderbird, is in the command seat and has received data on the current situation regarding the Terrans. However, before Yuri has a chance to launch her ship, the starbase Thunderbird is attached to gets attacked! Stumbling, Yuri makes it to the bridge.


The officers are scrambling, trying to figure out what's going on.

"We are under attack!" The tactical officer shouts, "The caes'cix are attacking us!"

"What the freaking hell?! Did anyone disturb them or something?!"

"Unknown, sir!" The ship shakes.

"Can we launch?!" Yuri buckles herself to the seat. One of the features that several other ships lack is simple seatbelts; Yuri made certain not to ignore this simple oversight.

"We cannot, sir! We're using the station's power supply as our own power plant is currently deactivated!"

"Well, activate it, dammit!" Yuri was forcibly shifted as an explosion rocked the ship; several officers fell out of their seats, having forgotten about their seatbelts.

"It'll take five minutes to warm up!"

"In the meantime, activate the Titan Shield!" Yuri watched the main screen as dozens of caes'cix drones tore apart the ships guarding the station. With such a powerful ship being built, Yuri did not hold back on the defences; yet, it would appear that five Hiraga-class battleships and a Valiance-class Siege Engine weren't capable of stopping a drone carrier full of soldiers, trashers, and leviathans from ploughing through; especially when the drone carrier was equipped with so many Shatterer drones, who were little more than kamikazes that effortlessly pierced through the armor of the ships.

"Sir! With the star station in the way, we're only able to deploy 40% of the Titan shield!"

"Deploy it anyway!" Yuri shifted once again. "How are the interceptor lasers holding up?"

"Our weapons aren't able to fire due to issues with installation! We weren't supposed to launch for another week; this ship has so many weapons that it'll take that long to get them all installed!"

"Damn it," Yuri swore, "We don't have time for this! Can the engines work on their own without the power plant?!"

"Yes, but they'll be unable to maneuver very well!"

"I don't give a damn! Order the station to release us and pull us away!"

With the ship shaking repeatedly, it was hard to tell what was going on. However, several of the Leviathans began launching Fusion jets, a powerful weapon which produces disruptions in various electronic systems; their signature yellow glow was clear for Yuri to see.

"No response," came back Communications.

"Damn them all! Fire up the engines anyway, that'll give us some form of energy at least! Is the FTL drive at least working!?"

"Yes, it's working, but the computer is completely fried! There's no telling where we'll end up! And with us still attached to the station, that'll place untold amounts of damage on the ship! We'll be SOL and blind as a bat, but for all we know we'll end up inside of a star!"

The leviathans began surrounding the star station, each one firing a Fusion Jet at the center. They were targeting the power plant!

"Do it, Lieutenant, or else we're going up in flames!" Yuri began putting in the security authorization code.

The pilot opened up the glass case over the emergency override button and slammed it, then input the coordinants and pressed enter.

From the perspective of everyone still alive on the star station, the ship that was in its clawed grip suddenly vanished, taking with it the smoke billowing out of the station's blazing windows, as well as much of the wreckage surrounding the ship. Ultimately, this view lasted merely a few seconds; once the Fusion Jets reached the main power core, the entire station exploded in a blinding, furious flash of light.
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Re: Rise of Terror: Alternately, Wars and Years

Postby joacobanfield » Sat Nov 14, 2015 2:03 pm

Hawk, I know you might have already done it, but with the upcoming shutdown, you might want to put your story in a word doc or something to prevent it being lost or something like that.
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Re: Rise of Terror: Alternately, Wars and Years

Postby Joacobanfield2 » Thu May 19, 2016 9:15 pm

This died!
I have...an idea for this story.
However, in order for it to work...are there black holes in RV ships´ power cores?
That´s all I need to know.
Thanks in advance...
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Re: Rise of Terror: Alternately, Wars and Years

Postby lexxaus » Sun Jun 19, 2016 10:21 pm

its a great story

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