New Xyth game that based upon a Clash Royal mechanics

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New Xyth game that based upon a Clash Royal mechanics

Postby RepublicOfJuan » Sun Mar 12, 2017 5:44 pm

I've recently played clashed royal and I've been hooked ever since my friend introduced the game to me. I've also been playing the Hidden dimension 3 games were an idea had struck me with a game like Hidden dimensions cards can be fused with a clash royal mechanics. I notice the game Hydronaught had a similar mechanics as clash royal but It could use an upgrade and some PVP game modes. My idea is that a better Hydronaught game that incorporates a card based game like clash royal where people can dull from the opposite and the objective is to destroyed the opponent base. My ideas are consistent with the following:

Arena = Battlefield: a landscape area rather than a portrait where opponents are the opposite side of the field.
Crown Towers/Kings Tower = Command post/ HQ: Because the base is based upon the alien race you chose there is a different skin type of the command post and HQ
Elixir = the energy type of the base: Each race would produce its specific energy such as :hu: :ca: :xy: :cc: :rv: :mt: :tm: :rd: :rl:
Cards could be reorganize based on their rarity such as Common, Special, Rare, Legendary(My proposal on how cards should be rank on rarity)
Ships: Can place based upon a given area
Structures: Structures that produce more of a race energy or defensive/offensive building
Actions: Kinda like spells in Clash royal but it's limited by the race energy cost

In general, that's my idea that I've come up with and hope you would take inconsideration
:hu: :ca: :xy: :cc: :rv: :mt: :tm: :rd: :rl:
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Re: New Xyth game that based upon a Clash Royal mechanics

Postby Greywing » Sun Mar 12, 2017 6:46 pm

I haven't heard about Clash Royal before - i'll have a look at it.

That said, i don't have much time for making games these days. One project is in the works, but it's not something for anytime soon.
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