Rivi'i story...

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Rivi'i story...

Postby Wv_Hawk_vW » Thu Feb 24, 2011 6:01 pm

I think i have figured out a bit of a story behind the RV...

no, it doesn't start with the humans. However, the story of the RV starts with the... well, they got their spacial capabilities rather late, and if it weren't for one single technomancer (who had the foresight that if he gave the RV some tech then they would expand on it massively then the guy could come and advance his technology with the rivi'i), the rivi'i would never have been able to develop their space tech, and they would have been wiped out by the caes'cix.

When the technomancer gave the rivi'i their space engines, suddenly the rivi'i became religious of both the technomancers and their space ships. first they went and took back their territory-- after all, the caes'cix had taken most of the rivi'i territory. the rivi'i took their planets back, and gained much technology that is available now. the big fight between :cc: and :rv: does not happen yet- the humans have not even left earth yet! the fight between the CC and RV is only because the RV wanted their turf back. when they kicked the bugs off their turf, they gain much tech-- they get the dreadnought from the cerberus drone, they get the nanobot tower from the support spire, they get the salvage yard from the salvager, grav blind spot from their sabotage (grav blind spot is where the ship enters the big ship's blind spot, and in terms of what the caes'cix do, they push it in the blind spot and take the target apart, resulting in sabotage), and they got shatter and charge from the shatterer.

next they basically bump into the MT. they start invading the RV territory, and the RV don't like it, mistaking the MT for RV. they beat the **** out of the MT, and through tech they saw they realized that the MT were different from the CC. they are not as vulnerable to plasma as most races, however the RV practically threw stars full of plasma at the MT, so they easily destroyed the MT. they liked how thte hydramorph and mind morpholith worked, so they invented the grav wave hub. the encounter with the MT also brought them closer to inventing the battlecruiser, but they didn't think that the armored growth was all that useful. in addition to techs they got from the MT, they also came up with a counter to the MT shield morphing, and it was the shield phaser.

Then the xyloxi were discovered by the RV, close to CA territory. the RV were quite surprised by the xyloxis; for the first time, their plasma ships had been defeated, but of course, they were caught with their pants down big time. after all, how common is it for (a. your ship's computer to be completely wiped out, to where you have to do everything manually, (b. for you to deal damage to the enemy base ship and then they come along and repair it whilst at same time putting a crystal wall in your way, and (c. for your enemy to put a strange looking structure up AND SUDDENLY YOU CANT EVEN HARM THEM! by the time the RV ran into the XY, they had gone through the civil war (and chyriax with her superior tech won) and improved everything-- not only did they have their xyloxis, they had mages. they were all led by Chyriax, and all this led to the utter defeat of the RV fleet.

because they had been defeated so badly, they wanted to mimic the xyloxis.

At this point, the humans came along and changed nearly everything. there were more technomancer sightings and less MT sightings; the caes'cix had started to get busy, keeping humans out of their territory; there were even sightings of ships similar to the humans that turned out to be MT (they were mutating vectors). Even the xyloxis were getting stuff from the humans, so why not the Rivi'i?

The RV came along peacefully, and the humans fought with the RV. the two had almost equal forces, however the RV strategy was able to help the RV defeat the overly aggressive humans. They also got a few things from the humans-- they got the hammerhead off of the breaker and their plasma blaster was based off of chainguns.

At this point, the RV have become one of the most powerful races in this galaxy. with the Caes'cix off balance dealing with the humans, now is the time to strike, and hopefully remove these pests before they do any more damage to anyone else.

This started the massive war.

After a while the RV met the CA... and were impressed by the adelan device. during the war, before the CA entered, the RV had come up with an interesting invention of their own, based off the human aircraft carrier Enterprise: the nanobot carrier it was an improved version of the nanobot tower, being able to heal more for less. because they were impressed with the adelan device, the RV came up with their own version and put it on some of their dreadnoughts, which made ultranoughts.

then the voidbringer came along and everyone lost...

what do you think?
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Re: Rivi'i story...

Postby Ginger88895 » Mon Jun 06, 2011 6:21 am

I think voidbringer can destroy MT itself

-no, it's cheat engine.
-0mg pwned xD
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Re: Rivi'i story...

Postby flareghost » Fri Aug 17, 2012 4:25 am

i believe the RV and CC have been fighting for a long
long time before the HU even met the RV faction

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