Rise of Ta'Yawha

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Rise of Ta'Yawha

Postby space-mariner51 » Sat Apr 28, 2012 1:20 am

This is about how the Ta'Yawhan empire rose to its legendary status. This will be in sections, covering major parts of their rise.

All are welcome to contribute, but please maintain the flow of the story and don't derail it. It's best to read the whole thing before adding anything to it.
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Re: Rise of Ta'Yawha

Postby space-mariner51 » Sat Apr 28, 2012 2:09 am

Part 1: The first battle

Code: Select all

First, each part will be short, so don't stretch it out forever. Second, the years are in reference to the human arrival to Xyth. (The TY use another system) Third. you can add to this, but keep the main goal in mind.

33,000 BHA (before Humans Arrived) Far, far, far away from Xyth, a system of 11 planets is being colonized. All of them are in various stages, except one. An gas giant, not unlike Neptune, is starting to be terraformed. Ta'Yawha is there, on his own ship.

Ta'Yawha: Is the reactor ready?
Growth (in charge of the terraforming): Yes. The carbon is loaded, and the hydrogen extractors are ready.
Ta'Yawha: Good. The transmitters are ready. Wait until the ceremony.

The next day

Underling: Transmission is ready. Go ahead.
Ta'Yawha: My loyal subjects, the next obstacle to our expansion is upon us. Once this final planet is colonized, and my subjects are living on it, this system is under our complete control. Now, for my chief colonizer, Merta. (huge applause)
Merta: Yes, sire. Once this planet is settled, we will reign over this system. Our people will rule through fire and ice, cold and hot, friends and enemies, easy, and hard. Our miners are finishing up of the asteroid fields, and these resources, combined with the resouces from this planet, will unlock the cage of this system, and allow us to spread all over this pathetic realm.

Code: Select all

She's referring to the last component of their FTL system. When they get enough resources from the final planet, their FTLs will work, and their ships can go to other systems. They already got the other components ready.

Ta'Yawha: Thank you Merta. Now, to start the first reactor, Growth.
Growth: Thank you, sire. The switch will send us into the future. (Flips the switch. The reactor starts up)
Ta'Yawha: Now, let us install more reactors, and the first living station will bet ready soon.

In a nearby system, a race is planning something.

Juer: Sir, we have a problem.
Jies-weas: What is it?
Juer: The Ta'Yawha system. The last planet is being terraformed as we speak. Word is that there's an abundance of anti-matter and petrol.

Code: Select all

These are the Jeransas. There a very aggressive, expansionist race. There not afraid to invade, and willing to do anything to get what they want. all of them have very similar names.

Jies-weas: So, they want to get out of there system. Well, we fought others before, and they became our subjects. Ta'Yawha will do the same.
Juer: Sir, if we're invading, we have a hard fight. Those Ta'Yas have tough ships, and I doubt we can keep up.
Jies-weas: If they get their way, they will have FTLs, and the capability to destroy us, and our allies. And, I have a way to get help. The mercs that roam this sector will come to me, and I have the perfect incentive.
Juer: All right. I'll go assemble a fleet.
Jies-weas: Go ahead, but only attack on my word. The mercs will be decisive to victory.
Juer: Yes, sir. (He leaves)
Jies-weas: Print out some fliers and send them everywhere. The bounty will make anyone very rich.
Underling: Yes, sir.
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Re: Rise of Ta'Yawha

Postby Wv_Hawk_vW » Sat Apr 28, 2012 5:28 am

Ta'yawha: Citizens of Jugteryanought! we have finished terraforming the final planet and are now working on that which nearly all of you have been unanymously requesting: faster than light travel!
Ta'yawha: recently, several alien vessels crashed on one of the outer planets. they carried two separate, but intact FTL drives: warp drive, and wormhole creation.
Scientist: we have determined how to manufacture more of these. it will take us years to determine how they work, but until then we can use these to leap ahead a few years in our evolutionary process.
Ta'yawha: we have also researched a new way of building ships! from now on, all ships will be grown, not constructed, but grown, on the infinitely many moons of jugger 7.

Code: Select all

Jugger 7 is a gas giant with at least 23 moons and several asteroid rings. ever sinse the terraforming process started, the ta'yawhans stopped referring to the planets as their previous nicknames and started referring to them by order of distance from the sun, the closest plannet being jugger 1. their home planet is jugger 4, which held

Ta'yawha: as a result of these new developments, I shall take the first ship built, known as the Maya'kuro, and see what lies beyond our solar system.
*ta'yawha boards maya'kuro. it barely makes it off the ground, but the warp drive instantly brings it into orbit*
Ta'yawha: alright. now make a wormhole approximately 500 lightyears in that direction and lets go.
*the maya'kuro instantly ends up within a few inches of the front of a cloaking gatokatzen ship*
Ta'yawha: hail them! This is ta'yawha of the jugteryanoughtians! please respond, alien ship!
Gatokatzen ship: Nyano, nyanan nyew nen myew mew!
Ta'yawha: why aren't translators working?!
Computer: error. error.
Ta'yawha: quick! manually translate!
Gatokatzen: can you hear me now?
Ta'yawha: yes! hello! I am ta'yawha of the jugteryanoughtians!
Gatokatzen: what do you want? wait! scans show you are an unfamiliar race on our records! I am Pinky of the gatokatzen! um, nice to meet you, fellow ta'yawhan!

Code: Select all

Pinky is the best name google could come up with. I think google was trolling me.

Ta'yawha: fellow ta'yawhan? my name is ta'yawha! my species is the jugteryanoughtians!
Pinky: I know. however, i have just scanned your ship's computer banks. you are not only a new race, you are the leader of this race. as a cultural exchange, I would like for us to escort you back to your home system and to catalogue all life forms on your planets; in exchange, we shall give you all information regarding life forms that we have on our planet.
Ta'yawha: it is a deal then.
*the gatokatzen ship takes the Maya'kuro back to the jugteryanought system*
Pinky: aww hell...
Ta'yawha: this is the Maya'kuro! everyone please remain calm!
Pinky: let us handle this.
*the gatokatzen vessel gets between the Jeransas and Jugger 6*
Jeransa cruiser: out of our way pinky, this is between us and the pests.
Pinky: oh really? we just so happen to be allies with these so-called pests. if you don't stop firing on the jugteryanoughtians I am going to personally push the button that instantly infects your ship with triskelion bloodworms. that is a very horrible way to die.
Jeransa: we are not intimidated by your puny threats, pussy cat!
Pinky: you are a most illogical person. *pinky fires the bio-weapon*
Jeransas: AHH!!! AHH!!! GET THEM OFF ME!!!!!
Pinky: I warned you. once their crew has been eaten, sterilize the ships and prepare to capture them.

Code: Select all

triskelion bloodworms are a parasite that hybernate in energy form, and then when exposed to a non-sterile environment come out of hybernation and start eating, typically devouring the host inside out. they lay their eggs in your blood, and vaporizing the host will simply cause them to hatch and immediately go into hybernation until they enter your blood and then they start growing in you. anyone who is unfortunate enough to have this happen to them essentially turns into a zombie and will remain so until vaporized or they get eaten inside out, in which their worms will become moths and start looking for more to eat. when there is no more blood to reproduce in, then when the bloodworms hatch, they go into a hybernation that allows them to drift through solid matter; even out of hybernation they can bore through solid steel doors. the gatokatzen basically keep them in a sterile chamber (and hold them there using energy shields that only the gatokatzen have invented) and then fire them at the enemy ship, and then the triskelion bloodworms eat the crew extremely rapidly. if you sterilize their environment before they can lay eggs, they will soon go extinct in that environment and you can move in. the gatokatzen used to be the only ones to know this, and now the ta'yawhans are the other guardians of this secret.

Ta'yawha: holy hell! that was powerful!
Pinky: I don't like using that ray on most sentients, however the gatokatzen coalition needs all the firepower it can get in order to stop the jeransas.
Ta'yawha: makes sense. do you have a schematic of their anatomy?
Pinky: uploading it into your computer now.

Code: Select all

there are three variants the Jeransas, the foxes, the dogs, and the wolves. there are many variants to the dogs, however they all look like anthropromorphic canines-- hence why they don't get along with the catlike, yet normally logical, gatokatzen.

Ta'yawha: BAHAHAHAHAHAA!!!!!
*all of the ta'yawhans on the ship are laughing hysterically.*
Pinky: what's so funny?
*ten minutes later*
Ta'yawha: this is going onto the internet! gatokatzen: nekos, jeransas: inus, combination: war!
*20 minutes later, ALL of the ta'yawhans are laughing their asses off, and the only one who has finally stopped is ta'yawha*
Pinky: will you please let me in on your joke?
Ta'yawha: I can't laugh any more, I simply cannot possibly laugh any more! Pinky, you know what is causing you and the jeransas to be so evil towards you!
Pinky: well? please tell me.
Ta'yawha: you have a classic, if universal, case of the nekos and inus syndrome!
Pinky: uh... you have non-sentient gatokatzens and non-sentient jeransas on your planet?
Ta'yawha: yes, and what's more is that they can't get along at all!
Pinky: fascinating. this cultural exchange has been more benificial than I could have possibly imagined. now i know why they shoot first and ask later: they are carnivores, who by nature are aggressive; they are inus who by nature are more instinctual than nekos; and the first instinct of an inu in nature is to chase and attempt to devour a neko. we have just solved the biggest mystery in logic thanks to you.

Code: Select all

Inu is japanese for dog and Neko is japanese for cat. I improvised this as part of the ta'yawhan language.
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Re: Rise of Ta'Yawha

Postby space-mariner51 » Sun Apr 29, 2012 12:20 am

Juer: The recon fleet was wiped out, but they gained a lot.
Jeal-ido: What was it?
Juer: Well, they fleet is strong, but only 1 ship is capable of FTL travel. Plus, the fleet is using a defensive stance, and their system is so large, it's hard to defense all of it at once. Their planets have a number of non-combant ships, especially Jugger 11
Jies-weas: (walks in) Good. I'm coming up with a plan-
Juer: I wasn't finished! (brief pause) There was a Gatokatzen ship that was there. The most likely conclusion is that they're close to being allies.
Jies-weas: Well, if that's true, our threat is increased, but it will take time for everything to come together. We cannot let them gain the ability to expand further.
Jeal-ido: What's the plan?
Jies-weas: I will take a heavy fleet to attack Gatokat. The Ta'Yawha ship the FTL will go there and help the allies. Juer, you take a fleet to attack Jugger 11, then Jugger 7. I'll have a hired commander attack Jugger 4 and Jugger 2. The attacks will proceed in the order I said them. Any questions? (no one says anything) Good. For the Jayca!

Code: Select all

Jugger 2 is resorce-rich, and Earth-like, perfect for colonizing. Jayca is the leader of the Jeransas, and is similar to Ta'YAwha.

At Ta'Yawha

Agent: Sir, the data from the Gatokatzen ship has been processed. The space outside of here is very dangerous, and other races have already shown hostility to us.
Ta'Yawha: That doesn't matter. My ship can take anything.
Agent: But, that is the only ship capable of leaving the system, except for the conversions being worked on. You will be going alone. I suggest to have our best Admiral command your ship, until we're sure its safe for you to use.
Ta'Yawha: All right.
Agent: (to a door) Come on in!! (A TY appears) This is Swoop, one of our best, and willing to use your ship.
Ta'Yawha: Go ahead. Don't destroy it.
Swoop: I won't.
Ta'Yawha: Good.

At Gatokat

Jies-weas: Almost ready to come out.
Jokw: Sir, the fleet is ready.
Jies-weas: Good. (The fleet comes out of hyperspace)
Jokw: The Gato wall. We need to breach it.

Code: Select all

The wall is similar to one in a castle. It encircles the system, and protects the Gatokatzens from outside threats.

Jies-weas: Power up the coils, and destroy the shield generators.

Code: Select all

Each Jersana ship larger than a cruiser (and some upgrraded smaller ships) has tesla coils all over its hull. They generate electricity, when can jump between coils. The power then comes out of a coil to the target. The power can also jump between ships, to boost the damage to a single target. The power scrambles shields, and can even pierce and destroy the shield generators.

(The Jersanas destroy the shield generters)
Jies-weas: Fire all weapons at the wall. (They fire railguns and lasers. The wall is breached.) GO through and invade the homeworld of those ******!
Back at Ta'YAwha
Underling: Sir, we got a transmission!!
Ta'Aywha: Put it on the screen. (Pinky appears)
Pinky: Ta'YAwha, there's really bad news!!
Ta'YAwha: What is it?
Pinky: Our homeworld is being attacked by the Jersanas. The wall has been breached, and our ships cannot stand up to them.
Ta'Yawha: I'll get my ship going, but due to safety, I got another commander on it.
Pinky: Patch me to him.

In Space, Maya'Kuro.

Swoop: Maya'Kuro, what is it?
Pinky: This is Pinky of the Gatokatzens. Ta'yawha said you can help.
Swoop: That is his ship, but he had me command it.
Pinky: Our homeworld is being invaded by a big Jersana fleet. We need you to come to my homeworld. I'm giving you the location.
Swoop: All right, but I don't know how much I can do.
Pinky: Just get here. (cuts off)
Swoop: All crew, prepare for FTL. (Maya'Kuro enters FTL, along with a coverted frigate that has a FTL)
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Re: Rise of Ta'Yawha

Postby idea bulb » Sun Apr 29, 2012 1:50 am

How about we try doing something from a later date that way you would be able to reinvent yourself with new characters and new technologies?
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Re: Rise of Ta'Yawha

Postby space-mariner51 » Sun Apr 29, 2012 2:01 am

idea bulb wrote:How about we try doing something from a later date that way you would be able to reinvent yourself with new characters and new technologies?

We'll wrap this up in a couple of posts, then move on to the next part. I'm also thinking the Jersanas are like the Roman empire, and the Ta'YAwhans are one of the races that brought down the romans.
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Re: Rise of Ta'Yawha

Postby Chyriax » Sun Apr 29, 2012 2:37 am

well, we better remember that, from tmca, loki was a big part in this emperor getting in, so if he founded TY, that might be a necessity to come up
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Re: Rise of Ta'Yawha

Postby space-mariner51 » Sun Apr 29, 2012 5:43 am

This isn't the same Ta'Yawha from the tmca. As Hawk said, whoever takes over the TY empire renames himself Ta'Yawha. Loki hasn't played a big role when the empire was starting up. His role will come later.
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Re: Rise of Ta'Yawha

Postby idea bulb » Sun Apr 29, 2012 5:44 pm

Also according to yourselves the Gatokatzens are feline in their appearance, so are the related heretically to the :ca: whose body structure is similar in form? Also, why do you constantly create new races when you are able to use the ones that already exist?
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Re: Rise of Ta'Yawha

Postby Wv_Hawk_vW » Sun Apr 29, 2012 6:20 pm

Code: Select all

we use new races because they are much older. the ca'anians are NOT 33,000 years old, and the gatokatzen are full furry.the ca'anians dont have as much fur on them and are not related to the gatokatzen.

Ta'yawha: what the flying ketase are you saying?!
Scientist: that basically, with all the data the gatokatze are giving us, we could, effectively, grow our ships entirely. apparantly, the Epsi'cetians can fly in space, even if for a few minutes. why this evolved in them is unknown, however the data entry said that the epsi'cetians live on a bunch of moons orbiting a gas giant, and all of these moons are habitable.
Ta'yawha: fascinating, but what does this have to do with anything?
Scientist: it means that we don't have to imbed mechanical engines into our bioengineered ships. if we could obtain an epsi'cetian, we will be able to install engines while the creature is growing.
Ta'yawha: alright then.
Secretary of defense: ta'yawha, the report on the battle for gatokat.
*ta'yawha takes it and starts reading; his face turns grim*
Ta'yawha: has the first ship been grown yet?
Scientist: yes, and it has been equipped and manned already. we are selecting a captain now.
Ta'yawha: then you have just found him. ready the nearest shuttle, I'm going to take command of the ship.
Scientist: understood. we have just informed the Taya'kuro that you are taking command. they are readying the ceremony now.
Ta'yawha: tell them to forego the ceremony and just prepare for battle.
Scientist: understood.

Ta'yawha: everyone to your stations, we are going to go assist gatokat in their defense. Arm all weapons. what defenses does this literal beast have, anyway?
Tactical: proton cannons are armed and ready. nuclear warheads are being prepared. we have magnetic shields, courtesy of a scientist called Mugen.
Mugen: thats right. I simply figured out how--
Ta'yawha: you can explain later. raise shields and release docking clamps.
Pilot: we are now 10 pascels from the space dock.
Ta'yawha: captain to all hands. the christening of this ship will just have to be our reward for safe return, we dont have time to do it before gatokat is destroyed. Pilot, create a wormhole and bring us there.
*Taya'kuro flies right into the middle of battle*
Pinky: Ta'yawha! what are you doing?!
Ta'yawha: saving your hides. fire proton cannons at that Jersana battleship.

Code: Select all

proton cannons are an un-expected, but new weapon. the jeransas were unaware of the power of high-power particle weapons, and the gatokatzen simply had not considered it.

*Taya'kuro fires proton cannons and the battleship stops firing momentarily; it then starts shooting at Taya'kuro, to no effect as the shields are deflecting most shots, or even stopping them dead in their tracks*
Tactical: we are taking no damage.

Code: Select all

the nature of the shields means that the only thing that can pass through them without being effected is lasers. aside from that, the shields let taya'kuro's shots through. Turbolasers haven't been invented yet, and none of the jeransas ever thought to install an ultra high power laser that would probably drain their ship's power in one shot.

Ta'yawha: scan that ship, lock onto their reactor, and nuke it.
*the battleship explodes in a massive array of fireworks that takes 2 or 3 jeransa cruisers down with it*
Jeransa Admiral: Rahhh!!! these ta'yawhans must be much stronger than we-- *his flag ship takes another nuke*
Ta'yawha: did you hit his antenna?
Tactical: no, but there's nothing left of his ship to use it with.
Ta'yawha: very good for you, underlord. i think we were all being annoyed by what he was saying. that ship is trying to get to the gatokat homeworld and i dont think its gatokatzen. Blast it with proton cannons.
*the jeransa destroyer is vaporized, and the jeransa fleet turns to retreat*
Ta'yawha: follow them! blast their engines but don't destroy them!
*all 8 jeransa ships were prevented from escaping*
Pinky: you got all of them. no FTL wakes are found in subspace.
Ta'yawha: good. hail maya'kuro.
Swoop: Standing by ta'yawha.
Ta'yawha: I suspect that these monsters are attacking jugteryanought.
Swoop: I tend to agree.
Communications: pinky is hailing us again. splicing connections.
Pinky: ta'yawha, your home system is under attack and our ships are crippled. we can call for reinforcements from one of our, er, frenemies.
Ta'yawha: Swoop, you go to jugteryanought. I'm going to get us a fleet. pinky, take me to these, frenemies, as you call them.
*Taya'kuro follows pinky's science ship, and they go into a natural wormhole into another star system*
Muerteuntergang pirate ship: you there! you bring us fresh meat!
Pinky: no, but--
Pirate: he is shiny. is he out of the factory?
Pinky: yes, as a matter of fact he is.
Pirate: smells nice too! is he tasty?
Pinky: our allies are not for sale, but we would--
Pirate: we is offer 500,000 jahres for each living being on board!
Ta'yawha: we will offer 10,000 jahres for each ship you loan to me to defend my system, specifically, from the jeransas. you will also get any loot you find in the ships.
Pirate: it's a deal!
Pinky: do you realize that you just threw away at least 10 billion jahres for each ship they loot?
Ta'yawha: yeah, but they can in all likelyhood extract the loot better than i can anyway.
*the muerteuntergang fleet gets into formation with taya'kuro and pinky's ship, and they all go into the wormhole to jugteryanought*
Pirate commander: alright everyone, focus fire on the jeransas! I just scanned the civilian ships, most of them are worthless and the rest hold very low value, so lets not anger our sponsor!
*the muerteuntergang rapidly destroy 60 jeransa ships and start extracting the loot. not a single civilian ship is harmed in the process.*

Code: Select all

the muerteuntergang now know who to go to when they need some extra pirate cash. the ta'yawhans and gatokatzen are practically gold-ore magnets as far as they are concerned.
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Re: Rise of Ta'Yawha

Postby space-mariner51 » Fri May 04, 2012 1:38 am

Jies-weas: Damn, those weaklings got another of their superships, and took out my fleet.
Juer: Don't worry. First, I split my fleet in 2, so I can ambush them. Second, your hired man will attack the homeworld.
Jies-weas: I hired him for a reason. Stop delaying, and start the attack.
Juer: Yes, sir.

The pirates are taking loot from the wrecks. Some of the ships left already, the rest filling their ships with loot.

Pirate 1: Well, can we go down to (Jugger 11) there?
Ta'Yawha: No. There is some special stuff, and-
Pirate Leader: Don't anger our sponsor. Stick to the enemy ships.
Swoop: I'm taking my ship to Jugger 4. Are you okay with-
Ta'Aywha: Go ahead. The battle seems to be over.
Swoop: All right. (Swoop goes to Jugger 4)

2 hours later. Most of the pirate ships had left. Juer's fleet arrives at Jugger 11. Most of the remaining pirate ships are quickly destroyed

Juer: You dared to interfere with our empire!!
Ta'Yawha: You attacked me, and the Gatokat-
Juer: Those ******! They have their warning seared in every soul, and you will be next. Even if you can defeat me and my ships, you can't reach my empire.
Swoop: I detected the attack. Should I go help?
Juer: (intercepted the transmission) Yes. Help yourself to my secret weapon.
Ta'Yawha: What did you do?
Juer: (tesla coils powering up) Uhh, in front of you.
Ta'Yawha: Any ideas?

Code: Select all

The Ta'Yawha's have no knowledge about the Jeransa tesla coils, and have no idea how to stop it.

Mugen: Run?
Ta'AYwha: That's it?
Tactical: Hurry. Attack when they're not-
Several TY destroyers and frigates ambush the Jersanas.
Juer: What's going on?
Tactical: Enemy ambushed us. Several small ships. Main attack had to be cancelled.
Juer: Only break off enough ships to hold the ambush. The rest of my fleet, restart the attack. (The tesla coils load up with electricity again)
Tactical: Now! At-
Ta'Yawha: Attack!!! (The Taya'Kuro attacks the Jersana flagship. They fight for several minutes, both ships' shields holding to each attack)
Juer: Have my ships surround the enemy. Main attack on my signal.
Officer: Yes, sir. (The ships keep fighting as Juer's ships move to surround Taya'Kuro)
Ta'Yawha: Get rid of those-
Tactical: Sir, we can't engage the other ships. Any diversion from the main ship will leave us vulnerable to the flagship.
Mugen: I got the results of the scans. The weapons are, let's say, unseen to us.
Tactical: Any defense?
Mugen: If their weapons attack us at max power, let's say, we have to not get hit by them.

Code: Select all

Mugen was really saying: This ship will be destroyed, and noone will live. Mugen was trying to get that across without actually saying it.

Ta'Yawha: Well, what do we do now?
Mugen: Best choice is to attack.
Tactical: That, or try to avoid that weapon.
Juer: Status?
Officer: Sir, main weapons is at 99%.
Juer: Good. Start the targeting.
Officer: It's ready.
Juer: I want 3 arcs on the enemy's front, port, and starboard. Conventional weapons will immediately follow the arcs. I want no less than total destruction.
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Re: Rise of Ta'Yawha

Postby Wv_Hawk_vW » Fri May 04, 2012 5:25 am

Ta'yawha: what kind of a weapon is that?
Science: I cannot determine whether it is a weapon or not. for all we know, it could be them praying to their deities. it is charging up
Ta'yawha: tactical! fire prasers!

Code: Select all

Praser: proton amplification by stimulated emission of radiation

*the protons hit the tesla coil and the directional shields break up*
Juer: what's going on?!
Officer: shields around the coil are destabilizing!
Juer: in jeransan please!
Officer: the tesla coil's about to fire un-aimed!
Juer: everyone brace yourselves!
*juer's ship starts zapping itself, and the bridge shakes*
Officer: shields operating at 60% power!
Juer: we need a counter to those lasers!

Code: Select all

the jeransas think that particle weapons are weak and hence can't believe that they would be proton cannons and not lasers.

Officer: our shields were phased and overloaded! we cannot realign them or even change their frequency!
Juer: i dont care! do something!
Science: they are using particles. my sensors must be malfunctioning.
Juer: bah! fire siege xasers!
Officer: but sir! those are untested!
Juer: we dont know what they will do, and neither do they!
*the xasers fire, and they miss literally ALL the ships, but what they do hit is either vaporized or made into molten material*
Ta'yawha: what the hell was that?!
Tactical: if those things hit they would have dealt severe damage!
Science: lasers that used X-rays instead of photons.
Ta'yawha: no wonder they missed! destroy that lightning cannon!
*the prasers obliterate the tesla coil*
Juer: get us out of here!
Pilot: FTL drive has malfunctioned! we cannot initiate space fold and wormhole feedbacks itself!
Juer: send out a distress--
*the communications console explodes, sending the officer flying across the room*
Juer: get him to sickbay! how far away is help if we go at STL speed?
Pilot: best possible speed, 40 hours!
Juer: that will have to do! sickbay, prepare to recieve battle-fatigue patients en masse!
Ta'yawha: why aren't our weapons vaporizing them?
Tactical: their armor seems to be energized in a special way to prevent total vaporization by way of ionization.
Ta'yawha: then overcharging the laser banks wouldn't work either.
Mugen: juer, come in! juer!
Tactical: their radio has been destroyed.
Mugen: aww, come on!
tactical: seriously
Mugen: fire everything!
*mugen's cruiser fires everything at taya'kuro; the shields hold and mugen's ship is fried*
Ta'yawha: destroy that ship, and destroy any escorts to juer's ship.
*10 seconds and 12 ships destroyed later, the only thing left is juer's ship*
Ta'yawha: everyone, focus fire on that battleship and destroy it.
20 hours and at least a dozen new shifts later
Ta'yawha: status of that battleship!
Cruiser1: it's still running for its life.
Cruiser2: i think that, even if we were to unload all ammunition and energy, we wouldnt be able to destroy that behemoth.
Ta'yawha: i dont know what we should do about it then. we might try nuking it.
Cruiser3: we tried that.
Ta'yawha: blast! what kind of material is that ship made of?!
Science: unknown. the gatokatzen archives don't have that material in them.
Ta'yawha: figure out what they are made of and destroy them!

Code: Select all

the ship is made of energized synergon, but this is the only time it has ever been seen in this universe.

Ta'yawha: we are going to have to board that ship and steal its files.
Cruiser4: are you insane?!
Ta'yawha: do you see an alternative? if these guys know universal conquering 101 then they know that any secret weapon must have self destruct capability. besides, if it is indestructible, then you can simply place the blueprints in the main computer and if you need to escape, pull them from the computer and wipe it.
Underling: we dont have the capabilities!
Ta'yawha: do we have fighters?
Underling: yes...
Ta'yawha: and isn't it true that the battleship's landing bays and external cargobays are intact?
Underling: just checked, and they are.
Ta'yawha: can't we simply send multi-man fighters into their cargobays to transport our troops?
Underling: huh. I didn't think about that.
Ta'yawha: destroy their weapons before we land, i dont want any more casualties than we need.
from this battle, the ta'yawhans got inspiration for massive biological ships and knowledge on how to grow them. they also developed siege weaponry, but they have yet to determine how to grow a ship's engine systems. that will come later.
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Re: Rise of Ta'Yawha

Postby space-mariner51 » Sun May 06, 2012 6:53 am

Officer: Sir, 6th Elite Fleet Legion wants you.
Juer: Send them through.

Code: Select all

A Elite Fleet Legion is the Jersanas' best fleet. It has few ships, but each one is the best ship and the crews are experienced. It's a formidable opponent, even for the best commanders.

Jary: This is 6th Elite Fleet Legion.
Juer: This is Juer. The rest of my fleet is destroyed, and I cannot do a thing against the enemy.
Jary: The ships from jugteryanought. They cannot go to far, much less to our empire itself. Give us your coordinates.
Juer: Done.
Jary: Good. I will come to you, and use our drives to get you out.

Tactical: Sir, we cannot come up with a way to penetrate our shields.
Ta'Yawha: We must try.
Tactical: Also, the landing sites are shielded-
Underling: We can have our men-
Tactical: Not like that! No living being can get through, and their generators are protected by 2 more layers of shields inside the hull.
Gatokatzen: (not Pinky) Is this the Ta'Yakuro?
Ta'Yawha: What is it?
Gatokatzen: You must stop the chase. There's a trap ahead for you.
Ta'Yawha: We can take anything!
Gatokatzen: You can't!! If you cannot destroy that flagship after you disarmed it in full retreat, you don;t stand a chance against the trap. More of that ship, ready, and fully armed.
Ta'Yawha: They're not a threat. (cuts the communication)
Underling: I think that Gatokatzen was right.
Ta'Yawha: Work on the boarding.

An hour later

Underling: Sir, the boarding party is ready.
Ta'YAwha: Good. Start the-
Officer: Take a look in front of you!!! (the 6th EFL appears in front of Juer's ship)
Underling: I don't think we can take them.
Ta'Yawha: Damn. That Gatokatzen was right. Wait, can we take him? (The Jersana ships fire and charge the tesla coils)
Officer: We must retreat.
Ta'YAwha: Ready FTL when we're round!!
Juer: Good. You're here. Hold them off.
Jary: Uhh, the enemy is retreating.
Juer: Oh.
Jary: I'll keep attacking.
30 minutes later
Jary: We're ready to leave. But, we must let the enemy go first. I can't do the last step until that happens.

Code: Select all

The Jersana FTL allows full weapons to be used while charging. But the final step requires disabling most of the weapons. Haste there will give the enemy an opening to attack them.

Underling: Sir, FTL is ready.
Ta'Yawha: Let's get out of here. (Taya"kuro leaves)
Juer: The enemy has left.
Jary: Good. We can do the final step. (The 6th EFL form up with Juer) Activate warp drive! (The Jersana ships leave)

The next day, at the palace

Ta'Yawha: We must make those *** pay for invading my space!!
Agent: But, we don't have the numbers to take them on, and the Gato charts say they have a huge empire,a nd it's very far from here. That distance is greater than our FTLs can do.
Ta'Yawha: Well, we must get better technology.
Agent: Even with the Gatokatzen help, we cannot develop anything to get to the Jersana, and we still have their superarmor to get through.
Ta'Yawha: We will get that. We just hope they won't attack again.

End of Part 1. Part 2 coming soon.
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Re: Rise of Ta'Yawha

Postby space-mariner51 » Sun May 06, 2012 9:12 am

Part 2:

22,950 BHA. 50 years after the Jersana invasion, the Ta'Yawhans have settled all of their planets and are improving their ships. But, the Gatokatzen data starts to become useless, yet they don't have ships capable to traveling to the Jersana empire, or to fight one of their ships. Ta'Yawha must find new races to get better tech, and one particular, mysterious race is the focus.

Code: Select all

For this chapter, the Jersanas are a non-factor here. But, more races, and dangers await the characters. Also, everything won't go well.

Ta'yawha: Status?
Agent: So far, no new data on the Epsi'cetians. Our explorers haven't found any new planets, and other unexplored planets are out of range for our ships.
Ta'yawha: So, our markets have stopped giving out their secrets?
Agent: Sadly, yes.
Ta'Yawha: Our explorers have everything on them.

En route to the Gatokatzen space, a cruiser is in FTL.

Hare: Guys, what do you think this will work?
Plum: Previous ships just set random coordinates and go there, and found nothing. I'm trying the Gato planet Kreni, at the famous market there. Someone there will have the information we need.

Code: Select all

Plum leads the group, Hare the 2nd-in-command. They're the main characters in this part.

Officer: Everyone should go into stasis until we get there.

Their ships exits FTL near Kreni. The ship lands on a spaceport, and 2 dozen TYs exit.

Code: Select all

Kreni is similar to the moon Titan. It orbits a binary star system, a white dwarf and a Sun-like star. It's atmosphere is mainly methane and kerosene, with other hyrdocarbons mixed in. The crew must wear breathing apparatuses, as the air is toxic to them. It has 56 hour days, and 1200 days in a year.

Crew: This place smells!
Hare: Stay calm. The masks should keep us safe.
Crew: Oh. (puts mask on)
Plum: The market is that way. (They walk to the market, as no ships and vehicles are available)
Hare: I've seen better. Ta'Yawha's market is a lot more impressive.
Officer: Ta'Yawha's market. Even the small one on Jugger 7 is bigger than this dump.
Plum: Guys. We'll split up. I'll take half, and Hare will take half. Meet back here at sundown.

They split up. Hare's group sees a stall named "Brongr's Maps and Travel Guides". They enter, and look around for a few minutes, when-

Crew 2: Guys, I may have found it. (Hare and another crew member run over) It appears to be a chip, containing the systems that are-
Brongr: I'll tell you, if you give it to me. (He is a worm, the same size as Hare, and has 6 antenna-like arms. He is given the chip.) It's a universal Gato storage device. it has all of the systems in the immediate area, plus charts on safe travel on each system.
Hare: can we have it?
Brongr: Yes, if you have the, right, stuff. (They spend 2 minutes searching, only showing a small amount of TY money)
Hare: Will this work?
Brongr: No, and I see you don't have anything else. But, there is a way. Go to the tent and ask for Xrol. He will help you.
The group go to Xrol's tent. He is a worm, like Brongr.
Hare: Brongr sent us here. He says you can help us with-
Xrol: He told me already, and it seems you need a lot for what you want. We better hurry.
The group goes to a breached dike, and labored hard to help fix it. Oh, they don't have tools or machines to help. 32 Hreni hours later, they go back to Xrol's tent.

Soldier 1: That was hard!!
Crew 2: Why did they make us work for more than a day?
Hare: Sun isn't set yet.
Crew 2: Which sun? What's going on here?
Engineer: I hope this doesn't last long. (They round a corner)
Hare: Who are they? (4 men are there. 3 of an unknown race, and a Jersana)
Gang leader: So, what are you doing here?
Hare: Trying to get some charts.
Gang leader: Well why are you toiling like slaves, when you can get the stuff you need, easily?
Jersana (whispers): Guys, we must meet.
Gang leader: Give us a minute. (3 gang members huddle for a minute, the 4th watching Hare's group. They break up) It seems there's something interesting about you. Tell us.
Jersana: It seems like you guys are jugteryanoughtian.
Gang member 1: You guys have turned back Juer and his fleet, correct?
Hare: Well, he attacked us, and-
Jersana: Irrelevant!! Anyone who defies Jayca is an enemy, regardless of pitiful details!
Gang Leader: We have a deal. Work for us, and-
Jersana: (breaks from the gang, advancing on Hare) There is no deal. Jayca orders us no to deal them.
Gang Member 2: Hey, do you need to do this? (The Jersana draws a laser pistol and points it at Hare)
Gang Leader: We cannot defy that strong of a order. Follow you (Jersana)? (The Jersana signals yes. Gang leader draws 2 sabres, and the other members draw electospears.)
Hare: Did anyone bring weapons?
Soldier: Yes. (Draws a laser pistol. Noone else does.) Just me.
Crew 3: Will a knife work?
Hare: Damn, we're unarmed. (The gang charges Hare's group)
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Re: Rise of Ta'Yawha

Postby Wv_Hawk_vW » Mon May 07, 2012 4:58 am

Ta'yawha: and you had WHAT?!
Hare: I had the only weapon of the entire group!
Ta'yawha: didn't you hear that mandate i sent out 8 years ago!? NEVER leave jugteryanoughtian space without either an escort or a heavily armed ship, preferably both!
Hare: we were exploring, and in order to increase the range of the ship we removed all weight possible. we went further than anyone and still we failed to find the jersanas.
Ta'yawha: you decided to forego weapons in order to increase range?
Hare: yes.
Ta'yawha: alright, charges are dropped for now, but at least keep an emergency transport on your ship. it is only 10 pounds and it only uses energy.
Hare: thanks for the tip. i will try to include that in my inventory when i scrounge money up for my next trip.
Ta'yawha: and please, for the love of god, apply for government support. it will make obtaining materials all the easier--
Hare: but that's too easy! besides, i was able to outrange and even outpace everyone else without it.
Ta'yawha: Hmm, good point.
Hare: also, i was able to get the gatokatzen to give me access to data on their epsi'cetians.
Ta'yawha: really? they keep that data hidden from everyone else!
Hare: yes, and I'm not about to disclose that information to you. if you want to map their chromosome, you will have to obtain one for yourself.
Ta'yawha: but--
Hare: now if you excuse me, my next ship is growing.
*hare exits the room*
Secretary of defense: we really need those epsi'cetian engines.
Ta'yawha: i know.
Secretary of defense: what do we do now? the jersanas are encroaching on our territory and we cannot reach theirs.
Ta'yawha: those engines must be highly fuel efficient.
Secretary: I recomend that we--
Ta'yawha: denied.
Secretary: what?
Ta'yawha: whatever you are about to recomend, i deny it. it is probably insane as usual and won't help keep the respect of the people.
Secretary: i was about to suggest we use a gatokatzen mind-erase ray.
Ta'yawha: seriously? those are better defended than the epsi'cetians.
Secretary: good point.
Ta'yawha: i wonder why they are keeping that information from us?
Diplomat: your race is not evolved sufficiently enough not to abuse it.
Ta'yawha: thank you for ever-so-cryptically answering with the same answer as always.
Diplomat: seriously, if we gave you the secret to an antimatter reactor you would invent an antimatter bomb and destroy yourselves.
Ta'yawha: really?
Diplomat: it happens all the time with younger races who dont discover it themselves. we have dealt with enough young races to know what giving this or that will result in.
Ta'yawha: alright, i believe you.
Diplomat: i also said that because i knew you would believe me.
Ta'yawha: and i am about to break your prediction spree by smacking you upside the head. *ta'yawha smacks the gatokatze diplomat on the side of the head*
Diplomat: your right. i didnt think you had the balls to do that.
Ta'yawha: so much for your ability to predict what the jugteryanoughtians will be.
Mugen: mister president!!!
Ta'yawha: dismissed. what is it, Mugen?
Mugen: first off, you gave me too much money. i was supposed to get five hundred thousand jahres, not five hundred million!
Ta'yawha: shouldn't you be using it instead of complaining? i have unlimited money you know.
Mugen: yeah, but this will ruin the economy!
Ta'yawha: what economy?
Mugen: er...
Ta'yawha: yeah, thats about what i thought.
Mugen: and second, i think i have located the planet that the epsi'cetians are on. *mugen sets down a star chart with both the location and directions to get there*
Ta'yawha: this location has been checked before. your telescope was tampered with, though; this star chart was made 6 days ago, and 6 days ago all the telescopes were reporting strange things in things that had been previously checked and found as true or false. even mine was showing aurora borealis above my house, and after i looked away, there was none, it was only in the telescope.
Mugen: dammit.
Ta'yawha: how is the growth of the superbattleship going?
Mugen: we convinced the gatokatzen to give us the shrink ray. apparantly, if a race hasn't discovered it by now, it never will, so giving it to us wouldn't do any harm. anyway, I have come up with a way to power the next ship, but it involves a star.
Ta'yawha: have we developed gravitational control yet?
Mugen: no, and the gatokatzen are trying not to dangle it in our face because apparantly, they predict that we aren't going to develop for the next 1540 years.
Ta'yawha: by then, i will be dead...
Mugen: yes.
Ta'yawha: will the ship be able to move?
Mugen: yes, but it won't be fuel eficient.
Ta'yawha: well, that sucks.
Mugen: however, it has been built. im working on--
Ta'yawha: wait. its been built?
mugen: yes, its built.
Ta'yawha: is the Agamemnon armed and ready?
Mugen: armed, yes, ready, no. the ship is so big we had to give it over 500,000 people for the crew compliment.
Ta'yawha: how small would the skeleton crew, supplimented by an automation center, be?
mugen: minimum, 7, but the automation center would have to be an excellent one, and the crew would be running everywhere like jackrabbits.
Ta'yawha: you work on your miracles, and I'll work on mine. how many people do you have now?
Mugen: 546.
Ta'awha: alright. I want to test it out. take me to the agamemnon!
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Re: Rise of Ta'Yawha

Postby space-mariner51 » Tue May 08, 2012 7:16 am

Code: Select all

The Ta'yawhans aren't the only ones after Epsi'cetian engine tech. Their enemy is already at it, and are waiting.

Modena: Sir, Kare is on the surface.
Jiwal: Good. The bribe has worked. Tell your associate to get the engine out of there and back to your territory.
Modena: I'll go there.
Jiwal: Make sure they don't get their hands on that engine. Use any means necessary, even if you self-destruct.
Modena: Yes, sir. (His ship leaves for Epsi'ceta.)

Code: Select all

Modena is part of the Arteminos. They use Jersana ships, but don't use the tesla coils. Instead, they have a copied version of the TY phaser, and TM technology and weapons. Modena is working for the Jersanas as a merc.

Barracks on Jugger 4

Messenger: Hare, is that you?
Hare: What is it?
Messenger: No idea who, but it wants you, and it's urgent. (A worm appears out of the messenger's radio)
Xorl: Hello. You need to go to your destination as soon as possible. Word is that evil forces are after the same thing you are. Do everything possible to get there. Sadly, the Gatokatzen can't sends ships there, but if you land at Kreni, you will get refueled. (message ends)
Messenger: That's it.
Hare: Where can I- (an officer appears)
Officer: Hare, follow me, and hurry!!
Hare and the officer go to a cruiser, exactly like the one used on the last trip.
Plum: I see you got the-
Hare: What's going on?
Plum: We're cleared to go on another trip. We need to take off as soon as possible.
Hare boards the ship. It quickly takes off and enters FTL
Hare: What are we doing?
Plum: Another trip to Kreni. But this time, we're also going to Epsi'ceta. I have a plan to make it.
Hare: Wait. As is, we can only go 700 light years, and we needed to strip it out last time. How do we go 858 light years to Epsi'ceta, and keep Ta'Yawha off our backs?
Plum: One, he doesn't care what we do once we leave his space. Two, we will strip out the ship at Kreni, and add more FTL fuel tanks. We will also refill there, and sell our junk for money.

Code: Select all

Distance from Jugger 4 to Kreni: 667 light years. Distance from Kreni to Epsi'ceta: 858 light years. All 3 planets are in a straight line relative to each other, so no shortcuts. Each trip is one way, as they don't have the fuel to enter FTL once they reach the destination.

They land at Kreni
Hare: What's the plan?
Plum: Just get more fuel, and strip out any excess weight. We need to gain 170 light years of range to make it to Epsi'ceta, so get tearing. (They spend 3 days getting ready for the next trip.)

Modena: (now at Epsi'ceta, with a fleet) My informants say that the expedition is at Kreni.
Kare: (on Epsi'ceta) We believe that they might just make it here, but they cannot get out, if they get here.
Modena: My computers say they might get 900-925 light years of range, with their engines and their ship.
Kare: Just hold them off when they get here.

Code: Select all

Kare is a Groyn. Groyns are extremophiles, living in almost any conditions. Their ships are inhospitable to invaders, and use heat and cold rays, plus torpedoes and missile launchers. They prefer to board other ships.

Modena: Setting defenses.

Kare: So, ready to transmit plans?
Epci'ceta General: Yes. We're linked to your ship.

Code: Select all

The General is corrupt, bribed by Kare. The rest of the EC leaders are also bribed to work for Kare.

Modena: I'm recieving the plans. I'll send them to my homeworld, and then, to the Technomancers.
EC General: Good.
Kare: What if they land here?
EC General: Assuming they survive our hot (200 degrees Fahrenheit at the coolest) planet, they must get to the engine, and take it away. I secured it, so nothing can move it. And if they somehow move it, it's rigged to self-destruct. All that if, your fleet can't hold them off.
Kare: A stripped-out cruiser is nothing. Besides, we can get help, and they can't.
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Re: Rise of Ta'Yawha

Postby Ginger88895 » Tue May 08, 2012 12:39 pm

Commander: Why I have to attack Ta'Yawha?
General: Because if we defeat Ta'Yawha, we can destroy ANYTHING else!
Commander: But that's only a little faction of the :rv: ...
General: Stop that! To destroy :rv: we only need to use the Ta'Yawha's technology.
Commander: But if we defeat...
General: Say again, STOP THAAAAAAAT! We can kidnap some ships.
Commander: But...
*A Katana FIERCELY...*

-no, it's cheat engine.
-0mg pwned xD
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Re: Rise of Ta'Yawha

Postby space-mariner51 » Sat Apr 27, 2013 7:46 am

Resuming the story. Long overdue.

The TY explorers arrive at Epsi'ceta

Officer: Guys, we got bogey ships. Jersana maybe.
Tech: They're not Jersana. Weapons are different, and so is the AI, which I cannot get at.
Hare: Keep trying.

Trying colors to separate the sides.

Modena: They're here.
Kare: I'll activate the beacon. We're ready to strike if they get close.
Modena: Good.
(Modena's) AI: Are you going to hack the ship?
Modena: No. Nothing they can do anyway.
AI: Good. Because I detect that the computers are not like ours. There will be a great difficulty in gaining access to it.
Modena: The epsi's have biocomputers.
AI: Uhh, can't hack into them. I'll try on the Tayas, but don't hope for anything. The TYs pass the fleet and enter Epsi'ceta
Modena: All ships, form a blockade. Keep them from fleeing.

Back on TY's homeworld

Mugen: We don't have the range to get there. That's why we cannot use the Agamemnon. It lacks the range.
Ta'Yawha: I must get them. Why did they have to disobey my order?
Swoop (over the radio): They only got 1 ship. They-
Ta'Yawha: That's the problem. It's too dangerous to go alone. Are they ready?
Officer: Maya'Kuro is waiting for you. Swoop has already took off in the Taya'kuro.
Ta'Yawha: Good. Oh, Swoop, get into attack formation.
Swoop: Why?
Ta'Yawha: They're heading for a trap. And the engines are not real. Mugen, come on my ship. We need you to extend the range after we come out at Kreni. Also need to refuel too. Without compromising our defenses. Maya'Kuro takes off, and the 2 ships enter FTL to Kreni. Also, the main planet is also habited, but only a few ECs live there.

At Epsi'ceta

Epsi'ceta has a very think atmosphere full of toxic gases. The Epsi'cetans (EC) are a primitave race, lacking radar and radios. Kare's was provided my Modena. However, their tech is centered on their ships. Aside from the engines, they got powerful tractor beams, and weapons. The hulls are grown, like the TY ships and have bio-computers.

Plum: Entering atmosphere.
Officer: Ambient temperature is very high
Hare: Got the beacon. Descending. As they descend, overheat alarms go off. Can we cool it?
Crew 1: Can't. Even with overloading the jets.
Plum: The hull is being compromised.
Hare: Damn. How bad?
Plum: Won't last here. We have to- (klaxons go off, indicated imminent breach of hull.) We must abort.
Hare: Aborting. They turn around, and proceed to exit Epsi'ceta

Modena: What are they doing?
AI: They're turning back. Scans show the hull is damaged, but not comprimised. (The TY ship appears, flying away from them toward a moon) They're turning away from the blockade.
Modena: Now what? (on the radio) Kane, send some ships to-
Kane: Can't.
Modena: We got a deal.
Kane: It wasn't part of the deal for us to use ships. Read your own AI. oh, did they try you?
Modena: No. Not even a hail.
AI: Actually, they tried to access me, but can't get past anything.
Modena: Disable them, and-
AI: Failed to access computer of enemy ship. Hailing won't work.
Modena: All ships, pursue it. (Modena's fleet chases the TY ship, but the TY are flying very fast and are gaining ground.

Modena is very hesitant to use weapons. His AI is pacifist. Besides, his mission was done, and destroying the TY ship wasn't needed.

Hare: Guys, do we try again?
Several crew: NO!
Plum: We can check the moons, but I have no idea what on them. (A EC ship appears in front of them)
Hare: Hail it?
Officer: No luck. Don't detect a radio at all.
Plum: That ship has a tractor on us. But, what does it want with us?
Hare: I hope it helps us.

AI: I think that the local ship want to help them. They got a tractor, but nothing else.
Modena: Kare, stop it!
Kare: Can't. It isn't one of my ships. I say it's from the moon where it took off.
AI: Sending specs of bogey.
Kare: Either it's a battleship, or a shuttle transport. Don't know if it can support a Taya cruiser though. Even if it's small enough to fit.
AI: Hailing failed. Can't hack it.
Modena: Keep chasing them. Prepare tractor beam.
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Re: Rise of Ta'Yawha

Postby Wv_Hawk_vW » Mon Apr 29, 2013 3:01 am


Science Ship: we've got an unknown spacecraft on radar! who could this be?
Tactical Defense Cruiser: What is happening here? that thing's not showing up on radar from most angles, and it barely even shows up on LI-dar.
Civilian Ship: those wings... they are so grey...
Tactical: civilian ship get away from--
Ship: fascinating. *he begins scanning the civilian ship* I have never seen biology similar to this.
Tactical: get away from the civilian frigate!! *flies between the new ship and the civilian*
Civilian: Ahh! I'm getting out of here! *flies away*
Ship: fascinating... so, fascinating...
Tactical: I am giving you 30 seconds to leave this solar system or you will be fired upon!
*the ship does not leave*
Captain: open fire!
the lights shimmer and all consoles begin sparking.
Ship: you want to attack? fine. do it without your computer. And while you're at it, I'm going to simply shut down your weapons.
Captain: damn him!
Engineer: it's no good, sir, the control system is completely offline, and we cannot reinstall the computer codes without the control system!
Captain: DAMN him!
Tactical: he's moving off. He's flying towards Jugteryanought.
Captain: and we're the only ones who can stop him. DAMN it!

Gryphus: I have scanned the atmosphere. Intel was right.
Artemis: we cannot allow them to fail the destiny.
Apollo: if they do, our creation shall never happen.
Gryphus: should I interject technytes into their atmosphere?
Artemis: negative. Technytes are toxic to them. If we inject them, we'll be forcing either an exodus or a very pricey terraforming that will collapse their economic system.
Apollo: but sister, they HAVE no economic system.
Artemis: correction. It'll prevent their economic system.
Gryphus: They are attacking with missiles. READS can't repel them.
Apollo: change frequencies of READS and try again.

Captain: they're changing the cloak again! destroy them, before they disappear!
Tactical: impossible, sir, our targeting systems are completely manual.
Captain: damn it!
Scientist: they've disappeared.
Captain: *pinches his nose* Get me the command center.


Hare: Overload the engines, give it everything you've got!
Pilot: impossible, sir, the enemy has crippled our fuel lines! it'll take at least a day to repair!
Hare: Armor!
Tactical: nearing compromised levels. our ship's being crushed by the combined forces of their tractor beam and our engines.
Hare: Better to be killed here than to be taken alive, we can't allow the enemy to gain intelligence by capturing us!

Modena: why aren't they in our ship yet?
AI: they are resisting the tractor beam.
Modena: won't that destroy their ship?
AI: yes, it will.
Modena: we can't let them stop us. prepare the device, inform the others!

Gryphus: this is Gryphus. they have already begun to utilize the molecular transporter.
Artemis: don't let them capture the ta'yawhans. Hack into their systems and disable them.
Gryphus: why don't you do it yourself?
Artemis: because I'm in a meeting with Apollo.
Gryphus: Understood. I shall speak with Apollo about our standard procedure after this.

The epsi'cetian ships completely shut down and their engines explode. Hare's ship escapes, and the technomancers Gryphus and Artemis are completely unseen.

Artemis and Apollo are a couple of technomancers who evolved from AIs into Technomancers thanks to a boost from the future. Gryphus is a young Greywing.

Ta'yawha: No. NO! This can't be, how can this happen?!
Plum: we managed to escape, sir, but Hare is nowhere to be found!

AI: Modena, did you get the prisoner?
Modena: affirmative. he's unconscious, but he's alive and in stasis.
The prisoner is hare!
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Re: Rise of Ta'Yawha

Postby space-mariner51 » Tue Apr 30, 2013 3:34 am

At Kreni. Plum is finishing explaining his story

Plum:... the beams were disabled and we fled. Then we got some help to get here, but can't find it
Mugen: That's impossible.
Swoop: Something's up there. Some conflict amongst your enemies. But I can't tell who is against who. Besides, Artemino shouldn't be able to do that, although the gato archives says they're mysterious.
Scientist: Sir, no connection between Hare's enemy and the ship that attacked Jugteryanought.
Mugen: We still need to go to epsi'ceta. And let Ta'yawha finish his mission on the surface and to refuel.


AI: Can't figure out what happened. Outside interference maybe. (Kare tries to hail, but is refused. Then the whole AI is overriden)
Artemis: Hello.
Modena: What happened?
Artemis: Simple. You went astray, and I had to fix you. And remind you of your true loyalty.

The Arteminos are controlled by a few Technomancers. Artemis and Apollo are 2 of them and Gryphus is an apprentice to Apollo.

Modena: Hey. I got a good deal with the Jersanas, and been working for them for a while.
Artemis: No more. (hacks the AI) I don't know if you follow the AI like you should with me, but your AI will make sure you will.
Modena: I will.
Artemis: Last warning. Next time, I won't be so easy. Oh, I forgot. (hacks in the rest of his fleet and reprograms the AIs)
Modena: What did you do?
Artemis: Gave your fleet the same message. Oh, you can't radio a Jersana. And you know Sanfra?
Modena: Yes.
Artemis: I'm borrowing her ship. Bye. (Sanfra's frigate breaks from the formation and enters FTL, with Artemis in control)
Kare: What happened? I cannot get through to you.
Modena: Not sure.
Kare: Me neither. Cannot explain anything that happened. Only sure that my men have nothing to do with it.
Modena: Well, I might, but I cannot- (radio gets shut off)
AI: I hoep you were not doing what I think you're doing.
Modena: I wasn't going to reveal the bosses.
AI: I don't take chances on your word.
Kare: Why did he do that?
EC general: No idea.
Tech: I been messing with the radio, and picked up several other contracts in different frequencies.
Kare: Contact them. And get them to help us.
Tech: I'll start with a couple I fond at Kreni.

Artemis: I did it.
Gryphus: What?
Artemis: You know the Grandfather Paradox?
Gryphus: Yes
Artemis: Modena was about to invoke it and prevent our formation. We must let the Ta'AYwhans create us and do everything to prevent it.
Apollo: Without actually helping them and they knowing our existence.
Gryphus: Well, is Artemis doing that now?
Artemis: I'm using a proxy. But it's time to actually contact the Ta'yawhans.
Apollo: Are you sure?
Artemis: Yes. I cannot let them get the engine without it. Actually, I'm not sure if they want it that badly.
Gryphus: By them only sending a lousy ship? Look at what they got.
Apollo: Gryphus, leave. (Gryphus does) Anything else?
Artemis: I'll take it from here. I got access to Modena's fleet. Apollo, shut them down if they resist further.
Apollo: Okay.

At Kreni

Ta'Yawha: I don't think (the Kreni) will join us. But I better not invade them.
Officer: Deal is, this planet is important to explore further.
Ta'YAwha: I think some force will work. But not now. I got more important things.
Swoop: ta'YAwha, come back to your bridge. Now!
(now on Taya'Koru's bridge)
Mugen: Apparently, that ship that attacked us is completely unknown. And we cannot do anything agaisnt it.
Officer: I got a blip.
Ta'Yawha: Trace it.
Officer: It's from Epsi'ceta. I meant on Epsi'ceta. And it isn't the ships that were there.
Mugen: Should we contact them?
Tactical: Wait. Ship coming out of FTL in front of us. (Sanfra's ship appears)
Ta'Yawha: Hail it!
Tactical: Don't need to. Got sent a message.
It's actually Artemis doing it. Artemis doesn't want to reveal herself.

Mugen: It reads: "permission to board you ship and to talk to you captain"
Tactical: New message.
Mugen: "If you're with Ta'Yawha, return to Epsi'ceta. I will help you. PS. One of you is imprisoned on board the enemy flagship. You must rescue her too."
Officer: Another ping form Epsi'ceta. No connection to the ship in front of us. Also a message, but our translators cannot decipher it.

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