Now on Google Play (for Android)

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Now on Google Play (for Android)

Postby Greywing » Sat Feb 09, 2013 4:52 pm

Get it here : ... .air.NWmob

This is my first time setting something up like this (both the store thing as well as an android game), so if you spot anything wrong/odd, please let me know.

The game is 10.8 MB, which is relatively much, but this is because it requires adobe AIR to run. As i don't know how many people have this installed, i've included it with the game.
The permissions are partially for the adobe AIR runtime (required regardless of whether i bundle the game with AIR or not), partially for multiplayer and partially for the ads.

The game is free to download, but there are in-game ads that show every other level on the game over screen. This is a different ad provider than the one for my flash games, so i don't have much experience with this one yet. I picked the least obtrusive ad system i could find, but if something is wrong or overly annoying, let me know as well.
Right now the ad provider still needs to approve the game and i don't know how long this takes, so for now you'll get generic ads.

The game can also be downloaded from my site here :
But i think you'll have to change a setting to allow installations from unknown sources. I'd suggest using the play store link at the top of the page as the play store keeps track of the number of downloads/installs and that's of course information which is important for my first android release.
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