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Latest Flash player problems

Postby Greywing » Tue Feb 23, 2016 11:41 am

Today, i was told about a bug in HD Xyth. If you access the quick fight screen, you might end up seeing a black screen and the game might become unresponsive.

Since i haven't updated the game in a long while, i assume the most recent flash player update was the cause and managed to confirm this.

I reverted from version to version and quick fight works again (i'm using the Firefox browser).
I'll not recommend to revert to an older version unless you really want to (backup your flash savefiles if you do revert!). Instead, you could wait until the next version of flash player comes out which then hopefully fixes what's broken with the current one.
It's a bit more complex on Chrome, since that browser uses its own flash player. So even if you revert to an older version for your flash player, the problem might still persist if you play on the Chrome browser.
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