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[HD Spectrum] info & links

Postby Greywing » Fri Sep 02, 2011 7:37 pm

Here are a number of links to info and help pages for HD Spectrum.

On the NULLL Games site :
Latest news and updates about HD Spectrum
HD Spectrum manual
HD Spectrum screenshots & media
HD Spectrum achievements
(if you are logged in while viewing this page, you'll see your progress towards the achievements)
HD Spectrum events planning & scores
HD Spectrum cardlists
Your profile page with HD Spectrum scores and achievements
(this link only works for you and only if you are logged in - if you want a link to show your profile to other people, you'll have to click the 'Game Profile' link at the top of every page (except the forum) and copy that address)

On the NULLL Wiki :
Main HD Spectrum info page
Main HD Spectrum events page
Info about starting races

Achievements :
All in-game achievements also award you points on the site. An achievement has 4 levels, only if you have completed all 4 levels, you'll receive the full point award. If you have unlocked between 1 and 3 levels, you'll get 2 points per level.
Example : 'Single player master (20 pts) : Win 400 single player games'.
Unlock 1 level = 2 points
unlock 2 levels = another 2 points
unlock 3 levels = another 2 points
unlock the 4th level = 14 points (20 - 3 * 2)
Total points = 2+2+2+14 = 20 points.
SVC - NULLL games.
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