Why the Ca'anians joined the war...

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Why the Ca'anians joined the war...

Postby Wv_Hawk_vW » Tue Mar 08, 2011 2:40 am

Ca'ran has always been a peacefull planet, and if it weren't for a certain rebel from the Rivi'i, it would always be a peaceful planet. however, thanks to shle'nar (in your pathetic human tongue, that's the closest pronunciation to his name), Ca'ran entered the war and wasted it's defense fleet!

While the Caes'cix and Rivi'i were fighting the war, the Xyloxi and Ca'anians were enjoying themselves, reaping the many benifits of trade between the Rivi'i and the Caes'cix, trading with the insectoids whilst not letting the reptillian Rivi'is know that the Ca'anians, who they were getting their supplies from, were also supplying the Caes'cix.

however, everything changed when the Rivi'i brought war to Ca'ran.

"Hey, general I am picking up a strange looking radar silhouette. it's pretty oddly shaped-- ever seen a triangular shaped ship?"

The general of this section came along and looked at the screen. "Relaxe, man," the Wasp-like guy said, "that's probably a freighter or cargoship. one of the aristocrats requested a massive antenna be mounted on his home; it's so big we had to build it on the 6th moon, you know, the blue one."

The general walked back to his desk.

"If that's a freighter, it's awefully big and fast..." George treet thought to himself.

This was no ordinary pirate. it was much larger than most pirates, as a matter of fact, and it wasn't here for stealing.

It's goal was genocide.

"General, it would also appear that there is a scanner ghost following the triangle. damn! it keeps appearing and disappearing, then reappearing and disappearing again!" The general went over to the Radar watcher, looked for a moment, and saw what he was talking about.

"Keep tracking the triangle. if the ghost does not reappear for five minutes, sound the alert."

after four minutes, something very strange happened.

"General! the triangle has disappeared over Ca'ran!"

"WHAT?! Are you telling me that it went behind that mamoth planet?!"

"No, sir, look." the radar watcher set the screen to where it was veiwing the other side. "If he went behind, we would still be able to see it."

"Son of a bitch! Contact Admiral Nyoto of the human fleet! get commander Mayuki on the radio! activate the planetary defence system!"


Down on Ca'ran, the defense system operator had fallen asleep. he was dreaming of picking flowers with his sister (who was friends with a bunch of little nine-year-old girls), but now the buzzer was buzzing. then it reached out and shook him. Then it reached out and slapped him in the face, and he practically jumped to work.

"Bad dewey!" he said, as the robotic hand showed him a thumbs-down before retracting.

"Ground forces here."

"Leutenant, you better activate the defense field right now or we aren't going to stop that mammoth beast from destroying our salvage yards! do you read?! over."

"Yes, we read you General wattson, activating the defense f... damn, there appears to be a massive power failure in the shields, and the guns are not responding, do you read, over."

no response.

"Do you read?! over!"

still no response, and then the lights went out.

Then the overseer pointed to the skys outside the windows.

"Do you see that? something huge enough to block the sun from so far away we cannot hear it, is in the atmosphere!"

"I-... I cannot see!"

"Are you blind?! can't you see that?! That's a rivi'i dreadnought... of some kind!" the overseer said whilst pointing at the ship.

"Are you sure?"

"I think it's a combination between terrornought and hydranought but even so yes I think that's a dreadnought of some kind! Where's the intercept squadron?! SCRAMBLE!"


"This is general wattson, self defense forces, do you read?! over!"

"This is burford onboard the cruis** *********, ****."

"Burford! I think they are jamming your communications, that last bit didn't get through, over!"

"******, ** ***'t qui** **** you wa***on! ***re ******** *p, ****** *** god damn antenna, over!"

"Burford! Do you read?! BURFORD! Dammit i lost him, set a course for the leviathan, I suspect that this entire planet is under attack!

"Nyoto, we need those fighters A-S-A-P! there's a titanic mammoth dreadnought that's attacking Ca'ran! it appears to be-- GAHHHH!" The radioman collapsed as his mind got wiped. then overseer Mayuki picked up the radio as some medics picked up the radioman, and he said "Nyoto, this is the overseer. Nyoto is dead, that mammoth ship wiped out his mind. it's a combination between hydranought and terrornought, this monstrosity seems to have mind wiping HOLY SHIT make that mind control abilities, the radioman just tried to attack me!"

"We are sending in every firewing available, though we are not sure it will be enough."

"Then also send every nagato and every last vector! load them up on a carrier and if it's not capable of reaching here in five minutes then start using every last tugship to pull it because were going to need it sooner than that! over. Radar watcher, have we located the triangle yet?"

"No, sir, however it would appear that they have taken controll of the adelan device. it has already destroyed the Craxis prime shipyard, which is the biggest, and it is targeting the capitol building."

"Then we will need to stop that thing from firing I don't care what it takes!"

"Sir, that may not be possible. they have mounted it on their monstrosity already."

"Then we will need to triple our efforts."

Down on ca'ran, there was an interesting air show going on. a small fighter was fighting the tri-angular monstrosity and preventing it from firing the adelan device.

"How bad is the damage?!" The captain of the pegasus asked.

"The adelan device main control system is still operational. commence recharge."

"Why haven't we shot that fly out of the sky?!"

"I'm sorry sir, it appears to be shielded, unlike most fighters, armored, similar to a nagato, and regenerating, as if it were a soldier drone with the caes'cix. we can do little damage, and then it repairs itself, for an end result of almost nothing being done by us but losing a gun! were losing turrets, fast!"

"Concentrate all of our fire on that fly. annihilate all enemy defenses prior to attack on capitol. aim the adelan device at that thing-- if he takes out our guns he's finished."

"Yes sir!"

The adelan device started charging up. then the nameless shogun set the manta ray to auto-pilot and had it continue attacking the turrets. then he leaped out and landed on the adelan device.

"You were right, sir, he appears to be continueing to attack the turrets."

"Yes... YESS!"

the nameless shogun cut the power cords to the adelan device and then he blasted the computer, then it started to overload. then the manta ray came in close enough for him to get back on, and he cloaked and left Ca'ran.

"Massive power failure in the adelan device! it is now completely offline!"

"WHAT?! We can't let this fool stop us! continue to focus fire on that damn fighter!"

"It's no good sir! the adelan device has exploded! We're crashing! our altitude is falling fast! 600! 500! 400! prepare for imp-" kaboom.


I will continue writing this at another time. right now, im kinda... busy... IRL stuff.
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Re: Why the Ca'anians joined the war...

Postby Ginger88895 » Mon Jun 06, 2011 2:03 pm

Then they lost at the first time and they rebuild themselves.
Everything went well.
They started another attack!!!!!!
They launched all their thogrom bombers and they did focus fire! They won.
For revenge, they started to boom other races.

-no, it's cheat engine.
-0mg pwned xD

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