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Hidden Dimensions 3 (or HD3 for short), is the latest game in a series of collectible cards games set in a science-fiction environment. Nearly 500 cards in 9 sets, one for each of the alien races, can be collected. Next to building decks, you can also hire powerful mercenaries or create combat boosts for a temporary increase in power. A customizable flagship awaits you, and will help lead your fleet to victory.

Download locations :
Steam (installer) : Steam store page for HD3.
Windows (portable) : .exe (70 MB) or .jar (70 MB).
Windows (installer) : .exe (97.5 MB, 194 MB after installation).
Mac & Linux : .jar (70 MB).
Android (manual installation) : .apk (28 MB).
Android : Google play store (free download).
Installation help, manual and additional info can be found on the wiki here.

Check the Dev Blog or this very page for the latest news and updates regarding HD3.

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