August 2016 blog archive

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28/08 - tactical set 1 wrap up

All 6 sets (48 cards in total) are now treated as normal cards by the game, meaning that they can be gotten as card drops from winning duels, or that the trader can offer them, or that they can be chosen as rewards from exploration. At the same time, all 48 tactical decks tied to these cards have been activated again.

When it comes to the ships in this set however, there were two things that still needed to be done : firstly, mercenary variants had to be made, and secondly mercenary bosses as well. The most recent HD3 update takes care of this. These ships can now also be selected as flagship.

14/08 - set 6/6

The final subset of the large set of dual color cards features more ships. There's no special theme to this set, but i've tried to pick card combos that didn't have too many cards yet, or that could use some reinforcements. Here are the images of these cards :

The previous set with the dual color actions can now be found as card drops, or gotten from trader offers or exploration rewards. The actions are of the 'elite' rarity.