December 2016 blog archive

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18/12 - lore on wiki

The lore section on the wiki (click here) has received some minor updates. The various background story texts from cards in HD3 have been added to the list at the bottom of each racial info page. Once i continue work on the book(s) of Xyth, these sections will be further updated. This is probably going to be long process. Even though plenty of stuff exists, a lot of it has never been properly written down, so there might be conflicts between the various things that have been hinted at in games or on the forum.

In related news, the first Xyth Era book (digital only of course) is nearing completion. The text has actually been 99% complete for a while now, but there's a few minor things that still need some work before i feel it's ready for release. As mentioned before, this isn't a sci-fi story, since it takes place during a time similar to the medieval age on Earth, but it does introduce several characters that will appear in future stories. There's a good chance that i'll further explore events on this world in another story, one that will contain more sci-fi elements.
For now, here's a preview of the cover image :

04/12 - wrap up patch

The recent HD3 update finalized the 2nd set of tactical opponents and new cards. This update added mercenary cards for all the ships in this new set, as well as matching mercenary bosses. Also included were a few more background texts for cards.

This is likely going to be the last content update for HD3 for a while. With little spare time available in the foreseeable future, it's not possible to start (or even prepare) more complex things such as new game modes.

Some work on the lore section of the wiki is coming up. For starters, the background text in HD3 will be copied to this section. Even though individual card pages already have these text, i'd like the seem them collected under the Xyth header as well. Doing so also allows me to link these different pages to eachother, which isn't possible with the card pages, as these are generated from within HD3.