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01/29 - Xyth Era I

The first part of the Xyth storyline is now available as e-book. A seperate page on the wiki has been made with some basic info about the book, and also includes download locations to the e-book (pdf and epub) as well as some related images. Check it out here!

As mentioned before, when it comes to genre, this text is close to high fantasy. The science-fiction stuff comes later in the storyline. Right now I'm exploring a couple ideas set in the same time as this first book. I might attempt to finish that text before starting on the science-fiction books (which are the ones upon most of Hidden Dimensions is based).

01/15 - Xyth story part I

If no unexpected delays occur, the first part of the Xyth story (named 'Dragon Berserker') should be out somewhere within the next two weeks.

Xyth is the name humans have given to the galaxy in which they live. They're not the only intelligent lifeform there, nor is there only one planet of note. The first Xyth story carries 'Xyth Era I, Book I' as subtitle. The 'Era' part refers to the broad time when the story takes place, and the 'Book' is there in case more stories take place in the same era. In this case 'Era I' is tied to this planet, called Jeorth.
The story centers around a small group of people on this planet and how they deal with an invasion of demons, over a period of less than one year. There are things that happen to these people and the place they live in, that are orchestrated by others living in different parts of the world. These others remain often unnamed, and the main characters in the book are left to guess as to who did what, and to what end. I figured these 'other' people and their doings are important as well, but so is the broader story (where did those demons originally come from, how did Xyloxi and Technomancer get involved). The first book hints at these things, but doesn't go into much detail, due to it being told from the point of view of this small group of people. In summary, there might be a second book within Era I. While the first book takes entirely place on planet Jeorth, and as such has more of a fantasy feel (since that world has a level of technology similar to Earth's middle ages), this second book has plenty of events taking place in space too, and involving technologically evolved characters (Technomancer, for instance).

The first book has been finished for a while now, but since i came up with the idea of the second book, i decided to first lay out the broad lines of book II, to make sure there wouldn't be things that might result in conflicts between the two books. As said above, the first book takes place over the course of about 1 year, but in the broader storyline, this book is situated near the end of events that span 130 years. The first book mentions a few things of the past, while the second book will provide a first-hand account of such things. Thus, it's important that both books refer to these events in the same way. I re-read the whole thing yet another time, and made some small adjustments here and there. Book II is still an idea (though well evolved at this point), so there's no guaranteed it ever happens, and i might start on Era II first, but book I is stand-alone in any case and doesn't need book II to tell a full story. The aim is that book II stands alone as well.

01/01 - 2017

A fair bit of 2016 was spent wrapping up Hidden Dimensions 3, which later became available on Steam. After a break of several years i started doing music again. Since a month or so, i've started work on the finalizing the first part of the Xyth storyline. In sort, plenty has happened in 2016, and usual, i wish there was more time.

When it comes to games i have no big plans right now. There are a few vague ideas for new content for HD3, but none of these ideas are simple. Since i don't expect to have much time for coding anytime soon, i'll not attempt to make any sort of promise or planning just yet. I might have mentioned before i'd really like to a make a party-based RPG. Over the past years, i've collected many ideas for such a game, but a lot of work is still to be done before i'd start actual coding.

Music-wise, i expect to continue what i've been doing during 2016 : releasing of individual songs, and then make a compilation album of these loose tracks. Once such album was released in august, and i expect there's a good chance i'll have two more net albums out in 2017. The first album of my deal with the Dusktone label is to be released on this very day ( https://dusktone.bandcamp.com/album/until-death-overtakes-me-antemortem-dusk036cd ). The second album of this deal is probably going to be sheduled for early 2018 at the soonest. It's concept already exists in a rough format however.

Then there's the Xyth storyline. The first part of this is nearing completion. The original idea was i'd start on the second part next, which is where most of the Hidden Dimensions stuff is based on, but i might do something that sits between the part that's now complete and the HD part. I have a rough outline of this at the moment, which i'd like to finish before making the first part available (to make sure there are no inconsistencies between these two parts), and before deciding whether i'll write it out in detail or do the part of the story related to HD first.

So while i have nothing resembling a planning, there's plenty of stuff in various stages of completion, and even more ideas (as usual).