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31/07 - set 5/6

There have been both structures and ships in the new card sets thus far, so it's time to have some actions as well. Once again, these are dual color cards. There's no real theme to these cards, other than that most of these deal with new mechanics that have been added in HD3 and that didn't really exist in older versions of the game (AMC, racial resist, blueprint), or existing mechanics that haven't been explored in great detail yet.
This is what the card images look like :

Once again, the previous set with dual color ships is now available from card drops, trader offers, or exploration rewards. Those cards are all uncommon.

17/07 - set 4/6

8 new cards, each with a matching tactical opponent have been added to HD3 with the most recent update.

This is another set of dual color ships, but these ships don't have a secondary energy cost, so they can still be used in single color decks. However, using them in dual color decks will make them stronger, or allows them to be provide additional benefits to their owner.
These are the images for this set :

As per usual, the previous set (dual color ships) can now be gotten from regular card drops, the trader, or exploration rewards. The rarity of these cards is 'elite'.

03/07 - new cards set 3

Another HD3 update, another new set of tactical opponents with a matching set of 8 new cards.

This 3rd set of cards features dual color ships with a spy/infiltration theme. Each of these ships will either have a strong vs race X or resist race X, where the target race is the same as the second race of the card.
Here are the images of this set :

The previous set of cards, the dual color structures, are now available as regular card drop, or from exploration rewards. These are all uncommon cards.