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19/06 - new cards set 2

With the recent HD3 update, a new set of opponents has been activated for the tactical game mode, and with that comes a new set of 8 cards.

The current set of cards are dual color structures. With these in the game, more dual color combos become viable or stronger.
Here are the images of these cards :

The previous set of cards (the dual color engineer style ships) are now available as regular card drop, or from exploration rewards. All these ships are uncommon.

05/06 - tactical gamemode

The most recent HD3 patch saw the addition of a new gamemode, called 'Tactical' and a first set of 8 new cards.

The new game mode is similar to the one with the same name in previous HD games. The decks of opponents that players can duel in this game mode will be centered around a single card. Unlike previous variations of this game mode, this card won't be present more than 4 times in the deck.
The difficulty of the opponents can't be controlled by players directly. The opponents have 5 difficulty tiers (0-4), and the active difficulty tier depends on how many copies a player already has of the card that opponent's deck is built around.
For as long as players don't have 4 copies of this card, defeating the opponent will result in receiving a copy of this card. Once players do have 4 copies of this card, the opponent remains available, but will start dropping cards tied to the race of this opponent, at a 50% chance to drop a card per win.

This game mode will be used to introduce the new cards. Every so often (for now i've decided on a update frequency of 2 weeks), 8 new opponents will be activated for this game mode, each with a new card. These cards won't be available anywhere else in the game. When the next set of cards is added, the previous one will be removed from this game mode, but the cards themselves will be added to the regular card pools, meaning that they can drop from defeated opponents, or can appear in the trader, or can be selected as reward from exploration. Including the current set of 8 cards, there are 48 cards planned already, to be introduced through this system.