March 2016 blog archive

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27/03 - Exploration screenshots

Work on exploration continues steadily (though slowly). Here are some screenshots.


This first screenshot show the screen players get when they enter the exploration part of the game. Every race has 3 area, but only one will be available initially. When the first area is completed, the two other ones become available.


This screenshot shows the area screen, with 5 opponents. The center opponent is the boss, which only becomes available once the 4 other opponents have been defeated.


Opponents, when defeated, grant a bonus to the remaining opponents. This screen shows the details of a selected opponent.

Once all 3 areas of a race have been completed, a key becomes available. Once all 9 keys have been unlocked, the dimensional gate opens, and players can use it to visit various hidden dimensions containing opponents for them to challenge. This code for this second part of exploration has been added to the game, but still needs to be put through testing. Many aspects of the game had to be adjusted to support exploration (primarily the 2nd part of exploration), so there's much that needs to be tested.

13/03 - New HD3 update

Last week's update only contained a few truly urgent improvements and fixes, but as it didn't look like i'd be able to finish exploration soon, it would be better to release a small patch earlier.
The exploration elements that are finished have been disabled again for this update. The first part of exploration is complete for the most part (minus more in-depth testing), but the savegame related updates haven't been implemented yet (as that requires part 2 of exploration as well). Thus, even though the first part could've been enabled, it wouldn't have added much opportunity for testing since player's progress isn't saved, and every game launch would reset exploration progress.