November 2012 blog archive

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25/11 - HD Xyth web release

HD Xyth has been released on a number of game portals, including Kongregate and Newgrounds. Over the coming days & weeks, the game will be uploaded to various other sites and hopefully spread over the internet.

This marks a good 9 months of work, but it's not quite done. I'll be providing bug fixes and perhaps there are some feature requests or new content that might have to be added. I'll also prepare a standalone Adobe Air version of the game, which is pretty much identical to the flash version but has somewhat better performance and image quality (due to not requiring any compressing). This version can be installed on windows and apple computers.

And then… i guess it's time to get started on the next game.

18/11 - Preparing HDX web release

All HD Xyth content has been completed, so basically the game itself is ready for web release - about one week ahead of shedule.

The web release itself and the days following it will no doubt be busy days. With having spent more than 9 months on HD Xyth, i'll be taking things easy until then. I'll be working on a standalone version of HD Xyth that can be downloaded and played outside of a web browser on Windows and Mac. The biggest change compared to the web version is that images and sound don't have to be compressed so much to keep filesize down, resulting in better quality. I'll also start working on the early concepts of a few game ideas to see which game(s) i want to make next.

11/11 - HD Xyth released

HD Xyth can now be played by all visitors of the nulll games site. The game is currently exclusive to the nulll site and will remain so for about two weeks. These two weeks will serve as some form of beta test and will also allow me to finish the last few things. Two more storyline campaigns still have to be added to the game and plenty of work on the wiki still needs to be done. But everything is well ahead of shedule, so things are looking good.

The actual web release of HD Xyth is sheduled for the around the last weekend of november (23-24-25 november).

04/11 - First week of beta

HD:X is now in closed beta, for registered users of Several patches with updates and bugfixes have been released and adding in the content is progressing along shedule.

Most of the card images have been completed by now and 4 of the 9 storyline campaigns have been are also ready. Everything is still on track for a release late november or early december.