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20/11 - cards and lore

Last week saw the release of the second half of the new cards.

This latest update also adds lore texts to a small set of cards. The game could support these background infos for cards for a long time already, but it still took until now before any card had an actual story text. Hidden Dimensions (like most of my other games) takes place in a fictional universe called Xyth. Many ship cards are taken straight out of Xyth's storyline, but plenty don't exist there yet. For the sake of the game, all 8 races needed more or less the same number of ships, so i had to come up with plenty of new ships. The differences in power between ships in the game is also different from the actual storyline to keep things balanced between the races. It's not unlikely that some of these new ships will eventually find their way back to the Xyth story, but for now it looks unlikely, so these cards can't technically ever have a background story.
To decide which cards should have background texts, i focussed on one of the story arcs in Xyth, condensed it, and then spread it around a number of cards that play a role in that arc.

The upcoming wrap-up patch will likely be the last HD3 update for a while (except for balance/bugfix updates) and will include another set of lore texts. For the coming month or 2 i plan to spend some time working on the Xyth lore, so there might be more background texts for HD3 forthcoming. The wiki will be updated alongside the upcoming patch and i'll do some more work on the lore that's already there, as well.
The most detailed part of the lore (the first Xyth novel) has almost nothing in common with HD3 however, so i can't draw much stuff from that work into HD3. This large text is nearing completion, so i'll be releasing it as part of the Xyth lore in the not-too-distant future. Once work on this text is finished, i'll start on the next part, which is the part on which many HD cards have been based.

06/11 - More cards

Last week a new HD3 update was released containing 12 new cards. I had 24 cards planned in total, so this is the first half and the rest will come in a seperate update. Instead of releasing these in sets of 8 as with the previous group of cards, i went with 12 since i'd rather see this set of 24 (and the wrap up patch with mercenaries and bosses) in the game before the second half of december. For the forseeable future, i continue to have little to no time to work on HD3, so trying to plan something that would take almost 2 months to complete isn't easy. Instead, this entire set of 24 cards will be added over the course of 3 updates, two weeks between them.

Alongside these 12 new cards, the update also added 20+ new abilities to the game. Most of these are on the new cards, and all of them are part of the card generator which creates cards for custom games.