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23/10 - What's next for HD3

My time is currently very limited, and the few ideas i have left for HD3 are all complex. Many of those ideas haven't been checked yet for basic viability, so firstly, i don't know if they're realistic at all, and second this also means it's not possible to say how long it would take to implement them.

So instead of trying to start on something big, and risk spending months before knowing if it'll even work out, i've begun on another set of new cards. It'll be a smaller set than before (right now i'm aiming for some 24 cards). I don't have a release date yet (the cards might be spread over 3 or 4 updates, depending on how quickly i can finish them), but i'd like to have at least some of these cards available by mid november.

As with the previous set of cards, the 'Tactical' gamemode will be the primary way to get these cards.

09/10 - HD3 Steam release soon

Coming wednesday, HD3 will become available on Steam. HD3 will remain free to play, but there's a paid DLC containing the background music and a few bonus songs in the same vein.

I've also managed to implement Steam achievements. It's a time-consuming process however, so for now only the 4th tier of each achievement in-game will trigger a Steam achievement.

HD3 on steam : http://store.steampowered.com/app/531540/ Soundtrack DLC : http://store.steampowered.com/app/533840/