September 2016 blog archive

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25/09 - preparing HD3 for Steam

The preparations for now are solely related to setting up a Steam store page. The version of HD3 that will end up on Steam real soon is currently identical to the one people can download from the NULLL Games website. Longer term, i'd like to look into implementing Steam specific functionality so that i can make use of cloud saves and add Steam achievements.

HD3 will be free, but there will be a DLC pack containing the HD3 background music as well as a few related songs. For now, i'm aiming for a release on the 12th of oktober.

11/09 - HD3 has been greenlit

Somewhere around the time HD3 went into beta, i also put it into the Steam Greenlight process. A couple days ago, HD3 was greenlit. This means that HD3 can be made available via the Steam store. This is a pretty big thing of course, though being greenlit came unexpected. There's still some administrative stuff to work through before HD3 can actually be added to the Steam store, but also still need to decide one thing : will HD3 be free, or paid?

When it comes to my creative works, i've always wanted there to be as few barriers as possible between the content and people that want to expierence it. Money is such a barrier, and the amount doesn't matter - people simply don't always have access to online payment methods.
For HD3 in particular, the game has always been free, so it wouldn't make sense to suddenly charge for it without the addition of lots of new content. Adding new content to justify a paid game means that the paid version of the game might no longer be compatible with the free versions, with brings with it problems as well. I also don't have the plans and time for additional updates in the forseeable future, so once again it's not a good idea to charge for a game that's not going to receive significant content updates for a while, perhaps even never again.
There are some drawbacks to releasing a game for free on Steam, such as not being able to add in Steam trading cards. Possibly Steam achievements won't be avaiable either. There's also the problem that some people automatically associate free games with pay-2-win without ever trying out the game.

So it's safe to assume that at this point i would release HD3 as a free game, even tough it's too soon to say when HD3 will actually be on Steam.