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Fleet Bounce combines traditional arkanoid gameplay with the Xyth universe. Unlock 9 different paddles, each with a unique special ability and face waves of enemy ships and their bosses. Features 24 levels, 4 bonus modes, 9 bosses and 9 upgradable paddles.

Version Info

Latest version : V 1.001 (15 februari 2013).

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Your paddle will follow the mouse pointer - use it to bounce the energy spark towards the enemy spaceships.
Levels are made up out of several waves of ships - hit all ships with the energy spark to destroy them. Destroyed ships have a chance to drop penalties or boosts.

The ships players face in Fleet Bounce can have different abilities, ranging from armored and shielded ships to ships that randomly teleport around the screen, or ships that split into smaller ships when destroyed or even carriers that can launch additional ships!

There are 9 different paddles to collect, each with a unique special ability. Paddles become unlocked when you defeat the bosses.

Achievements & Points

The following achievements can be unlocked during the game :

Icon Title Requirement Points
2000 Kills Destroy 2000 or more ships 5
4000 Kills Destroy 4000 or more ships 10
8000 Kills Destroy 8000 or more ships 20
Boss killer Defeat all 8 bosses 20
25X Reach a multiplier of 25x or more 25
500K Reach a score of 500.000 or more in a single level 10
1 Million Reach a score of 1.000.000 or more in a single level 25
Wave 25 Reach wave 25 in endless mode on any difficulty 25

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