Aladayr's Phoenix (HU)


Card Info

Race : Human

Type : ship (Battleship)

Rarity : legendary

Stats : 12 attack, 40 defense

Cost : 9 2


passive : Restore 1 : while restore is larger than zero, if this ship would be destroyed, it's instead restored to its default stats. With the exception of played abilities, this card will be treated as if it had just entered play when restore triggers, the card also never leaves play during this process. Restore is lowered by one, every time it's triggered.

played : Deals 2 damage to all opposing ships and base.

activatable : Deals 3 damage to all opposing ships and base. (cost : 3 )

Background lore

As with its sister ship, the original Troy carrier, the Phoenix battleship joined the human fleets to take on Rivi'i and Caes'cix opponents. Both ships rarely worked in tandem, as there were two bases to defend : Aldayr's outpost near the north-eastern open gate, and The Eastern Citadal in the deep east. Troy's strength was with its capability to launch a veritable cloud of small fighters that were a perfect counter to the slow and hulking Rivi'i ships. The Phoenix, built on the same hull type as the Troy did not come with any ship launcing capbilities in favor of several batteries of medium-range chaingun turrets backing up a pair of artillery turrets that could propel vast masses of superheated metal over frightful distances. The battleship proved to be an ideal barrier against the Caes'cix hordes and as such primarily operated in the vicinity of the outpost, while Troy remained in the east. Under command of the experienced Aladayr, the single Phoenix class vessel time and time again took on unbelievable hordes of opponents and managed to return home from even the most destructive battles. Seemingly indestructible, it was a credit to its name. Unlike the Troy, upon which a smaller carrier model was eventually based, the Phoenix class only produced a single vessel. After the Caes'cix-Rivi'i battles in the area petered out, the Phoenix became a mobile military academy, in honour of Aladayr, the legendary instructor of many of the first GoX and XLG pilots, who remained onboard to advice and train young pilots.

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