Chyriax (XY)


Card Info

Race : Xyloxi

Type : ship (Commander)

Rarity : legendary

Stats : 12 attack, 45 defense

Cost : 10 2


played : All allies gain 1 shield.

automatic : Repairs for 3 HP.

activatable : All allies gain 1 defense. (cost : 3 )

Background lore

While the Ca'anian treat the Xyloxi as allies, Xyloxi are generally creatures that keep to themselves and will actively avoid the other inhabitants of the galaxy. One notable exception is Chyriax, who can be often found patrolling all over the eastern half of the galaxy's outer regions. Chyriax has sought contact with humans, managing to hack into the pseudo-telepathic interface through which the more advanced human vessels were commanded by their pilots, using it as a means to communicate with those pilots. Chyriax has since supported humans on a few occasions against Rivi'i and Mith'ri'aeil opponents. Since there appears some kind of friendship between Xyloxi and the higher evolved specimens of the Caes'cix, notably the hive queens, Xyloxi have avoided getting involved in the human-Caes'cix conflict, and instead have attempted to convince both parties to cease all hostilities. When it comes to Rivi'i however, it's clear that there never will be peace between them and the Xyloxi. Chyriax is one of the oldest and largest specimens on the Xyloxi, and as such one of the most powerful. She, as well as many of her species has been attacked by Rivi'i on numerous occasions, as the Rivi'i are believed to be interested in the crystal material Xyloxi are made of, most likely wishing to incorporate it into their own ship designs. Their aim is likely to attempt to capture Xyloxi to perform all kinds of experiments on them. Another eternal enemy of the Xyloxi are the Mith'ri'aeil, who simply see the Xyloxi as a source of food. Xyloxi have fled their regions of origin in an attempt to lure the Mith'ri'aeil away from a vitally important Xyloxi artifact, and it's generally accepted that the presence of Mith'ri'aeil in the galaxy is a result of them having tracked down the Xyloxi that chose to live there.

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