resource actions

These actions provide various ways to increase the energy generation of the base, or affect the energy stocks of players.

Card Race(s) Rarity Cost
Chaotic Channeler RD / MT elite 2 1
Dark Crystal XY / CA uncommon 1
Dark Energy CA common 1
Dark Fission Vault AR common 0
Dimensional Sail AR common 0
Elemental Spark AR common 0
Energize CA uncommon 0
Energy Shell MT uncommon 1
Energy Vortex RD elite 0
Energy Warp MT uncommon 2
Entropic Siphon AR common 0
Fusion Capacitor CC common 1
Fusion Drain CA / CC uncommon 1
Fusion Phaser AR common 0
Grav Engineering RV / TM elite 1 1
Gravitational Buoy AR common 0
Mirror Energy AR uncommon 2
Nebular Crystal XY common 0
Nebular Flux Driver AR common 0
Nulll Void AR elite 5
Prismatic Crystal XY common 1
Prismatic Generator AR common 2
Shield Transfer MT / HU uncommon 0
Solar Refractor AR common 0
Spectralis Channeler AR elite 3
Spectrum Core AR elite 2
Star Battery HU common 1
Techno Drain TM common 0

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