Shield Node (MT)


Card Info

Race : Mith'ri'aeil

Type : ship (Support)

Rarity : uncommon

Stats : 3 attack, 20 defense

Cost : 3


passive : Resist 1 : this ship ignores up to 1 damage received from any source.

passive : Shield 2 : while this card has shields left, any non-damage ability from an opposing source that would affect this card, instead doesn't affect it and causes it to lose one shield. This card enters play with 2 shields.

played : Neighbours gain 2 shields.

automatic : Resistance is set to X, equal to the number of allied copies of this card in play.

Mercenary : Toltecatl

Note : the stats and abilities below are the core stats of this card without any upgrades. Mercenaries generally receive an upgrade that affects their stats or abilities.

Stats : 4 attack, 24 defense

Cost : 3

passive : Resist 4 : this ship ignores up to 4 damage received from any source.

played : All allies gain 1 shield.