HD3 game features

The page lists the major features currently present in HD3. Each feature is explained in short below and might have its own page with more detailed info. These extra pages will generally lead you to pages belonging to the Game manual.

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The entire card collection from HD Xyth is present, with some minor changes here and there. Changes generally occur for two reasons : 1. card abilities have been updated to fit in the new ability system that HD3 supports, and 2. certain abilities are no longer planned to be used.
A custom card generator is present, which can create countless random, balanced cards, which can be made available in most game modes.
For the list of cards, refer to the HD3 forums for now. This topic lists all the cards.


Different from older versions of HD, cards in HD3 are no longer limited to one ability per type (and thus a maximum of 3 abilities per card), except for acti abilities and actions. Additional ability classes have been made : passives, aura abilities, and exit abilities.
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The flagship is a fully customizable ship card, that is available to you at the start of your duels. Your flagship will start in your opening hand, without it taking up room for others.
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Combat boosts

Boosts are items that provide a bonus to a subset of cards in your deck, for the duration of a single duel.
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Duel powerful bosses to have a chance of gaining their support for a single battle.
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Game modes

Via the Battle screen, players can set up duels against AI opponents, and control the rules and difficulty of the battle in great detail.


Exploration is a two-tier game mode offering great variation and challenge in opponents, as well as plenty of rewards.


Turn your surplus cards into boost or mercenary tokens, or use your tokens to complete your card collection. The trader will also have special offers every so often.


HD3 contains 87 achievements. Unlocking them can grant cards, boosts and mercenaries, and can even unlock upgrade slots for your flagship. The progress towards completing achievements is documented in detail in the profile screen.


Through the Events screen, players gain access to endless new content, provided by a server. Events can range from a single duel versus an AI to large campaigns.


Environments are modifications that can be applied to a duel against the AI, that mimic space locations. The effects of these environments affect all players in the duel equally.


Adjust to game to your wish. The different clients of the game will determine what settings are available.
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