Game Info

Hidden Dimensions 3, or HD3 for short, is the 4th game in the Hidden Dimensions series of science-fiction collectible card games.

HD3 is free to play on Android, Windows, Linux and Mac systems. HD3 is also available through Steam here :

Version Info

Latest version : V 3.13.010 'More cards' (17 january 2017). Read the latest patchnotes.

Download locations
Download HD3 (without installer, requires Java 1.7 or higher) for Windows here (.exe, 79.6 MB).
Download HD3 installer (no Java required) for Windows here (.exe, 106 MB, 210 MB after installation).
For Mac and Linux (and Windows, too) computers, download here (.jar, 79.5 MB).
Both the above files require Java (version 1.7 or higher), which can be downloaded here.
The Android version can be downloaded from here (.apk, 30.2 MB), but needs to be installed manually. HD3 is also available from the Google play store. Play HD3 through Steam, from this page.

Installation and upgrade instructions
For windows, no special installation is needed. The file (without installer) you downloaded above can be double-clicked to start the game. The installer can be used if you don't have Java version 1.7 or higher.
For linux and mac, you might have to change permissions for the .jar file, so that it can be executed as a program.
To update an existing version on desktops, you can simply delete the file you downloaded orginally, and replaced it by the new one. Savegames are stored in a seperate folder and will not be affected when you delete or update the downloaded file.
To update a version that was installed by the windows installer, simply download and run the installer of the new version.
To update on android, the old version should not be uninstalled, as that will delete whatever files the game has created.
Note : always check the patchnotes before updating an existing version, in case there are special instructions.


  • more than 550 cards to collect
  • duel against the AI, and control the difficulty and gameplay rules in great detail
  • a wide range of challenging events, with new ones available each day
  • a customizable flagship to lead your fleet into battle
  • combat boosts that provide varied benefits during combat
  • countless mercenaries that can assist you in duelling your opponents
  • new major gameplay modes : exploration, unpredictable & mercenary bosses
  • available for windows, mac, linux and android

Game Manual & Information

Additional Links & Info

HD3 on the NULLL games forum : HD3 forum.