Known issues

This page lists known problems and bugs within in the game. Some problems can't be fixed easily or quickly and thus might persist in the game over the course of several version. A bug thats discovered in a certain version of the game and that's not fixed when the next version is released, doesn't automatically mean that this is a problem that needs to be listed here.

When reporting bugs or problems, please make sure the issue isn't already listed below.

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Image placeholders

Several base images (for on the combat screen) are provided in low-resolution. High-resolution images will need to be made.

Card popup availability on the combat screen

Bringing up the card popup on the combat screen will pause the game. Right now, combat in progress can only be paused at specific times, which results in the popup not being available all the time. Note, that when AI logging is enabled in the settings, that this effect seems to worsen, as the the AI will spend considerably more time calculating its next move, which is something that can't be paused.
A possible solution is to remember the last card click the player made, so that when the game enters a state where it can be paused, this popup will be shown immediately. This, combined with more times that can be paused should make sure that popups will be available at nearly all times.

Android copy/paste

The deck editor can generate what is called a 'deckstring', which is a series of seemingly random characters. A deckstring represents an entire deck, and can stored in a text file or be emailed to friends to recreate the same deck elsewhere. The game allows you to copy the deckstring to your computer's clipboard, from where you can then paste it in a text document or an email. Similar, you may paste a deckstring into the game that has been copied from elsewhere, but this is not working in the Android version of the game. Whatever you copy into the clipboard from within the game will not be available in other applications, and similar, whatever gets copied into the clipboard from other applications can not be pasted into the game.
It's unlikely that this can be fixed at all due to how the clipboard functions differently in android versus windows, mac or linux. A possible solution is to offer players to store deckstrings to a seperate file, or read them from a file, but for the time being, HD3 can only access files that are in a specific folder which is not available unless you have root access on your device.

Android recovery

When the game is moved to the background, or the screen is turned off, the game enters a paused state. This process also involves some of the memory that the game takes up to be freed for other applications. When the game is brought to the foreground again, it will attempt to reinstate the lost data in memory. This recovery process tends to fail in certain situations. While it's assumed that the cause the solution for this problem are known, actual implementation of the solution will require a rewrite a large portions of the game.
Another solution involves forcing the game to start from scratch (as if it were launched again) instead of recovering it. This ensures the game goes through all steps that involve preparing data for its operation. The drawback of this solution is that a duel in progress will be lost. A system that can save a duel in progress is however planned, and should that be implemented, this solution is more viable.