Cards in HD3 always come with one or more abilities. These abilities are seperated in different ability classes, which determine how or when the ability is active.

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Differences with older HD games

In older versions, cards could only have one of each ability class. In HD3, a new ability system was created, which not only added a few classes, but also allowed cards to have multiple abilities of the same class. This change effectively also increased the maximum number of abilities a card can have.


Passive abilities are traits that are always true about a card. Example : a card with the 'Resist 2' passive will lower all incoming damage with 2. Since this ability is always active, it doesn't matter when or how damage reaches this card.


Played abilities are triggered only once in the lifetime of a card : when that card enters play.


An aura is similar to a passive, since it's always active. But while passives are local, auras either affect other cards or are triggered by external events.


Automatic abilities trigger at the start of each turn.


Exit abilities trigger when a card leaves play.


Activated abilities can be triggered once per turn, at any point during the main phase, at the wish of the owner of the card. Activation might come with a certain energy cost.


Action abilities only appear on action cards, and next to passives, these are the only kind of abilities an action can have. Action abilities are similar to played abilities in that they trigger the moment the card is played.