Blueprint game mode

Blueprint is an event game mode, meaning it's only available through the events screen. Blueprint duels will be made available regularly through the events screen, but will generally come with a fixed difficulty level and setup.

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In a blueprint game, players will face a single, computer controlled opponent. This opponent will have a regular, single-race, randomly generated deck. What makes blueprint different from regular Single Duel games, is that the opponent only has 8 cards in their deck. Each of those cards will have the 'Blueprint 9' and 'Protected' passives. The 'Blueprint 9' passive allows 9 copies to be played of each card, while the 'Protected' passive makes it so these cards can't be discarded by the opponent.

Unlike other game modes, the contents of the deck for a certain Blueprint duel will always be the same. If you can't defeat a Blueprint opponent on your first try, take note of the cards this opponent played and find the ideal counters to them.

Blueprint duels will come with a guaranteed reward for the first time a player defeats the opponent. For more information regarding the kind of rewards blueprint can offer, refer to the droprates article.


Blueprint games can currently only be started from the events screen. Players will need to be connected to the internet before they can access the events screen. Having an account, or being logged in is not required.

Blueprint games are generated by a server. In the current setup, one blueprint game will be created each day. Each game is available for 24 hours. The events screen will list for how much longer a blueprint game will be available.