Combat boosts

Combat boosts are consumable items that can be selected to provide players with a wide range of benefits during combat. On the combat screen, boosts will function similar to trigger auras.

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Combat boosts can drop as rewards for winning duels. In the combat boost screen, which shows a player's collection of boosts, additional boosts can be created in return for boost tokens. Boost tokens are rewarded for winning duels. For more information on droprates and token amounts, read this article.

The 'offers' section of the trader can occasionally contain a boost.


In the combat boosts screen, boost tokens can be used to modify existing boosts. The modifications allow to change or add the effects of the boost, or the number of times a boost triggers or can be used.


The combat boosts screen allows to select up to 3 boosts for the upcoming duel. Each boost has a score that goes up the more powerful it is, or the higher its trigger count is, and the sum of the scores of the selected boosts is capped. The maximum combined score of selected boosts does go up as players level up.
The selected boosts also show up on the opening hand screen, from where the selection can still be adjusted. Boosts that have been selected will remain selected after the duel has been completed, provided those boosts still have uses left.

On the combat screen, boosts are shown on the left side of the screen, near the location of the flagship boost.