Reporting bugs and problems

Before reporting a problem, consult the list of known known issues. Some of the entries on that page no longer need to be reported, while others require more info (and thus more reports) to aid in fixing them.

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Identify the type of problem you encountered

Not every problem is a bug. Not every bug is considered game-breaking. If the game crashes, that's generally the result of a severe bug (in some cases the game will create an error log). If the game becomes unreponsive, that also often the result of a bug. In such cases, the game might crash later on as it runs out of memory (but it likely won't generate a crash log), or you might have to force the game to close.
Bugs and problems can be submitted on the HD3 forum, or can be emailed to Note that the forum doesn't support uploads of files or screenshots, so those will have to be emailed.

If the AI makes what appears to be a stupid move, that's generally not the result of a bug. If some cards appear too strong or too weak, again that's not a bug. All these things are called balance problems, and may be submitted as well, but the ideal location for those submission is the HD3 forum.

Log files

HD3 is set up to provide two kinds of logs, that will end up in the 'logs' folder inside the savefiles folder : game logs and error logs.

Game logs have a filename that starts with 'log_' followed by a bunch of numbers tied to the time and date when the log was created. This log stores general game info (such as the combat log) and occasionally non-critical warnings.

Error logs have a similar setup for their filenames, but these start with 'error_'. These logs will be created if the game encounters a critical error that results in a crash of the game. However, a game crash is not guaranteed to always create an error file. It's also possible for the game to create error logs without the game itself crashing or showing any evidence of something being wrong.

Should your game have crashed, have a look in the logs folder to see if a new error file has been created, if so, you may email it to - there's no need to send the most recent log file along since an error file will always contain the contents of the most recent log file.

Log and error files can be safely deleted. Logs are small and will generally not take up too much room, even if you play the game often.
You can keep the game from creating log and error files, through manually editing the settings file.