Exploration is a game mode through which players can progress to unlock more content and discover more and more challenging opponents.

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Exploration is split up in two parts : there's regular exploration and gate exploration (or hidden dimensions). Regular exploration needs to be completed to grant access to the dimensional gate, which in turn makes gate exploration available.

Regular exploration

Each race (including artifacts) has 3 areas, each with 5 opponents. The first area of each race is available to players, and needs to be completed before the two other areas of that race become available. Completing an area is achieved when all opponents in that area have been defeated. Each area has 4 regular opponents, and one boss. The boss becomes available once the 4 regular opponents have been defeated.
Regular opponents, upon defeat, will grant a bonus to the other opponents (including the boss) in that area. Each opponent, including the boss, also starts out with a ship in play. Players can choose the order in which to duel the regular opponents (i.e. a combination of starting ship and on-defeat bonus), but all 4 on-defeat bonusses will always apply to the boss.
Defeating an opponent for the first time rewards players with a card of their choice for the race of that opponent. The regular opponents in the first area of each race reward an uncommon card, and the first boss an elite card. The regular opponents for the two other areas of each race reward an elite card, while the boss rewards both an uncommon and elite card. As such, completing all areas for a race will grant players 6 uncommon and 11 elite cards of their choice for that race.

Dimensional gate

The dimensional gate is locked with 9 keys, one for each race. A key becomes unlocked once all regular exploration areas of a race have been completed. Once all 9 keys have been unlocked, the dimensional gate itself can be activated, allowing players to visit hidden dimensions.

Gate exploration

Once the gate has been unlocked, players can explore hidden dimensions. These are areas with a similar setup as regular exploration areas, but there will be 6 regular opponents and 1 boss. The dimensional gate itself also provides 9 modifiers (one for each key) that affect the opponents and their decks.
Setting up a pathway to a hidden dimension is an unstable matter. As such, the gate can only remain open for a limited amount of time. Players will have a limited number of duel attempts before the gate closes. On top of this, players can't change their deck and flagship, nor their selection of combat boosts and mercenary while inside a hidden dimension.
The difficulty level of the opponents can be set to player's choice, but will initially be limited to a maximum of 50. If players can clear an area at the maximum level of the gate, this maximum will go up by 5, and players will receive a elite card of their choice of a random race.
Defeating opponents in a hidden dimension grants dimensional affinity points (DA points), which can be used to boost skills.

DA points and skills

DA points can only be gained by defeating opponents in hidden dimensions. The amount of DA points gained goes up with the difficulty level of the area, and is further modified by the bonus points granted by the various gate modifiers. Finally, there is an additional modifier that goes up the more opponents players defeat within a single hidden dimension. On top of this, the boss will grant even more DA points.
DA points can be used to level up a small set of skills which affect the player's base (f.i. increase HP or base regen) or the cards in player's deck (f.i. increasing the attack and defense of random ships). These skills only have an effect on duels fought while inside a hidden dimension.