The flagship is a customizable ship card that always starts in the opening hand.

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Combat interactions

The flagship starts off in the opening hand, but doesn't take up a card slot for other cards, so it's possible to still have 8 cards in hand. During combat, the flagship is treated like any other ship card, except that once it has been destroyed, it does not go to the scrapyard.
The flagship card image remains visible in the bottom left corner of the screen (to the left of the other cards in a player's hand). If the flagship is in play, or has been destroyed, an icon over this image will show the flagship's status.

The combat boost offered by the flagship will have an image that's located on the left side of the screen, alongside the images of any regular combat boosts that might be active.


Editing the flagship happens in a seperate screen, which can be reached from the battle setup screen or from the profile screen. Flagships have 8 editable elements, starting with the ship itself. As players gain ship cards, those ships can be used as the base of their flagship. The second element is a 'combat boost' style effect that's active while the flagship is in play. Up to 4 abilities can be added to a flagship, but these upgrade slots need to be unlocked for each race seperately, through achievements. Two stat boost upgrades can be unlocked as well, also through completing achievements.