HD3 Game manual

This page provides links to all articles in the game manual.

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  • cards : basic info about cards and links to various card lists
  • card abilities : an overview of ability classes and related mechanics
  • flagship : how to customize and use your flagship
  • combat boosts : provides info on collecting and using boosts
  • mercenaries : provides info on collecting and using mercenaries
  • exploration : information about the exploration game mode
  • battle : how to setup and customize duels against the AI
    • tactical : information about the tactical game mode
    • ambush : information about the ambush game mode
    • blueprint : information about the blueprint game mode
  • environments : a list of environments and related mechanics
  • trader : offers ways to turn one kind of item into another
  • account : an overview of the accounts screen
  • droprates : explains what rewards can be gained from winning duels
  • leveling : information about gaining experience and leveling up
  • unlocking : as players progress through the game, they'll unlock more content
  • achievements : an overview of all 87 achievements in HD3
  • savefiles : information about savegames and other files that HD3 creates
  • settings : available game settings and how to use the settings file
  • reporting problems : explains how to report bugs and problems