Tactical game mode

Tactical is available from the battle setup screen (in pro mode only) from player level 16 onwards.

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Unlike regular duels, the decks of the opponents are fixed. This means that everytime players face a specific opponent, that opponent will have the same deck. Decks are centered around a certain card, and the 'opponents' screen will show which card this is.

The difficulty of opponents is not shown in levels, as with other game modes, but in tiers, which range from 0 to 4. Players can't choose which tier is active, instead the tier is automatically selected and is based on the number of copies players have of the card the opponent's deck is centered around. If players have no copies of this card, the opponent will be at its easiest (tier 0). If players have 4 or more copies of the card, the opponent will be at its most difficult (tier 5).


As long as players don't yet have 4 copies of the card an opponent's deck is centered around, there will be 100% droprate for this card upon winning. Once players do have 4 or more copies of this card, the droprate will lower and the cards that can be gained will be limited to those of the same race as the opponent.

Opponent availability

Generally, only 8 opponents will be active at once, and for a limited time. Whenever a new set of opponents (and matching cards) is released, the previous set will be disabled. Once a number of such sets have been created, all opponents will be activated again.