Unlocking additional content

As players reach certain levels or attain specific achievements, additional content will become unlocked.

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Unlocks based on level

Core gameplay features as well as additional gameplay modes will be unlocked a certain levels :

  • level 5 : the use of a flagship and the flagship editor becomes available.
  • level 9 : the unpredictable game mode becomes available in the battle setup screen.
  • level 13 : the events screen becomes available, which in turn gives access to the ambush game mode (internet connection required).
  • level 16 : mercenary cards, managed through the mercenaries screen, and the related game mode, selectable in the battle setup screen, become available.
  • level 18 : the combat boosts screen becomes available, allowing players to create boosts from tokens and select them for use during duels.
  • level 20 : the trader screen becomes available, which allows players to exchange surplus of one item type into other items.

Flagship unlocks

In the flagship editor screen, players can choose the ship they wish to use as flagship. Available choices depend on which ship cards players have collected. The 9 basic spawns (one per race, these are the zero-cost ships that can be launched from carriers or shipyards) will be unlocked by default. Since new players start out with a small number of cards of each race, the ships in that starting set will also be unlocked right away.

For the race of the selected ship, up to 6 additional upgrade slots can be unlocked, which allow to add passive, played, automatic, and activatable abilities to ship or which can boost the stats of the ship twice. These slots need to be unlocked seperately for each race, and this is done by reaching specific tiers in certain achievements of the same race :

  • passive abilities are unlocked when reaching tier 1 of the 'ship launch count' achievement
  • played abilities are unlocked when reaching tier 1 of the 'structure deployment count' achievement
  • automatic abilities are unlocked when reaching tier 1 of the 'action plays count' achievement
  • activated abilities are unlocked when reaching tier 2 of the 'energy collection' achievement
  • the first stats boost is unlocked when reaching tier 2 of the 'wins versus race' achievement
  • the second stats boost is unlocked when reaching tier 3 of the 'wins using this race' achievement

The upgrade slot that allows to select a combat boost style effect for the flagship is unlocked by default.

Mercenary boss unlocks

The mercenaries game mode puts players against powerful mercenary bosses, but not all of these bosses are available right away. By default, the 9 basic spawns (one per race) will be unlocked, but additional bosses are unlocked based on the highest level at which players have defeated existing bosses, for a given race.

To unlock a boss of a certain race, the sum of the highest levels (+ 3) at which all available bosses for that race have been defeated, needs to be equal or above a certain value, given by the following formula :
(7 + current boss count * 3) * current boss count
Note : the (7 + current boss count * 3) part of this formula will be capped at maximum 90.

Once this value is reached, the game will randomly pick one of the locked bosses for that race and make it available.

Some examples : If a player has 5 bosses of a certain race, the unlock value is (7 + 5 * 3) * 5 = 110.
To reach this value, that player could defeat a single boss at level 109, wich results in a sum of 109 + 3 = 112.
Or, this player could defeat all 5 available bosses at level 21, resulting in a sum of 5 * (21 + 3) = 120.