HD3 planning

This page provides an overview of upcoming changes to HD3. Small bugfixes, updates and balance adjustments won't be listed on this page. Things that are listed on this page are not always guaranteed to end up in the game.

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V 3.13

ETA : out now

Planned contents :

  • tactical game mode (ok)
  • 48 new cards (ok)
  • tactical mode set 1 wrap up (ok)
  • 24 new cards (ok)
  • tactical mode set 2 wrap up (ok)

V 3.14

ETA : unknown

Planned contents :

  • unknown

Long-term planning

These are important features that either require preparation or other features to be completed before these can be added. Note that the features in this list are not all guaranteed to ever make it into the game.

  • game-in-progress saving
  • mercenary upgrade system
  • improved sound and visual effects
  • keyboard support for the deck editor
  • keyboard support for the account screen
  • drafting game mode
  • baseship upgrades/equipment