What is an Event?

An event is a large scale happening in the background storyline in which all players can participate and influence the outcome. Through single player matches, fighting against event decks and through any ranked pvp matches, players can gather points for themselves and for their favorite races.
While an event is active, a new section in the single player screen will be available, this is where the event decks can be found.

Events also introduce new cards and when an event is concluded, the scores players and races obtained will determine which races get which cards and which players are rewarded with free copies of these new cards.

Participation is automatic. You gain points by defeating the event decks, which will become available over the course of the event. These event decks can be found in the single player screen, after clicking the 'Participate in Events' button.
Points can also be gained in ranked PvP matches.

HD Spectrum Event : The Mysterious Artifact

An alien energy signature was detected several weeks ago. Long range scans suggested it might belong to a powerful source of energy. The sudden appearance of this signature did not go unnoticed and various alien races sent out science and patrol fleets to investigate it.

At the scene of the signature it was clear a mysterious energy artifact was the source. This artifact seemed capable of continuously generating large amounts of energy. The various science fleets all wanted to take the artifact home for further study, with the idea to eventually modify the artifact so it generated the kind of energy most beneficial to them.

Not only did science fleets of various races, hostile to each other, find themselves gathered in the area of the mysterious energy source, the artifact itself was guarded by equally mysterious ships.
News of the artifact spread fast and not before long, all the major space-faring races in the galaxy had heard about it and had sent large war fleets to claim the artifact for themselves. Old alliances were broken, new ones -no doubt temporary- were made. Small factions split off from various races, trying to run off with the artifact while others were fighting over it, if only they could overcome the artifact's guardians.

Everyone wanted to have the artifact's technology for themselves, or at the least co-operate with an ally to share the technology amongst them.

You can participate and fight for yourself or any of these races. For the duration of the event, every time you win a single player game against one of the event decks or a ranked PvP game, you'll gain points. If these victories were made with a deck that contained at least 50% cards belonging to one race, that race gains points as well.

At the end of the event, the races with the most points will claim the artifact and change it so it produces their favored kind of energy. No doubt they will reward those pilots and commanders who helped them win the event.

The Goal

You can influence the outcome of this event. If you want your favorite race(s) to win, you can help them by playing decks with at least 50% of the cards belonging to one of those races. You can score points for your favorite race(s) through single player and ranked PvP games.

The event lasts for 16 days. At the conclusion, all scores of all players that participated will be added together. The 3 races with the most points will receive several new cards. The other races will also get at least one new card out of it.

Players with the highest individual scores will be awarded with several copies of these new cards. Players with the highest scores for a particular race (excluding those players who already won cards), will also get several copies of new cards.

Scoring points

All players participate automatically, but only certain areas of the game will award personal points. Racial points are only awarded if the deck you're playing with has at least 50% of its cards belonging to one race. For more info on how HD Spectrum calculates the race(s) of a deck, check the achievements page.

All points awarded through winning games will count towards the grand total per race, which takes into account all points from all other players, but they'll also count towards your personal total. The more points you have personally, the more chance to receive cards when the event is concluded. The more points a race has, the higher the chance they'll get more powerful new cards.

Single player

Several decks are available for this event, over the course of the event they'll be activated and you can fight against them. Every new deck that becomes activated will be more stronger than the previous decks, but these will also reward more points when you win against them.

You will always gain personal points when winning against these decks, but racial points will only be awarded to the race that has at least 50% cards in the deck you're playing with.

You can play against these decks as many times as you like, but you can only gain points for the first 250 wins against any of these decks. The more you win against a deck, the stronger it gets :

  • Every time you win against a deck, that deck gains one base HP.
  • For every 10 wins against a deck, that deck gains one starting energy.
  • For every 25 wins, the deck alternating gains one base energy generation or one base resist.

Ranked PvP

Win against other players in ranked PvP to gain points. The amount of points you get is equal to twice the rank of the opponent you defeated. There is no cap on the amount of points that can be collected this way.

You will always gain personal points when winning ranked games, but racial points will only be awarded to the race that has at least 50% cards in the deck you're playing with.


According to UTC time. Current UTC date & time is : date_default_timezone_set('UTC'); echo date("F j, G:i");

  • Day 1 (Saturday the 1st of Oktober) : Event starts at 00:00. Deck 1 is available and awards 1 point. Ranked PvP will start earning you points as well for the remainder of the event.
  • Day 3 (Monday the 3rd of Oktober) : Deck 2 is available and awards 2 points when you defeat it.
  • Day 5 (Wednesday the 5th of Oktober) : Deck 3 is available (3 points).
  • Day 7 (Friday the 7th of Oktober) : Deck 4 is available (4 points).
  • Day 9 (Sunday the 9th of Oktober) : Deck 5 is available (6 points).
  • Day 11 (Thuesday the 11th of Oktober) : Deck 6 is available (8 points).
  • Day 13 (Thursday the 13th of Oktober) : Deck 7 is available (11 points).
  • Days 14-15 (the 14th to the 15th of Oktober) : The event is almost over, there is still time to gather points!
  • Day 16 (Sunday the 16th of Oktober) : The final day of the event! The event ends at 23:59.


The race with the highest number of points will receive a powerful artifact that generates 3 types of energy. The types will be those of the 3 races with the highest number of points.

Additional elite cards will be released for the winning races as well as dual energy structures and new commons. Each race will get a new card.

The top players with the highest individual scores will receive several copies of these new cards, as well as players with the highest racial score per race.

Event Decks

Deck 1
It's no surprise to see Human fighters and Caes'cix soldiers already on the scene. After all, these are some of the fastest ships in the galaxy.
The presence of the mysterious guardians of the artifacts has forced these long-time enemies to work together.
Will you help out this local alliance or are you here in the service of another fleet, or merely in the service of your own interests?

Deck 2
More human ships on the scene of the event - this time it's brand new defensive technology, backed up with the experts on the matter of defense, the Ca'anian. Are the combined forces of these allies enough to defeat the guardians?

Deck 3
The chaos resulting from several days of fighting between various factions has attracted the Mith'ri'aeil. Instead of relying solely on their own abilities, they have chosen to force some Caes'cix to do their bidding. Meanwhile, the guardians appear to be fielding stronger and stronger ships.

Deck 4
The energy signature has attracted Solar Demons, and the presence of various technologies both Techno Demons and Technomancers. The Technomancers seem to be exploiting the elemental energies of the Rift demons in an attempt to push through the guardian forces.

Deck 5
A strong Rivi'i force, slowly getting the upper hand on a small squadran of Xyloxi is forced to turn its attention to attacking guardians. The guardians care not about the complex relationships between the various races on the scene, they attack everyone.

Deck 6
In the end, the Xyloxi are the first to reach the last lines of defense around the artifact, with the aid of their human allies. The guardians are now deploying their strongest warships in an attempt to stop the waves of attackers.

Deck 7
The chaos is now complete, and both Mith'ri'aeil and Rift Demons take advantage of it. The number of remaining guardians continues to drop. The end of the fight must be near. Now is the time to help out your allies or to take advantage of the chaos.

Event Cards

Card Card type Subtype Race 2nd Race Value Attack Defense Energy cost Event Deck
Assault Guardian ship commander Artifacts n/a 4 30 5 decks 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
Chain Reaction actions damage action Artifacts n/a 8 decks 2, 4
Control Feedback actions damage action Artifacts n/a 2 deck 5
Echo Guardian ship warrior Artifacts n/a 4 4 1 decks 1, 5
Flare actions damage action Artifacts n/a 1 decks 1, 3
Guardian Deflector ship commander Artifacts n/a 5 24 5 decks 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
Guardian Grasper ship battleship Artifacts n/a 8 40 10 decks 6, 7
Guardian Leeches ship warrior Artifacts n/a 1 10 3 decks 3, 4, 5, 6
Shield Guardian ship commander Artifacts n/a 4 40 6 decks 2, 4, 6
Unstable Guardian ship commander Artifacts n/a 4 30 4 decks 1, 2, 3

Past Events

Each of the pages below will list the event background story, the related decks and prizes as well as the final score and the top players.