HD Xyth Media

On this page you'll find extra stuff you can download for Hidden Dimensions Xyth.

Standalone HDx version

There's also a HD Xyth version which you can download and install on your computer (Windows and Mac only).
Click here to download (31.7 MB)
This download contains an installer which will install the game on your computer. If you already have an older version of the game installed, this installer will automatically replace the old version.
Savegames from any flash version of HX Xyth are compatible with this installed version, for info on where savegames are located and how to copy savegames from one site to another, visit this page.

To run this version of the game, you need to have Adobe AIR installed, which can be downloaded for free here.


The full soundtrack, 'Despair' (19:13 minutes), written and recorded by U.D.O.M. mk2, can be downloaded in the following formats (right-click, choose download) :

Card Images



Click the small images to see full-sized screenshots.

nulll-void.com_games_gms_hdx_screen01t.jpg nulll-void.com_games_gms_hdx_screen02t.jpg nulll-void.com_games_gms_hdx_screen03t.jpg
the combat screen winning at the slots the card trader
nulll-void.com_games_gms_hdx_screen04t.jpg nulll-void.com_games_gms_hdx_screen05t.jpg nulll-void.com_games_gms_hdx_screen06t.jpg
player statistics achievements campaign sector map
nulll-void.com_games_gms_hdx_screen07t.jpg nulll-void.com_games_gms_hdx_screen08t.jpg nulll-void.com_games_gms_hdx_screen09t.jpg
Xyth galaxy at the laboratory the deck editor
nulll-void.com_games_gms_hdx_screen10t.jpg nulll-void.com_games_gms_hdx_screen11t.jpg nulll-void.com_games_gms_hdx_screen12t.jpg
Quick fight Pro Quick fight Simple Elite challenge builder

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