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In Hydranought, the follow-up to Ultranought, you have control over a powerful warbase. Battle the races of Xyth to gain access to their technology and use it to conquer the galaxy.

Hydranought features a detailed skill system that allows you to boost various aspectes of the technology you have access to. This includes one passive and two active skills and 4 ships with varying abilities per race (and there are 8 races). Battle opponents of varying difficulties across 17 areas.

Version Info

Latest version : V 1.001 (30 november 2013).

Play Hydranought in your browser on the NULLL Site nulllicon.jpg
Download Hydranought for your Android tablet from the Google play store.

Download Hydranought for Windows here (.exe), and for Mac and Linux (and Windows, too) computers here (.jar). Requires java in all cases, which can be downloaded here.
Note : for Linux, you might have to change permissions for the .jar file, so that it can be executed as a program.

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Your Ultranought starts off being able to launch a single type of ship - a Mith'ri'aeil leech. While not powerful, this leech generates energy for your base, which allows you to launch more and more of these to overrun the opposing forces. The energy the leeches generate also powers a passive ability that becomes stronger the more energy you have in stock.
As you defeat opponents in battle, you'll gain experience, which you can invest in skills. Each of the 8 races you'll encounter have their own experience type which can only be used to boost skills of that race. These skills can upgrade the abilities this race offers, or make this race's ships stronger and unlock up to 4 ships per race.

As you unlock more ships and improve the abilities of your Hydranought, you'll be able to take on stronger and stronger opponents.

Achievements & Points

The following achievements can be unlocked during the game :

Icon Title Requirement Points
100 battles Win 100 battles across any number of areas 10
Anger everybody Win 10 battles in the final area 50
25K XP Earn a total of 25000 XP 10
50K XP Earn a total of 50000 XP 25
Scrapper Destroy a total of 5000 ships 10
Demolisher Destroy a total of 15000 ships 25

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