Nebula Warriors Manual

Note : there is a tutorial in-game that shows you how to play.

In Nebula Warriors, you lead a squadron of ships into battle to ensure control over a nebula.

Single player

After clicking 'single player' in the main menu, you'll be shown a list of single player missions. You'll have to complete the tutorial mission first, before any of the other missions become available.

Every race in Xyth (+ artifacts) has its own set of 3 missions : one normal difficulty mission, one elite difficulty mission and one legendary difficulty mission. You'll have to win at least one game on a easier difficulty before the next one unlocks.

The top part of the screen shows you the various missions available to you. The bottom part allows you to choose which race you play with. Each race in Xyth (+ artifacts) has a squadron of ships. Every squadron has 10 ships, of which one ship is the saboteur ship. The strength of a ship is shown as a white number in a small grey shield on the top-right corner of the ship image.


The mulitplayer setup screen looks similar to that of the single player setup screen. The top part of the screen shows which multiplayer games you can join. If you want to create your own game and wait for someone to join it, click the 'create game' button. The 'refresh' button can be used to reload the list of multiplayer games.

At the bottom of the screen, you can select the squadron you'll fight with.


The image below shows the combat screen.


The top row of slots is where your opponent will place his ships. Underneath this row, you'll find a row of symbols representing the currents of the nebula. These currents can affect ship to ship combat in case two ships meet with the same strength. An arrow pointing up means that in case of a tie, your ship will win. A down arrow means that the opposing ship will win in case of a tie. The vortex symbol tells you that both ships will be destroyed in case of a tie.
Under the row with current symbols, you'll find another row with slots, this is where you can place your ships.
At the bottom of the screen you can see which of your ships are still available for play.

Question mark symbols will appear randomly at the start of a game. When you place a ship in a slot with a question mark, a random opposing ship its strength will be revealed.

If you defeat an enemy ship, a small image of the defeated ship will show at the very top of the screen. This will help you keep track of what ships your opponent might still have in play or are still available for your opponent to launch.

If one of your ships is defeated, a skull will be shown over the ship image at the very bottom of the screen. Ships that are already in play will have a up arrow showing over their image.

When it's your turn, simply click a ship from the bottom row, then click the slot you wish to place it in. If you place it in front of an opposing ship, combat will be resolved automatically.
Placing ships can also be done with the keyboard : first use keys 1-0 to select a ship, then once again to choose the location for this ship.

When both sides have placed all their ships, the game is over and the side with the highest combined strength in play wins. The 'score' field in the top right part of the screen shows you what your combined strength is of the ships you currently have in play.

In case both players have the same combined strength, the side with the most ships in play wins. If both players have the same number ships in play as well, the side with the strongest ship will win, and if this is the same for both players, too, then the player who played first will be the winner.

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