Rivii Hell manual

The game contains an interactive tutorial that will teach you how to play the game. Completing this tutorial rewards you with one upgrade point for your ships.

A number of ships are available to build a small fleet from. Up to 8 ships at once can be chosen. Each ship has a special ability and a number of hitpoints, ranging from 2 to 4, which also determine the size of the ship. Ships can be upgraded up to 4 times, either increasing the efficiency of the ability or lowering the detection chance for this ship.

Combat takes place on a grid, only showing the enemy side of the fight. The player and their opponent take turns activating an ability on a single ship of their choice, or letting that ship perform a normal attack each turn.
When an enemy ship attacks or activates an ability, several slots on the grid will light up, giving you an idea of the approximate location this attack originated from. The more times this same ship attacks, the more locations will light up, often overlapping with already existing locations, giving you an even better idea of the location of this ship.
When player ships attack or activate abilities, their detection chance goes up - this represents how likely this ship is to be hit by enemy attacks. The key to keeping this detection chance low is to avoid using the same ship too often. Let your ships take turns firing shots or activating abilities.

Everytime the enemy hits a player ship, that ship loses one hitpoint. When all hitpoints are gone for a certain ship, that ship can no longer participate in this fight. Should all player ships lose their hitpoints, the player has lost this fight and will have to try again.
When the player hits an emeny ship, the grid will show a red X where the enemy ship was hit. When an enemy ship loses all hitpoints it will also no longer participate in this fight. When all enemy ships are destroyed, the player wins this mission.

Completing missions for the first time for each of the 3 difficulty settings rewards one upgrade point. Many missions also reward an extra ship that can be added to the player's fleet.

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