Ultranought Manual

Note : there is an tutorial in-game that shows you how to control and upgrade your Ultranought.

In Ultranought, you control a massive warship, capable of upgrading itself to meet the needs of the battlefield and capable of building and launching combat ships.

The Overview Map

You start the game on the overview map, from which you can select opponents to fight against. New games will only allow you to select the tutorial at first. The tutorial will show you the basics of controlling your Ultranought during battle.

Upon completion of the tutorial, several new targets will be unlocked. Click these targets to bring up a small box with difficulty levels. At first, only the 'normal' difficulty will be available. Click the 'Fight' button to start combat.

The Battlefield

On the battlefield, your Ultranought will be located to the far left, while your opponent's base is on the far right. Your primary way of dealing damage to your opponent's base is by building ships. These ships will travel to the other side of the battlefield, fighting any enemy ships they encounter. When the reach the opposing base, they'll attack it as well. Your opponent will do the same thing to you.

In the early stages of a battle, you might want to focus on upgrading your Ultranought first. While having little or no ships of your own on the battlefied means that the opposing ships can attack your Ultranought, rest assured that it is quite capable of defending itself. Some of the most important early upgrades are the Energy Core, Turret and the Ultranought's armor.

Energy Core : this increases the rate at which your Ultranought generates energy. This energy is needed for further upgrades as well as for building ships.
Turret : the turret is the Ultranought's main form of self-defense. It will target one enemy ship, close to your Ultranought and keep firing at it until it's destroyed.
Armor : not only does the armor upgrade increase your Ultranought's HP, it will also increase its HP regen. This makes sure your Ultranought can sustain enemy attacks for much longer, while you upgrade it or prepare to launch your fleets.

Secondary, you might want to upgrade the superweapon as well. When it fires, it will deal damage to any hostile ship on the field, no matter how far away it is. Slower ships will definately get hit multiple times before they reach your Ultranought, making them easy to deal with for the main turret.

There are also some actions that are especially usefull in the early stages of battle. Regenerate will greatly boost your Ultranought's repair rate. If you find your Ultranought surrounded by more ships than your turret or superweapon can handle, the Barrage action can clean things up quite efficiently.

Your Ultranought will continue to build the parts you need to build ships. Once you've reached the point where your Ultranought has been upgraded enough to survive the battle, it has no doubt provided you with a sizeable stock of ship parts.

In the second phase of battle, it's time to build your shipbays and start launching large numbers of ships to overwhelm the enemy forces. Again there are a number of upgrades or actions that come in handy.
Upgrading factories increases the rate at which the various ship parts are built, ensuring you can keep on launching powerful ships for as long as is needed to win the fight.
The superweapon can weaken enemy ships or get them out of the way of your advancing fleet. Barrage is usefull for this as well, but you might want to keep your Barrage action for when the enemy base receives reinforcements. The Charge action, which speeds up your ships and increases their damage output is handy when your fleet has to deal with enemy reinforcements or to deal the finishing blows to the opposing base. Finally, there's the Retask action which will lower the time needed to build ships.

In later levels and at higher difficulties, you'll find that the opponent receive much stronger and more frequent reinforcements. When the opposing base has been dealt a certain amount of damage, it will even call for multiple waves of reinforcements at once. It's quite possible that these new waves of ships might overwhelm your fleets, so you have to be prepared to launch Barrages, activate Charges or simply have enough stock to build more ships quickly.


Every time you defeat an opponent for the first time, you'll be awarded a skillpoint. On the map, at the bottom, you can access the Skills screen, where these skillpoints can be invested in certain skills. These skills will improve your ships, your Ultranought, or its actions.

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