Card Info

In various parts of the game you can mouse over cards to bring up the full cardpopup. This popup will list the card's name, its cost (if any) and its effects. The effects are split in two lists, the first one lists the effects affecting 'player', which is the one playing the card, the other one lists the effects affecting 'opponent', which is the opponent of the one playing the card.

Cards can affect three sets of stats for each player :

  • Resource stocks : the current amounts of the resources a player currently has.
  • Resource growths or generation : the amount by which resource stocks grow each turn.
  • Hitpoints & damage : either specified as shield damage or armor damage or as non-specific damage. In the latter case, this damage will be applied to the shield first and any remaining damage to the armor.

Cards in Warstations are divided in three general groups :

  • Resource cards : these cards primarily affect resource stocks and generation.
  • Combat cards : these cards primarily provide ways to increase the defense of your station, but can also damage your opponent.
  • Ship cards : ships are the best way of damaging your opponent's station, but many ships also provide you with defensive benefits or even resources.


Here are three example cardpopups as they appear in-game, one card from each of the 3 card groups is shown.

Resource card Combat card Ship card

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