The goal of the game is to defeat your opponent's warstation, for this you'll use a deck of cards.

There are 4 ways to win the game :

  • Your warstation reaches 100 armor HP.
  • You collect a total of 300 or more resources.
  • Your opponent's warstation has no armor HP left.
  • Your opponent's deck is empty.

Playing cards & resources

Most cards have a cost, so you'll need a certain amount of energy, metal or pilots available before you can play the card. Your warstation starts with a small stock of each of these resource types and is capable of generating more of these automatically.

For each resource type there is a generation type as well :

  • Energy generation is determined by the number of cores you have.
  • Metal generation depends on the number of miners you have.
  • Pilot generation is determined by your recruitment amount.

Your current stock and generation for each type is show in the top left corner of the combat screen. These amounts are displayed in the following format : 'XX +Y', where XX is your current stock and Y is the generation, or the amount of stock you'll gain at the start of your next turn.


Since there are 4 ways to win, it's best to focus your deck on one or two tactics instead of trying to combine many tactics in one deck.

100 Armor HP

Here you want to focus on cards that primarily give you armor. It might be a good idea to include some cards that provide you with metals or miners, as those are the resources you'll need the most to play cards that increase armor HP.
To protect yourself from attacks from an opponent, you can also include some cards that increase your shield HP, which will protect you against cards that deal non-specific damage.
An opponent relying on armor damage dealing ships will be your biggest threat.

300 Resources

Focus on cards that give more benefits than costs, or cards with a lasting effect, such as those that increase resource regeneration rather than only increasing resource stocks. Remember that discarding cards will generate 1 resource as well, so if you're close to reaching the goal and you only have expensive cards in your hand, discard them instead of playing them.
Since resource stocks don't protect you against attacks, it's a good idea to include some armor or shield HP cards in your deck as well. Since gathering so many resources might take a while, this tactic requires a deck with plenty of cards to make sure you don't run out of cards before you reach your goal. This also means that the Resources tactic works well together with any decking tactic.

0 Opponent Armor

Combine cards that deal only armor damage with ships that have a armor damage dealing capability. While this tactic can be combined with any other tactic, it is most efficient with smaller decks that only contain armor damage cards. Against opponents with a similar tactic you can include cards to increase your own armor or cards that lower your opponent's resources.

Decking Opponent

If your deck has more cards than your opponent's deck, the only thing you need to do is protect your base long enough for your opponent to run out of cards. Having a deck with 60 cards (the maximum amount) is a good start, but you'll want some defense as well to make sure you last long enough. This tactic combines well with the 100 armor HP tactic.
In any case it's always a good idea to include some cards for a secondary tactic. If your opponent has the same amount of cards you have and you draw first, then there is no way you can win by decking out your opponent.

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