The Ca'anian race - a brief history

The Ca'anian are a race of agile, cat-like creatures whose physiology is quite similar to that of the humans. They have lived on the same small number of planets of a single solar system for many millions of years, despite the hostile plant-life on the planets, that often retakes cities and settlements and forces Ca'anian civilians to move and rebuild often.

At the highpoint of their civilization and technological achievements, millions of years ago, the Ca'anian dominated the entire galaxy with ease, not through military power, but through their technology. Ca'anian scientists uncovered the secrets of dimensional travel, which basically allowed a ship to leave 3D-space to temporarily travel through higher dimensions as a shortcut to far-away locations. Because this technology was too complex to be put on ships, large gate-like structures were created instead, that allowed ships to travel all over the galaxy through them.

Dimensional travel allowed the Ca'anian to explore large parts of the galaxy, eventually meeting both the Caes'cix and Rivi'i, who were already at war with each other. Neither of those waring races were interested in the Ca'anian as allies, but they did make use of the growing gate network to move their warfleets all over the galaxy, even all the way to Ca'anian homeworlds.

The otherwise peacefull Ca'anian race was forced to defend itself against roaming fleets of Caes'cix and Rivi'i that found their way into the Ca'anian regions through the dimensional gates. This eventually escalated in a large war where the Ca'anian fleets attempted to protect all the dimensional gates to keep hostiles from using them, which prompted the Caes'cix and Rivi'i to retaliate with increasing numbers.

Eventually, after great losses on both sides, and many dimensional gates destroyed or damaged in the battles, the Ca'anian managed to adjust the gates so it would only allow their ships to travel through them. While this adjustment of the gates was enough to keep out the Caes'cix, the Rivi'i could use their technological knowledge to hack the gates. On top of that, the Caes'cix had already managed to build several hives nearby the Ca'anian regions, which were rich in asteroid belts.

The brilliant Ca'anian minds that created the gates, used their knowledge to create equally advanced warmachines. This resulted in the Tanyu line of superdreadnoughts, massive warships that easily dwarfed the largest Rivi'i Ultranoughts. Only 4 Tanyu-class ships were built, but these proved enough to take out the Caes'cix hives and permanently drive the Rivi'i out of Ca'anian space.

When the war was finally over, it was clear that the Ca'anian had taken a heavy toll. The race was brought to near extinction and their home planets heavily damaged. Many of their greatest technological achievements were lost forever and the gate network almost completely disabled. The Ca'anian had to revert all their resources to keep themselves alive.

The remnants of the fleets were stationed near the planets, and deep space outposts were evacuated. The two surviving Tanyu ships, Tanyu'Lana and Tanyu'Taya, were sent out to patrol deep space, to deal with any future threats that might arise. On their patrols, these ships were the first to come in contact with the Xyloxi, who eventually found their way to the Ca'anian homeworlds and befriended the Ca'anian.

It took the Ca'anian many years to build up their civilization again. And while parts of the gate network still functioned, the Ca'anian no longer had the tools to repair or maintain the network. Many gates became unreliable and eventually stopped working.

It would take quite some time before the humans appeared in the galaxy, and in that time, a mysterious intelligence somehow not only managed to discover how the gates worked, but also started repairing malfunctioning gates. The Ca'anian at first thought the Tanyu class ships with their superior AI were responsible for this. After all, these ships were equipped with the same technology that allowed them to travel through higher dimensions, without the need for gates. It would still take a long time before the mysterious creatures who were repairing the gates revealed themselves.

When the Ca'anian met and allied with the groups of human race that lived in the outer regions of the galaxy, they were once again set on the path to war. At the highpoint of the conflict, they were however reunited with their Tanyu class ships.

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