The Caes'cix race - a brief history

The origins of this species are shrouded in mystery. Without question this is a very ancient race, but it is unknown whether they originated from a planet or somehow always lived in space. Another strange thing is the biomechanical nature of these creatures.

Caes'cix are essentially elliptical creatures with a single sensory organ at the front as their only feature. Depending on their place in the overall hierarchy or their role in the hivefleet, they grow large talons. These talons are capable of storing a raw form of unstable fusion energy, which can be released in a controlled matter, effectively serving as weapons, but primarily as a crude mining tool and originally also as propulsion.

Caes'cix tend to live near or in asteroid fields, as they get their main source of food from these asteroids, but also tend to use them as building blocks for their gigantic hives. Their physiology is perfectly suited for them to prosper in these environments. How they acquired more complex technology such as fusion engines is a mystery. Caes'cix do not seem to possess any tool which would allow them to create these engines, let alone have these engines fused with their bodies. One possibility is that an outsider taught the Caes'cix how to create primitive, but powerful engines. Yet, this doesn't explain why no-one has ever seen any kind of production facility where these engines could be made.

The soldier class and worker class are the largest classes in the Caes'cix hierarchy. They come in many sizes and variations, their size often an indication of power, and the number and arrangement of talons an indication of their role in the hive or in battle. A much smaller class is made up of creatures with circular bodies with several long, flexible arms. This class usually performs a support role in battle, but their main purpose is maintaining the hive and taking care of newborn soldiers and workers. At the top of each hive is a Caes'cix queen, who commands her army through telepathy. While the lifespan of her subordinates is unknown, it's probably only a fraction of that of the queen, who is thought to have been a member of the support class, who, through pure strength, managed to survive and grow strong enough to defeat the previous queen of the hive in battle. All of this is theory – as no one has ever seen queens fighting each other, or a support class member of a size anywhere near that of a full-grown queen.

There is yet another member in the Caes'cix army, which tends to take a commanding role in battle, probably under direct command of a queen, called the overseer. While the worker and support classes with the single queen hierarchy has a lot in common with lifeforms found on planets all over the galaxy, the origin and original role of the overseer is unknown. It's possible that the countless years of fighting the Rivi'i has evolved some of the soldiers in a more powerful kind of warrior, but the physical differences between soldiers and overseers are vast. Theories that suggest an outside force had a hand in the evolution of the Caes'cix into a biomechanical race also tend to hold this force responsible for the existance of the overseers.

The Human-Ca'anian-Xyloxi alliance fought against Caes'cix on many occasions, but the overall impression is that the Caes'cix do not actively seek conflict. Their behaviour is more self-protective in nature. At the same time it's very obvious that their behaviour towards the Rivi'i is very aggressive. While communication with the Caes'cix has not been possible yet, even by the Xyloxi who also possess some telepathic skills, this behaviour proves that Caes'cix are definately not primitive of mind and possess a greater intelligence than their appearance would suggest. The fact that they've managed to survive for so long against the warfleets of the Rivi'i is a sign of strength and cunning at the very least.

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