The Rivi'i race - a brief history

Like the Caes'cix, the Rivi'i are known throughout the galaxy as the race that's always at war : for as long as anyone can remember, they have known these two races to be in conflict. Since no-one seems to have managed to communicate with either of these races, the cause of the conflict is unknown.

The Rivi'i are a race of bug-like creatures, and while they are much smaller than Caes'cix, they did manage to become technologically advanced, even in so far that they posses some of the most powerful warships in the galaxy. At one point the Rivi'i must have controlled most of the galaxy, as Xyth is littered with countless abandonned bases that all seem to have belonged to the Rivi'i. Many bases no doubt were built with war in mind and were destroyed or damaged as a result of the fights against the Caes'cix.

Through these bases a lot could be learned about the Rivi'i. It became clear that the Rivi'i originated from a solar system, where they managed to set up colonies on all planets and moons. Where this home sector was located, could not be deciphered from partially translated data found in the abandoned bases. The Rivi'i appear to live in hives, but without any single specimen taking a leading role. Single warships, especially the larger ones are in essence hives that have been upgraded to weapons platforms. It's therefor not unlikely that entire generations of Rivi'i never set foot on planets and live their entire lives on board combat vessels.

This hive system within warships tends to be the reason why, for most of the time, the largest warships always operate alone, often accompanied with a fleet of smaller ships, but rarely working together with other ships of similar size. The power of single Rivi'i dreadnoughts and ultranoughts is however of such levels that they'd rarely need additional ships. The war against the Caes'cix seems to be controlled from a number of large command bases, which did manage to get large numbers of warships to work together against the common enemy.

The Rivi'i are also known for their experiments on other lifeforms, often trying to mimic the strengths of those lifeforms in their ships. The Xyloxi have been a victim of this numerous times, resulting in dreadnoughts being equipped with weapons that looked a lot like Xyloxi spires. Together with help from their human allies, the Xyloxi did manage to destroy one of the labs where these experiments were happening. At the time, the Rivi'i were trying to create a Xyloxi-ultranought hybrid, known as the Crystal Avatar. At other times the Rivi'i have tried to capture Mith'ri'aeil, but if they ever succeeded in this remains unknown.

Related to the Rivi'i are a smaller faction called the Dorvnen. Why and when they split off from the Rivi'i is unclear. These two factions do not seem to work together and are most likely not friendly towards each other. The technology they use is very similar to that of the Rivi'i, but over the years they've been changing the original designs and creating their own vessels. They tend to be far less agressive than the Rivi'i and generally keep to themselves.

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