Many of the early Nagatos were lost in the defense of the Xyth sector against rogue Rivi'i fleets. While Vectors performed support roles for Nagato squadrons, they weren't capable of repairing damaged Nagatos in deep-space and truly only served as ammo and fuel transport. On top of that, support Vectors could not perform any combat roles as their weapons had to be stripped so they could carry fuel pods and missiles for the Nagatos. Regardless of how many Vectors were left in a squadron, once the Nagatos were incapacitated, a battle was considered lost as almost the entirety of the offensive capabilities in mixed Nagato-Vector fleets lay with the larger ships.

It became clear that Vectors could not provide the kind of support that Nagatos needed in their fight against Rivi'i vessels. A dedicated support ship was needed, one that could transport fuel and ammo, but also could keep its cargo safe. Furthermore the ship should also be able to perform repairs when no bases were nearby. A ship like that was clearly going to be much larger than either the Nagato or Vector, requiring powerful engines, especially when taking into account that the vessel was to carry weapons for its defense and also needed armour, being the slowest and largest target in any human fleet at that time.

The first few Akatas were basically built up out of the remains of an illegally aquired freighter. Alpha Shipyards, the independent builders of Vectors and Nagatos, were the only supplier of combat ships. Despite a constant need for the sectors's protection, the shipyard had trouble getting enough raw materials from the goverment controlled Deep Space Excavations (DSE) group, who used all those materials for the expansion of the industrial fleet. When it looked as if the Akata would remain a ship on paper only, prospectors of Alpha Shipyards found the wreck of a lost DSE freighter and claimed salvage rights on it. The derelict vessel was in remarkably good state, with all three of its engine bays still in perfect condition. The single freighter provided enough materials for three Akata class cruisers. Even though it was only much later discovered that the found freighter was one stolen from DSE by pirates who then proceeded to give it to Alpha Shipyards, many at the time already suspected a link between Alpha Shipyards, those pirates and the Xyth Legion.

Once Alpha Shipyards was able to secure a reliable influx of raw materials, the Akata design was perfected. The ship was equipped with 4 well-armoured repair bays, capable of servicing both Vectors and Nagatos. All Akatas also sported many short-range turrets and cannons, allowing the ships to surround themselves with a sphere of shrapnel and bullets should it have to defend itself. As with the other Alpha Shipyards designs, the Akata came in different versions, aimed at different roles. Next to the popular support Akata, there were two combat oriented configurations : a battle cruiser setup for most combat situations and a siege setup for extreme long-range engagements.

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